A General Meeting was held on Saturday, April 21, 2012

A General Meeting was held on Saturday, April 21, 2012


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A General Meeting was held on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the Cholla Community Center.  President Michael Dugan called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  There not being a quorum present, motion was made, seconded and approved by the membership to adjourn.  The meeting was then convened at 9:05 AM. 

Mr. Dugan commented on the large number of members present and wanted to thank all the Mexican people of Cholla for their support of the Vecinos and their attendance at the meeting.  He also wanted to thank all the people who worked to sign everyone in to vote.


A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with reading the minutes of the General Meeting held on Saturday, April 16, 2011.


The Operating Budget for the year 2012 – 2013 was sent to the membership in the Newsletter prior to the meeting.  The board was asking the membership to approve one of three suggested budget amounts.  Since the information was sent to all members, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to dispense with reading the budgets, etc.  A motion was made, seconded and approved.   



At Mr. Dugan’s request, the Secretary read the list of new members.  A motion was then made, seconded and all new members were approved.


Mr. Dugan read the list of officers and board members on the ballot.

Vice-President:             Kelly Ross, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Ray Flinn

Secretary:                     Crystal Renner, Shirley McDonald

Board Members: Paul Schoonover, Carol Martella, Sue Kathe, Kathy Hill, Bill Hensler, Ken Goodin, Jerry Caballero, Jim Allison.

Delegate of Vigilance:           Don Schmidli

Mr. Dugan asked if there were any nominations from the floor.  There being none, a motion was made to close the nominations, seconded and approved.

Mr. Dugan asked if anyone had unfinished business from the previous year and there being none and all necessary business had been attended to, he asked for a motion to adjourn. Prior to adjourning, Mr Dugan said Ms. Koerner had some proxies that needed to be voted if there was any member available to vote one.  He also said the voting was to continue for one-half hour after the meeting was adjourned. Motion was then made, seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 9:35 AM.  The voting was to continue for one-half hour after the adjournment.



Mr. Dugan welcomed all the new members to the Vecinos de la Cholla.

The meeting was then opened to the membership for questions, answers and discussions.

The first question regarded the third option of the budget that said some of the services would be stopped.  Mr. Dugan said the fiscal year ends on 6/30.  All current contracts end then and since the Board doesn’t know which budget the members will vote for all three had to be covered.  July 1 is when new contracts begin so  the months in question would be July, August and September.

Jerry McClung wanted to know who came up with not grading the road, pick up garbage, etc?  He said that would be taking away jobs from people that work on those projects.  He was told a former board member came up with that solution. 

Mr. Dugan said when working on the budget, there was A, B. At the meeting Mr. Willis said the dues had to be kept at $200 and he went down the list line item by line item.  Mr. Dugan said he did not put the Budget C together.  Items were shaved and then it was voted on by the board as an option.  Ms. McComb said she didn’t feel the board could withhold services from homeowners and was told members could vote against it.

Someone commented that the Vecinos had $275,000 in the bank and some amenities are being stopped for 3 months.  He was told there are options to vote against it.  Mr. Lee said he was against it, and would


vote against it, but some board members wanted that option.  That is why it is there so don’t blame the whole board.  Ms. Dahlstrom said there are a lot of people against that option and if you don’t want it, don’t vote for it.

Someone wanted to know how much the HOA has in reserve funds.  Ms. Dahlstrom didn’t have the reserve balance with her but  as of February 29th, it was $255,294.57  but there have been expenses since then and there are four more months of expenses for the roads, garbage and all other expenses that come due until our year ends at the end of June.

Ray Flinn wanted to know what had been done in the last year to secure Cholla and stop the robberies, etc., and was told the Vecinos are not the police.

Someone asked if there would be 3 bids on jobs done by the Vecinos and was told there is a Procurement document that will be used.

A lady asked that Mr Dugan would explain the possibility that the Vecinos might not be in compliance with Mexican Law.  Mr. Dugan reported the Vecinos are totally in compliance with Mexican Law.  Ms. Weber said she disagreed and proceeded to tell everyone why.  After her report, Mr. Dugan told the members the Vecinos are totally in compliance.  Mr. Ketelhut brought up an audit of  three years ago and their recommendations.  He reported the many meetings done by the board in pursuit of updating what the Vecinos needed to do for Hacienda and being in compliance with Mexican Law.  The Kaisen Company was selected by the board and has done all the necessary


Paper work that was needed for compliance by the Vecinos.  He brought up that he had not seen evidence that everything was up to date.

