A regular board meeting was held on December 11, 2011

A regular board meeting was held on December 11, 2011

These Minutes have not approved by the Board yet


A regular board meeting was held on December 11, 2011 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Helen Dahlstrom, Gene Court, Pete Pisciotta, Bella Howard, Jerry Ketelhut, jr.,  Tavane McComb, Pat Sledge, Steve Lee, Ken Goodin, Shirley McDonald, and Delegate of Vigilance Don Schmidli.  Absent:  Steve Willis, Laurie Weber, Kathy Barnard and Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo.

MINUTES:           The board had previously received minutes of the November 20, 2011 meeting.  Mr Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions and there being none, motion was made, seconded and minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE: Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report ending November 30, 2011.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were questions, corrections or additions.  After answering one question, motion was made, seconded and the report was approved.

MEMBERSHIP:             Ms. Dahlstrom reported 648 members paid in full, 233 not current, 3 Mexican members who are not required to pay but 1 member did for a total membership of 884.  There are 18 members whose membership status is unclear.


                   1.      SPEED BUMPS:            Miss Howard reported she was informed signs for the speed bumps will be ready in a couple of days soshe will get in touch with SBR and see how soon they can install the


bumps. It depends on their availability due to the holiday.   The board was informed that a speed bumps and signs will be installed going east and west just past of the west gate to the Clubhouse.  Ms. Howard thinks SBR might put the second one in free, too.

                   2.      ELECTION PROCESS:             Nothing to report.                

                   3.      MAIN ENTRANCE/SECURITY/TEMPORARY FACILITIES FOR TRIAL PERIOD:              Mr. Ketelhut reported that Ms. Weber could not be at the meeting but wanted him to pass on that progress is being made.  Ms. Weber told him the Mayor had accepted the letter she sent to him.  The heavy rain caused some damage to the area where housing was planned and that would have to be looked at to see if it could be raised up.

                   4.      CHRISTMAS TIPS:                  The vecinos have previously given monetary Christmas gifts to the garbage people and the police. Mr Arvizu and Toto each got $100 and the auxiliary police and garbage assistants  each got $50 which amounted to $550 and the board was asked if they wanted to give the same amount’  Motion made, seconded and approved.

                   5.      REVIEW OF ROAD EXPENCES PAID & SUBMITTED BY HOMEOWNERS:                   Mr. Pisciotta reported he had received nothing from homeowners but has one pending.  The Vecinos have spent $950.00, repairing the Four Aces’ access twice.   At the present the Vecinos have a total of $1336 including the one who needs to turn in his receipt.  Mr. Pisciotta said the motion to cover expenses paid by the Vecinos and the homeowner was never approved.  Ms. Dahlstrom


suggested talking to SBR and making them aware of what is planned before turning it in asking to be reimbursed. 

ARCHITECTURAL:                  Nothing to report.

CLUBHOUSE:      Chairman Pat Sledge reported that one of the kegerators quit working.  Took it to be worked on and he was told it would be cheaper to replace it than fix it. Thought it could be fixed  for $100 so it is being fixed.   One warmer is not working and can’t find the part for it and there one has a hole in it so two new ones have been purchased for about $280 each.  Mr. Dugan had suggested that the back room be cleaned out again.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:               Mr. Dugan said there was nothing to report.

GARBAGE:          Mr. Dugan reported he had Ms. Dugan bring down 2 sets of air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and is putting him on a regimine to maintain the Vecinos’ truck.

Mr. Arvizu is dumping in a different location near the road to Caborca and  not going to the one near Las Conchas.  That dump is illegal and causing horrible problem with flies.                                                 

ROADS:               Chairman Pete Pisciotta ordered another four way mirror and paid less for the second one.  It will be installed at the same area as the original one.  Mr. Dugan said the roads are in pretty good shape.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:                Mr. Court reported parks are looking good and he needs to do a yearly inspection to make sure swings are


 safe.  A lot of people were using the horseshoe area on Saturday. 

SECURITY:           Mr. Court asked if the Vecinos were furnishing electricity to the building across from the Police station and was told yes.  Mr. Dugan said someone lived there and it was suggested that we find out who it is.  Ms. McComb said it was a man who was deported to Penasco and washes the policeman’s car.  Mr. Court said the people who leave their boats in that area also use that house.  Mr. Sledge said we should stop paying for electricity and dig up the line is that is what we have to do.  He thinks we should continue to fund the police station until our security conversation is done.  He made a motion that the Vecinos do what he previously said, there was a second and it was approved.  It was felt that SBR should be aware of what is planned and Mr. Pisciotta will talk to them when he goes in on another matter.    

