A Regular Board Meeting was held on December 13, 2013

A Regular Board Meeting was held on December 13, 2013


A regular board
meeting was held on Sunday, December 15, 2013 at the Cholla Community
Center.  President Mike Dugan called the
meeting to order at 9:00 AM with the following members present:  Kelly Ross, Helen Dahlstrom, Shirley
McDonald, Tammy Hicks, Steve Lee, Jim Allison, Kathy Barnard, Jerry Caballero,
Ken Goodin, Sue Kathe and Don Schmidli,   Absent:
Tavane McComb.

board previously received the minutes of the October meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections
or corrections.  There being none, a
motion was made followed by a second and report approved.

Dahlstrom handed out the report for two months ending November, 2013.  After reading the reports, Mr. Dugan asked if
there were any changes or additions.
There being none, he asked for a motion to approve.  A motion was made, followed by a second and
the reports were approved.  There was a
discussion about monies spent per year and how they are handled.

Dahlstrom reported the following: 583 paid in full, 267 not current, 4 Mexican
members who are not required to pay, for a total of 854.  There are 21 members whose status is unclear.

Dahlstrom reported that the contractor doing the patio bid like concrete  and the area beneath the tables will be
tiled.  There are two steps to be
repaired, too.  He is to take up the old
concrete and take it away. The cost without tax is $5,000.  There was a discussion about making the
concrete thicker and it was decided to leave as it was bit. Motion was made to
allow $2,000 for a buffer making the total $7,000.  There was a second and the job was approved.

There was a
discussion about where the dumpster should be placed when having events.


We have been
having a time with the tanks.  They are
filled and the water disappears before the next event. Ms. Dahlstrom said
someone had left the faucet running the previous night.  She is planning to replace the valves.  There was a discussion about someone turning
the valves off after events and other suggestions to solve the problem.

to report.

have had trouble with a part and Mr. Arviso tried to get in Rocky Point but
they didn’t have it.  He drove to another
town and found a place to fix it. It is hard to get parts for this truck
because it is from Japan and no sold or available parts in Mexico.  They have had other problems but managed to
get it fixed. The original one selected was too heavy and are trying to  get the other garbage truck to Cholla and
think that might happen soon.  It will be
nice to get a like vehicle so a lot of things can be transferred from the old

roads are being graded a lot.  We do have
a problem in one area of  the
community.  He was approached by some of
the people and he suggested that any of the people involved with the problem
come to the meeting and stay after for a discussion about the problems.  He and Ms. Kathe met with Mr. Mesa to discuss
the problems and they can     let those
people know what is suggested. He did lose the fill he had hoped to use on our
roads due to changes necessary for the ship coming in.

He learned
at a meeting with Reyel that the plan of dredging in front of the Reef is not
going to happen.  Apparently there is a
slab underneath that they would have to blast so they are taking that dock
farther out into deeper water to accommodate the depth so he lost his
fill.  He was hoping to test it on the
road to see how it would work in Cholla.

Mr. Dugan
talked of the problems at the Four Aces. Every time there is heavy rain  the problems  start and it takes a lot of money to make them
usable.  The water stops at the top of
the hill and goes all the way down.  The
road probably shouldn’t have been put there and the second thing is that the
HOA pays to


take care of the areas on the sheet that we
have showing the roads.  That road in
question is not one of them.  He met with
Juan and asked if they could meet at the sight. He and Ms. Kathe met with him and
discussed the road.  He said a good fix
would cost a lot of money and what he suggests is to divert the water and suggested
a little canal to follow all the way down to the bottom.  There are some problems in there because
there are three   houses that have underground utilities and you
can see where the ground eroded from the last rain.  There are a couple of houses where it would
go under their driveway.  Something would
have to be done to that if they pursue that way for a fix.  To do what they are suggesting will be expensive
and they think it might be better to grade and do a fix that would keep the
water to one side.  The other direction
would be concrete and that is not going to happen.  There is something over by Black Mountain
that has dirt and something else and it was suggested that it be put with the
caliche.    It isn’t a permanent fix but
will help.  Mr. Dugan suggested that he
go back and check with the homeowners in that area and if they have some ideas
since they see the flow more.  There are
utilities under the road put in by Mr. Brown and done by CFE.  Mr. Dugan said they were not encased by
concrete and that is something that Juan had to look into.  At this point there is not a concrete cost to
fix the problem.  He suggests that
everyone who has that problem and have ideas of how to fix it, please email him
and Ms. Kathe and they will forward any ideas to Juan.

The Company
is looking into the problem and Juan Mesa is going to work on the problem and
see what can be done.  He asked people
who live in that area who might have some ideas to please email him or Ms.
Kathe.  Email addresses are on the website

It was
decided to fix the road and walkway from the restaurant down to the launching
area again due to damage by the big rain.
$5,000 was allocated to repair the area and Mr. Dugan made a deal to get
hand rails in the area. Motion was made, a second and motion approved.

