Regular Board meeting was held on Sunday, November 14, 2010

Regular Board meeting was held on Sunday, November 14, 2010



A Regular Board meeting was held on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following members present: Lew Felton, Gene Court, Ken Goodin, Steve Willis, Blaine Fletcher, Shirley McDonald, Pat Sledge, Laurie Weber, Bella Howard, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Steve Lee, Helen Dahlstrom, Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance, and Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative.

Absent: Pete Pisciotta.


The board had previously received minutes of the October 10, 2010 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, motion was made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through October 31, 2010. She said there was a printing problem and she would send that page to everyone after the meeting.

Ms. Weber asked about a cash flow statement and was told that it had not been done previously. Mr. Dugan said the board is getting 90% of what she asked for an annotation can be made for anything else. He just didn’t see the necessity to create another report.

There being no further questions, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom reported there are 626 members paid in full, 256 not current, one Mexican member not required to pay but did, for a total of 883 members. Last month’s report showed there were 75 properties whose ownership and potential for membership


were being researched. Someone asked what caused the change and Ms. Dahlstrom said the thanks goes to Monica for her hard work in identifying 27 of the properties and owners in that category who had previously been unclear. Monica said the number of unclear owners is due to several things. She doesn’t have current addresses, they are waiting on paper work to be completed and various other reasons.

Ms. Weber said she had thought the Vecinos could cut off electricity to get people to pay their dues but found out that could not be done. She met with Bengie Brown and they are going to compare properties he has sold and is carrying the note on with Vecinos delinquents. He has been contacted by the City about properties where taxes have been unpaid and were probably sold without notifying him or the Vecinos of the sale. They discussed the idea of knocking on doors in Phoenix and Tucson to identify new owners and hopefully get some of the delinquents cleared up.


Mr. Dugan reported he had heard nothing from the City regarding CC&Rs. There were a couple of questions regarding checking with them about the guidelines and Mr. Dugan said every time he meets with his contacts and he asks questions, but they have not completed whatever changes they are making.


Chairman Pat Sledge reported Doug Gallagher has some fine tuning to do on the sound system but it worked good the night before with only a couple of problems. There is a security system all wired but not hooked up.

A question was asked regarding the distance a microphone can be used away from the base. Mr. Sledge said the microphones have been used in the parking at the Bash and had no problem. He did suggest that some new mikes be purchased.

Bob Damman had suggested getting a microphone that can be hung over the meeting tables and Secretary said she was checking on availability and cost.


Mr. Dugan said only one issue has come up and that will be discussed in the Garbage Report:



Chairman Jerry Ketelhut reported that he had to diffuse two different situations involving Mr. Arvizu, the City of Penasco and Zofemat (federal zone department) over who is to be picking up trash in Cholla Bay. Mr. Arvizu was disturbed that Zofemat was picking up trash from homes in the bay and went to the City and complained. He presented to the City a list of homeowners who signed a petition saying they did not want Zofemat to pick up trash in Cholla. The list of names he gave the Mayor’s office was actually the petition to keep him that he presented to the HOA last February when Mr. Ketelhut was getting costs to determine what the City and a private company called Renosa would charge for the same services. Zofemat was actually invited by Mr. Dugan with Mr. Arvizu present in a meeting with Omooslim to have them pick up the trash on the beach on Mondays and Fridays since the majority of the people using it are from the City. Zofemat is charged by the Federal Government to maintain beaches in the federal zone throughout the Country. With Zofemat doing this, it is actually a cost reduction for the HOA since we do not have to pay the dump fee for any trash removed from the beach. Zofemat has been instructed to only pick up trash on the beach and not homesites.

The other situation was inappropriate behavior by Mr. Arvizu to another individual in Zofemat. Mr. Ketelhut explained to Mr. Arvizu that he is to conduct himself in a professional manner at all times and that he is to contact Mr. Ketelhut when he has a dispute with someone/something and he would assist.

Mr. Ketelhut said he met with store owners regarding selling beer in cans in lieu of bottles. Memo Green didn’t have a preference but he sells Corona and their beer is in bottles. He does have people walk the road from his store to the Reef turn off to pick up beer bottles and trash. He also talked to Dawn Marie and Ramon Perez who sells Tecati in bottles. Mr. Ketelhut said all the merchants are just trying to survive right now. The store owners suggested that signs be placed on the beach that glass is not allowed.

