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Petroleum and Power in Mexico

(From recent newsletter)
In 1938, Mexican President Lazaro Cardenas nationalized the petroleum industry in Mexico using article 27 of the 1917 Mexican constitution. Article 27 declares that the nation (Mexico) is vested with the direct ownership of all natural resources of the national territory. The move came after labor unrest that could not be resolved with the foreign-owned companies that controlled the oil industry at the time. This obviously infuriated those foreign companies involved, but President Cardenas did not back down and promised to compensate the companies through a nationwide fund raising effort. The companies were compensated, but the American and British governments boycotted all oil produced by the newly-formed Petroleos Mexicanos (PeMex).

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News from the US consulate in México
Dear Hoa and vecinos de la Cholla,

I have recently been called to serve as Warden for the US consulate in México. My Job consists of reaching every US citizen in time to alert them of any disaster or warning issued by the consulate for foreign travel. I will keep you informed in case of an emergency and will be prepared to offer assistance in case you are stranded, lose passports, or become ill and are seeking help from the US embassy or consulate.

What I need from you in order to help is for every US citizen to register with the US consulate and state that you have a second home in Rocky Point. And whenever you are traveling, please take the time and advise the consulate so that they can inform wardens all over México to be able to assist or find you in case you are in need. Please go to the following web site and enter your information:

Sandy Beach Resorts

Aron Benjamin Brown

Mexico Office~638-383-0600

US Direct~623-298-4813



Working with Cholla's developer, SBR, the water delivery system to Cholla has been improved. The water main valves to each of the Sandy Beach developments have been replaced with valves that equalize the pressure delivered to each user. Before this improvement, Cholla, being at the end of the line, often had a trickle of water being delivered to the water trucks. With the new valves, each user has the same water pressure. This improvement has significantly decreased the time required to fill the water
trucks! In a cooperative governmental effort, a water distribution system has been installed in the Mexican area of Borracho Flats. The Mexican federal government contributed 70% of the cost. The local municipal government paid 15% and the individual homeowners paid the remaining 15%. This 15% cost amounted
to approximately $140 per home. With the water system installed, running water is delivered to each home for about $10 per month.



In response to a suggestion by a Vecinos member, the Vecinos Board has made WIFI available to HOA members at the Community Club House. The signal is named ChollaBayHOA and is strong enough to reach the North patio, Clubhouse and library. There is no access password. We believe there is enough bandwidth and speed to accommodate multiple users. Please use your clubhouse, libary and WIFI made possible by our annual dues assessment.



Property taxes are due and payable on January 1st of each year. Although you may pay your taxes quarterly, you will receive a 10% discount if you pay for the entire year by the end of February. The City Treasurer's office in Puerto Peñasco has not mailed tax notices in past years. We do not anticipate notices this year. The tax must be paid at the
City Treasurer's office on the first floor in the municipal building at the corner of Benito Juarez (Main street) and Fremont (Las Conchas turn-off). The Treasurer's office is open on weekdays only from 8:00AM-3:00PM. Bring your 2009 tax notice or your block (Manzana) and lot number. The City does not give the best peso/dollar exchange rate, so bring cash pesos to get the most for your tax dollar. Please remember taxes are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS OF THE DATE OF SALE NOT THE DATE OF THE TRUST. Many Vecinos may not know this as they wait years for their trust and accrue interest and penalties along the way.


Federal Zone

The mysterious “Federal Zone” is actually a very simple part of the Ley General de Bienes Nacionales (general law of national goods). This law establishes a strip of land (Zona Federal Maritimo Terrestre) around the coast of the entire country reserved for the use of the Mexican government. It originally was intended to preserve the sea shore, acilitate military defense and faciliate maritime navigation. The ZOFEMAT (federal zone) measures 20 meters wide from the mean high tide back to the property lines. No one, Mexican citizen or foreigner can “own” the ZOFEMAT. However, a concession (permit) can be obtained for its use. (Read more)


Bank Trust News

As many of you know there are a lot of ‘Pending” trusts for our homes in Cholla Bay. Confusion has been out there as how the process works, at least from the standpoint of when we start at SBR and they end up submitting to the Bank.

The company has put together a procedure so that you can understand how and what they do to get the “package” to the bank. (Read more...)

Aquiring Power on new lots in Cholla

There has been much confusion for new homeowners as to how they acquire power to their lots. The company has had complaints that they go to CFE, don't speak Spanish, and then nothing happens. Others get a letter from the company, CFE goes out and there is no meter pole on the lot. Others go to the company, get the letter, and never go to CFE, then come back months later and expect to see power! (Read more...)

Border Crossing

Effective June 1, 2009, some proof of citizenship wll be required to return to the USA from Mexico. The best form of proof is an American passport. A birth certificate or naturalization certificate is proof as well. A driver's license is NOT proof of citizenship!!



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