Lee said the Park needs to be weeded with


like Roundup but decided to have Ramone pull the weeds again.

had been a couple of break-ins but they had no security and haven’t been down
for some time so they don’t know when it happened.  The police are patrolling.

are two phases that need to be done in our homes of getting water.  The first part is with OOMOPAS and the other
part is the construction portion and getting the bids or whatever they do.  The deadline for the proposal was December 13th.   Juan said that he was impressed with the
company that was hired to do the job.
They are on schedule to have the proposal in to the OOMOPA           S Group . Then it goes to the budget
of OOMOPAS to determine if they   have
the funds to be able to do it. Mr. Dugan was asked what Mr. Brown has to do
with what is planned and he said he didn’t know.  He is going to try and get a simple fee per
person which would make it simpler for everyone and just pay the same amount
every month.

Dugan said he would like to give a bonus to people who have helped the
community this past year.  He would like
make a suggestion but he doesn’t who was involved last year.  He suggested that the people who were on the
list last year (if they are still the people who did the work) might be given a
little more this year.

The Company
is trying to put a list together of all the people who don’t have trusts.  The number one problem is the bank.  The Company went back to Mexico City with the
gentleman who previously worked with them on Cholla even before Taco Manzo.  He was here a couple of weeks ago, met with
BBBA here and the Company and apparently they have a battle plan together and
hope the battle will be won.

The Ospreys
were brought up.  At the last meeting,
Steve Franklin  put together a letter and
tried to get something going.  Nothing
will be done unless a letter is sent by Mr. Dugan saying it was okay to put
anything on their poles.  They put the letter
together, the letter was delivered to CFE to the head of the company and


else.  He got a notice they never
received it.  He and Ms. Barnard will go in
to CFE and make sure the two men get the documents.  It would be nice to start what is planned because
the nesting season is in February/March and it would be nice to get them
installed.  They gave CFE a
recommendation as to where to put five new homes. We need to send out a
Newsletter and Mr. Felton needs some articles.
The board suggested Ms. Bernard handle the Osprey article.

Tax Season
is coming on as well as our Deeds of Trust and he urges everyone to pay those
bills on time.  A new department has been
formed which is handled by Rosie Glover and her job is to help Americans.  Mr. Dugan happened to be at that building
when there was an accident caused by an American who had been drinking and was
taken off to jail. It is her job is to Americans.  She went to check but he was in jail and
there wasn’t much to talk about because he was incoherent.

In talking
to her they discussed that there are a lot of people in Cholla who have not
paid their taxes.  There are also a lot
of properties in the federal zone who have those issues.  It sounded like Ms. Glover would be in charge
of Cholla to help the city collect the taxes.
What we will do in the letter is to recommend that if people have issues
with their taxes to go to this department and she will help the people from
Cholla on problems that they have.

He said
Cholla should pay their taxes at the building that used to be Dahl Tile.  Anyone can go in and pay their taxes.  They give a discount if you pay now.

We need to
figure out from a calendar standpoint when we need to get people who want to
run for the board to have their resume prepared.  Ms. Dahlstrom said it should be ready by
February 16th.  A newsletter
will be out right after.  It will include
people who want to run for a board position, positions that are open, and the

There being
no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, a second followed and meeting
adjourned at 10:45 AM.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: A lady said she was told to fix her
road would cost                                                              (5)

$10,000.  It did not include the prep, base, rebar or the
labor.  She wanted to know why the
Vecinos could not spend part of the money in the bank to make their homes
accessible.  Mr. Dugan said if it was the
main road used by everyone, it would be different.  When there are ten people versus 800 people
in the community, it can’t be taken care of like that. Mr. Brown built the road
and we are trying to get him to fix it. He is not going to do that but will
probably do a quick fix that costs $300 or $400 and that goes into the
permanent fix of $30,000 a lot of times.
It might not rain like that for a year or small rains that don’t do that
kind of damage.  There was a discussion
about who owns the road and could they get some help from CFE due to
underground power.

We will
hopefully get all the regularizations are completed, there may be hope because
they will belong to the city.  In order
to get the roads fixed, the Vecinos have to stop getting it fixed.

Mr. Dugan
said as soon as the hard rains stop, Mr. Brown’s people are out fixing the
roads. They have priorities on spots that have to be fixed where the most
traffic is.

There was a
discussion that there is nothing on the front of the building that says it is
the home of Cholla Home Owners.  Ms.
Dahlstrom will ask the artist who did all the painting in the clubhouse and see
what he would cost.

Mr. Dugan
thanked everyone for coming to the meeting.



McDonald, Secretary



FEBRUARY 16, 2014 –
9:00 AM