Mr. Ketelhut also presented to the board a new standardized trash can that we have discussed over the past several months. The cost would be between $16 – $19 for each can with a logo added. The cans are durable and provide a standardized look for the community. It would be easier for Mr. Arvizu and his crew to dump versus the heavy metal cans that many homeowners have. He was not looking for a decision at the meeting but wanted to present the proposal for the board to be thinking about the


upcoming year. It was decided that we needed to do a trash survey and Mr. Felton said he could put it in the Newsletter to get more feedback from the community. The trash survey will also be put on the Website where people can make their comments or email their thoughts and suggestions. Mr. Felton also reminded people to bag and tie their trash before they put it in cans.

Discussion came up about the Vecinos having to pay Social Security on workers and it was explained that the Vecinos have a signed contract with Mr. Arvizu and he uses only his family members as workers.

Ms. Dahlstrom brought up that Mr. Arvizu probably picks up from 80 homes and according to that he is being paid $31 per month as to the City being paid about $6 per month. However, Mr. Ketelhut brought up that he had presented the information to the board earlier this year and the board voted to stay with Mr. Arvizu. Mr. Sledge said it was very clear the membership wanted to keep things the way they were and that is who we represent. He said we can talk about it again in 6 months but right now we are doing what the members wanted. Mr. Dugan reminded everyone that since that petition was presented to the board, a lot of things have changed.

There was a suggestion that something be put on the ballot this year regarding trash and let the homeowners see what the alternatives are and what the cost would be per year compared to what they are paying now.


Ms. Howard reported she had a meeting with Mr. Brown about roads and also had conversations about the removable/temporary speed bumps that some people feel are needed on busy weekends. She also Mr. Brown about that and he had no problem at all with but there would be a liability issue and that would be the responsibility of the homeowner who was putting them out. Anyone putting out a speed bump needs to be aware that the grading is done according to what day it is needed and they would be responsible for moving it on any given day.

She also discussed watering the roads and not grading until it has started to dry. Mr. Brown said that is due to summer evaporation but it should improve now that the weather is getting cooler.


She is getting a map showing primary and secondary roads to help answer questions about when any one road is graded. Grading information is also on the HOA Website.

There was a discussion about the road narrowing between the Reef turnoff and the condos and the fact that a median needs to be put back to avoid accidents. Ms. Howard said she would address the median and widening the road with Mr. Brown.


Chairman Gene Court reported that all the park equipment has been painted, thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Court. He also had steps installed at the palapas to make it easier for people to use them. Bollards are now in place to keep people from driving into the park

Mr. Court also talked to Mr. Brown about getting some trees replaced and discuss the watering contract, too.

He had information on a previous question regarding horseshoes in the park. He said there is room to put in two pits. According to the Horseshoe Society it would cost around $700 – $800 for each pit. Mr. Fletcher suggested a couple of benches be installed by the pits. Mr. Dugan made a motion to spend up to $1,750 to install two horseshoe pits. Motion seconded and approved.

Mr. Schmidli asked who was responsible in case of someone getting hurt and he was told it belonged to the City of Penasco (DIF)


Mr. Dugan reported there were a couple of breakins in the Borracho Flat area, close to the end and one nearer the the police station. Nothing was taken from one house but the the theives took a wheel barrow to carry the televisions from the other house and headed to Penasco down the old Cholla road. Memo, one of the additional security people, rode the Vecinos quad and followed tracks to where cars were used to pick up the televisions. Memo contacted Bengie Brown who has security cameras in the area, vehicles were identified, and police talked to the thieves who confessed they took the televisions out of one house and confessed they had broken into the other house, too. They were arrested and released after a number of hours but the stolen property was recovered and it is now up to the owners to claim their property.


A discussion followed about who to inform in case of a breakin and everyone was told the police in Rocky Point had to be informed. If someone was broken into and not in Cholla, they had to come down and go to the police station in person in order to keep the robbers from being released. A suggestion was made that a Power of Attorney form be placed in the Newsletter or Website for easy access in case of a problem.

Mr. Dugan said according to the Constitution which is submitted to the State, the President of the Association acts as a liason for the homeowners and he wonders if that person couldn’t be a representative for individuals who are members. He said he would check on it and see if that is valid.

Mr. Dugan then presented a proposal supplied by Mr. Dahlstrom with two arches on the Cholla side of the police station with a white corrugated roof. The entryway will span 42 feet north to south from the police station. There was a lot of discussion about height, color, cameras, software, etc. Ms. Dahlstrom there are 3 initial cameras. The board was told that the city could access it in the same way Mr. Brown let the police use his camera to catch the robbers in Cholla.