WATER AND SEWER:            Mr. Dugan reported there is nothing new.

NEW BUSINESS:                    Mr. Ketelhut brought up accounting and the fact the accountant couldn’t come to the meeting due to being in Hermosillo, he asked if he was slated for the January meeting.  Mr. Dugan told him he was going to submit his 10 questions,   have him put it answers in writing, and will try to get him to come to the meeting on January 15.  The same discussion followed as the last couple of months and Mr. Sledge felt he would have to come out on a weekday and have an executive session with him.  Mr. Lee suggested a trip to his office with the questions, write up a report of what he said. Bring it to the board and that should put an end to it.  Mr. Dugan said he would try to


 get him to come to the January meeting but if he could get a meeting set up in the next week, he would let the 3 people who want to go the  where and when.  Ms. Dahlstrom wanted to make sure we were following the law but would take every legal cut we could.  Mr. Dugan said dues would be raised $20 to cover the reports now being made.

Mr. Sledge’s neighbor is looking to put security cameras on his house and will be able to see most of Cholla and wanted to know if the Vecinos wanted to subsidize his monitoring.

Ms. Dalhlstrom brought up signs she wanted to email to the board and get input on them.  It states Cholla is private property, no trespassing, no fireworks, has all the numbers needed to call in case of an emergency in both English and Spanish. She  would like to put them throughout the community.

Ms. McComb asked if the website is being updated and Ms. Dahlstrom said she does the posting.

Mr. Dugan gets calls that the internet is not working.  It does go down and it comes back up.  There is a clock that will re-set itself depending on when it is set.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM.


Neal Johnson brought up opting out of the Vecinos.  He had chosen to do that months ago and received a letter that said where to sign.  He


was told the Vecinos would put a lien against his property.  The lien, if he decided to sell the property, would be to collect monies for services he would be using that were being paid by other homeowners.  His reason for wanting to leave the Vecinos was that his home had been robbed and he didn’t feel safe in Cholla.  Long discussion followed on how he thought the robbers could be caught and would help stop the robberies. 

Ms. Dahlstrom said she sent a letter to him that included the Constitution and the Amendment.  More discussion by Mr. Johnson about opting out of the HOA.  Mr. Lee suggested to Mr. Johnson to opt out if he wanted to or he could be voted out, as is also in the Constitution.  Mr. Dugan explained why the HOA was formed and it was to allow him and other homeowners to get a Deed of Trust and own their property instead of renting from Gus Brown.  He was told that if and when he decides to sell his property, the vecinos will not stop him but the bank holding his trust will send a letter to the Vecinos asking if he was in good standing and they will be told no.   He was told he would have to pay what is in arrears at that time.  He was told his dues pays for services,  those services would not be funded and a lien would force him to pay that back.  Mr. Ketelhut said each person is responsible for their security but he felt the Vecinos could do more to help. Mr. Lee said security in Cholla is no different than any place in a normal community in the US.  Police are not sitting on each corner watching every house.  You may see them go every once in a while but we also have quicker connection to help there.  He suggested that neighbors know each other’s telephone numbers to be able to call and say they are concerned about something going on at their house. 


In the long run he was told the Vecinos have never faced the problem and need to look into what their position will be.

Bev Parker asked if there were people in Cholla who are not paying dues and using the amenities and was told yes they are because we have no way of stopping people from putting garbage in the containers, they drive on the roads paid by paying members and they get water from the standpipe paid for by paying members.  If more or all of the current paying members stop paying, we will either handle those amenities individually or seek anything available from Rocky Point. 

The man who wanted help to put up security cameras talked some about his project.  His house is very high, he is putting cameras on all four corners and thinks he will be able to see most of Cholla with a monitoring system in his house.

Bill Hensler suggested trying to get the security up and operable at the entrance.

Ms. Howard asked everyone to be patient and let the Vecinos get the entrance completed.  If everyone opts out of the HOA, the town we all care about will be unable to exist as we know it.  More discussion about  how everything should be done or not done.  Mr. Johnson said he was going to opt out and suggest that others do the same.  Ms. Howard told him what he suggested would stop income to do exactly what he wanted done and that is to get more security.  

Someone asked who the road belonged to and Mr. Dugan answered it was a public road which is what he was told in Rocky Point.


One person said he loaned a quad to someone who  was taking it out of Cholla and got stopped by the policeman who followed him back to his house to make sure the quad wasn’t stolen. 

Suggestion that a group go to RP and talk to the police/mayor about the problem in Cholla.  Someone also said if someone is robbed, it doesn’t do any good to go to the RP Police but need to talk to the State Police and they will send someone out to investigate.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary

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