Mr. Dugan gave a further update regarding where the Vecinos stand with Hacenda.  Kaizen made arrangements for Mr. Dugan to go to Mexicali with a former 36 year employee of Hacienda.  They met directly with the Chief of the Northern Mexicali Division of Hacienda. Being the legal representative of the Vecinos  he had documents to sign and was fingerprinted.  He talked with them at length about all that has been discussed regarding compliance and was told everything was done.

He received 5 years of filings to Hacienda on Friday before the meeting.  The most important line on the document is the zero where it denotes there are no taxes due.

Ms. Dahlstrom read a letter that Kaizen received from the Mexican Tax Department that the Vecinos de La Cholla are current and in compliance. Mr. Dugan informed the members that we now have a great accounting firm for our association.

There was a question about facturas and Mr. Dugan reported how they will be handled and the cost for that work which is required for the Vecinos to remain in compliance.  He said you can pay up to $2000 pesos in cash for services and don’t have to pay it by check but you do have to get a facture which means that someone hired to clean the clubhouse has to give a facture in return for the money which could make it hard to get people to work.


Ms. Howard thought the $2,000 pesos facture was different from what Mr. Dugan presented and she was told he would pass her question on to Kaisen and will bring the answer back to the board.

Pat Goodin thanked the board for their hard work for no money and thought they deserved a big hand.

Gretchen Ellinger said that businesses register with Hacienda according to certain criteria, and must give factures or receipts, according to their protocol assigned by Hacienda.  Either a facture or a receipt is acceptable, and which you get will depend upon how the business with whom you are transacting is registered with Hacienda.  As long as it is an official facture or receipt, and not a receipt from a dollar store receipt book or written on a napkin, it is good.

Susie Flinn said there was something said that the meeting minutes need to be recorded at the Courthouse and was told many years ago that it was not necessary.  Unfortunately he either didn’t hear them or they have changed things since, but if you have a change in the officers, then you have to record the minutes of the meeting.  Technically speaking, from the time that Mr. Peterson stopped doing that until today,that has not been done.  In the process of doing the Hacienda work, Kaisen had that information taken to a Notario who recorded the present board in the records.  If the president, secretary, or treasurer changes, the notario will have to record them again.

Someone wanted to know why there was a time on voting and made some comment about he could opt out of the Vecinos if his vote wasn’t going to count. 


Someone said his primary concern is security and wanted to know what Mr. Dugan’s top priority was for the coming year.  Mr. Dugan told him one was maintaining the community and he doesn’t set priorities.  There are 15 people on the board, he only has one vote and he wants to do what the whole board wants to accomplish.                             

Billy Crumbly asked if there was anyone at the meeting who lived in a gated community.  She said neighbors can look out for each other but unless you live in a gated community, how can you expect the board to provide you with security.  She didn’t know about other people, she didn’t move to Cholla to be in a gated community.  She said the community she lives in has someone who drives around in a security vehicle 24 hours a day and her house has been broken into and there were a lot of others, too.

Mr. Kettelhut answered her question with what he had done in sending a survey and their big issue was security.  He proceeded with what he and Ms. Weber had done regarding security but put it on hold since he thought the board had too many things on the table. 

There was a comment that the robberies are way down since RP changed all the police in Cholla.

Dawn Marie Perez said the Mexicans in Cholla were responsible for getting the police changed in Cholla. 

Mr. Dugan said he was so proud to see all our Mexican neighbors, the citizens of this country, at the meeting today.

Ray Flinn again brought up the old electric poles.


Someone asked about the manager job and was told that is a work in progress.  Kaisen sent Mr. Dugan a letter asking him make sure it is an outside person handling the job and making sure certain cost items are reviewed because there have been problems with people in town hiring management companies.

Someone wanted the manager job posted on the website and was told when it is ready to be used, it will be posted.

Someone wanted to know why all the Hacienda paperwork took place in Mexicali and was told the Mexico Federal Government sets up the districts and takes in a lot of cities including Rocky Point.

Respectfully Submitted

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


Vice President:                       Kelly Ross

Secretary:                               Shirley McDonald

4 – 3 Year Terms          Jim Allison

                                                Jerry Caballero

                                                Ken Goodin

                                                Sue Kathe

Delegate of Vigilance            Don Schmidli

2012 – 2013 Budget:            Option B – $256.00