Ms. Weber asked what would be the difference in putting the cameras at the police station instead of out at the end of Borracho Flats. That turned into a long discussion about telephones, internet access, etc. Mr. Sledge said he wasn’t opposed to that plan but felt the conversation the board had 6 months to a year ago was to secure what was possible. A guard house costing about $60,000 plus securing the south side of the entry road all the way down to where the check point would be and that is on Company property that the Vecinos have no control over.

There was a discussion about putting one camera up high at Memo Green’s area and were told that would not work because of the distance involved. There were a lot of “why can’t we do this or that” and Mr. Dugan said we had to use the resources we have as best we can and since we don’t own the property involved, the feeling is that the owner doesn’t have the money to do it. Mr. Dugan said if a camera on a pole will work it will be done but that remains unknown.

Ms. Dahlstrom brought up that the Board had talked about putting a gate out by the curve coming into Cholla and there were a lot of homeowners who were definitely against that plus the fact it was going to cost around $120,000 so the other plan was put together.


Mr. Felton said we don’t know how many people would oppose a gated community and he thinks a survey, similar to what is planned for garbage, could be done regarding a gate at the entrance to Cholla Bay.

Mr. Sledge said he would work with Mr. Dahlstrom to see what can be done for the for the present and would appreciate getting some figures as to what could be spent for the long term. A committee was formed with Mr. Dugan, Mr. Sledge, Mr. Dahlstrom, Mr. Caballero and Mr. Willis.

Mr. Ketelhut again suggested that the arch be masonry in lieu of steel to cut down maintenance. He also wanted the committee to think about moving the police station out near Memo Green’s and put the arch there. Mr. Dugan reminded him that the police station belongs to Rocky Point.


Mr. Dugan reported again that the Vecinos loaned the Company $36,000 to replace the valves to distribute water. It was completed last month and the water boys think it is working okay.

There have been discussions with Penasco and the Company as to what their next step is in regard to bringing water to Cholla. Those discussions are ongoing and he would be happy to sit down with both entities and talk as it relates to Cholla but he thinks they are just posturing.


Mr. Ketelhut again brought up using more checks as payments and limit cash payments.


Mr. Sledge reported that Susie Flinn wanted to rent the Clubhouse the day after Thanksgiving to have a going away party for Frenchie Basta. He will get with them for a contract.

Ms. Weber asked if it was okay for Monica to give her addresses she needed in working with delinquents, etc. Mr. Dugan suggested she write the letter and drop it off at Monica’s house and she had everything needed to send it.


Mr. Ketelhut will not be available to give police and garbage people their bonus money and asked Mr. Dugan if he would do it. It was approved that the Vecinos would give the following bonuses: Toto $100, 2 regular policemen $50 each, local policemen $50 each, Jessie Arvizu $100 and his 3 workers $50 each for a total of $550.

Mr. Dugan brought up that Toto lost 155 pounds and some people had a party and raised $133 which he still has and he asked the Board if they would match that amount so he could buy some new uniforms that will fit his new size. Motion was made, seconded and approved that Toto will get $266.00 to shop.

Mr. Fletcher had been asked to check if his company had any available coolers and he reported they have none at the moment. He also said the Vecinos would have to look at a Restaurant Supply Company for the low chest cooler.

At the July meeting, the Board discussed mail being sent to homeowners. Mr. Fletcher said he had received it, too. No one knows how the vender got the addresses unless someone related to them had addresses from past association with a company in the area.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 12:15 AM.


Barbara Damman said she liked the idea of the garbage cans but she could never move it to be picked up. She also said we will never get everyone to bag and tie their garbage. Ms. Damman also commented on US money not being accepted at

the banks.

One homeowner commented that Augustine always helped if there was a problem and wanted to know why you had to go into town if something happened now. Mr. Dugan told her it was a rule of the city. Mr. Sledge told her he was broken into 10 years ago and he had to go into town to make a report.

A lady said when she goes into some place like Las Conchos they check her license plate when she goes in and also when she goes out of the area. Mr. Dugan said he was


there a week ago and he had no problem. Mr. Dugan said everyone should remember that the streets in Cholla are in limbo and are still owned by the Company. He said in the Constitution, it says that the Vecinos will aid in the upkeep of the community.

Ms. Howard said she went to town and filed a report after she was robbed and then the police came to her house.

Mr. Fletcher suggested that the young man who caused the arrest of the man who broke into the house should be rewarded for what he did and Mr. Dugan said he would take care of it.

Ray Flinn said if the Vecinos would give him the authorit to build the arch he would get it done.

Connie Norsworthy asked when the Annual Meeting would be and was told it will be Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 9:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


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