A regular board meeting was held on January 15, 2012

A regular board meeting was held on January 15, 2012


A regular board meeting was held on January 15, 2012 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Helen Dahlstrom, Pete Pisciotta, Steve Lee, Bella Howard, Steve Willis, Pat Sledge, Tavane McComb, Laurie Weber, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Kathy Barnard, Shirley McDonald and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.    ABSENT:  Gene Court, Ken Goodin and Valente Cornejo, Mexican representative.

MINUTES:                The board had previously received minutes of the December 11, 2011 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were corrections or additions and there being none, motion made, seconded and minutes approved.

Prior to the Treasurer’s Report, Mr. Sledge asked to speak to the board.  He started by saying he had dreaded coming to the meeting due to several months of meetings and  achieving nothing due to infighting on the board.  On this board there should be no them or us but just all of us.  If someone sitting in a chair doesn’t feel that way, he questioned why that person was there. 

He suggested the board have a quarterly meeting, close the doors and hammer it out and get some answers.  He also suggested it start in February. 

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE:                    Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report ending December 31, 2011.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were questions, corrections or additions.  After answering a question, motion was made, seconded and report approved.

MEMBERSHIP:                   Ms. Koerner was out of town due to family sickness and unable to do the membership report.


            1.        SPEED BUMPS:                   Ms. Howard reported that both speed bumps near the Clubhouse were installed free.  There was talk that another sign


Or two was needed but seem to be slowing down drivers.  She also said they were looking at a new kind of material for the bumps.

            2.        ELECTION PROCESS:                     Nothing done and sounded like nothing was going to be done.      

            3.        MAIN ENTRANCE/SECURITY/TEMPORARY FACILITIES FOR TRIAL PERIOD:              Ms. Weber reported she had been working on getting everything in order.  She gave a very long list of what had been done in the past regarding security in Cholla.  Mr. Ketelhut gave a lengthy presentation about the history of the HOA security discussions, what is important to you regarding security, discussed the number of break ins, the fact that Cholla Bay is #1 in thefts in 2011 in all of Rocky Point and what is proposed to stop robberies in Cholla.  Ms. Weber and Mr. Ketelhut had personally sent a letter to the Mayor and business owners in Cholla telling them what was planned. 

Other things they planned were bilingual fliers for everyone coming into Cholla, check traffic and notify police when necessary, stop all traffic from midnight to dawn, promote businesses with flyers, etc., strengthen relationship with police and  security force.  The yearly proposed project cost would be $34,920 not including building, fencing and various necessities.  A very nice 21 page flier was handed out as back-up for his presentation.

The following still needed:  documentation from SBR for use of land, approval of additional monies needed, community input, vendor selection, approve selected security services, determine camera system, approve someone for camera installation, develop interaction with security company, police and the HOA and select someone for security oversight.  Mr. Sledge suggested that the community be involved in selecting the security people so they will be aware of who they work for and pays their salary.  It was also suggested that Mr. Brown should be aware of just where the building would go so it  doesn’t go against his plans for the future. 

Mr. Sledge suggested a trial run for a time at or near the police station and see


how it works as a security stop but also how they would interact with the police at the station.  He also thought the local merchants should be a part of the plan and the trial period.  He also suggested that Mr. Ketelhut be the person to handle the security oversight.  Mr. Lee made a motion that the board approve the temporary security system discussed.  There was some discussion that the merchants should be made aware of what is planned, include their input with the plan.  Motion on the floor was then seconded and approved.  Mr. Pisciotta made a motion that Mr. Ketelhut be in charge of the planned temporary security.  Motion was made, seconded and approved.

            4.        REVUE OF ROAD EXPENSES PAID AND SUBMITTED BY HOMEOWNERS:                   Mr. Pisciotta reported he had invoices for $120  from Dave Heath, $386 from Bill Hartley, $304 from Kathy Barnard, $80 from Steve Willis.

Motion was made, seconded and approved  that the listed people be reimbursed for monies spent after the rain. 

            5.        TAX ISSUE:               A CPA was hired to perform the functions needed to bring the reports current and will continue to do that under his direction for $180.  The other side of the issue is another methodology of compliance  and at this time it is just a question of who to use.   Mr. Dugan said if we go with the one talked to a few days ago, we will be paying more money in expenses due to all the checks and deposits talked about and he feels we will have to hire a management company to do everything.  By doing that, the board doesn’t have to be in Cholla 24/7, calls not coming into board members to do something all the time and who will handle our growing community.  Mr. Sledge felt there was a place in the middle and he suggested we have an executive meeting and sit down, do the work that needs to be done and meet in the middle somewhere.  A closed board meeting is planned for Saturday, February 18 at 9:00 AM at the Clubhouse.

Mr. Ketelhut said there is clearly a difference of opinion between the two accountants as he again went over how the dues are handled in paying our


services in Mexico.   It will cost $225 to file the Hacienda report but he just wants the Vecinos to have proper accounting practices.   

 Mr. Dugan said the Vecinos have a budget of $140,000.  We already have a facture for gasoline. A factura will add 11% or $13,000 to the amount paid SBR for doing the roads and any extra payouts will be divided among the homeowner via dues.  In listening to the accountant and the all procedures that have to be done, it will be necessary to raise dues to cover the costs and at this point, we don’t know what all this will cost.  He proceeded with the money being in the Mexican account and homeowners writing checks for dues and having to add $15 as a processing fee.   Mr. Dugan said his point was that with that kind of work, a management company is needed to handle everything just like Las Conchos does. 

There was a discussion regarding wiring funds from the US to the HOA bank and that possibility is being looked into for an easier way to pay bills.  Ms. Dahlstrom had concerns. Mr. Ketelhut said hiring an attorney could clear the problem up and get us on the right track.  After a lot more discussion about bringing everything current, Mr. Dugan said the easiest thing would be to just dissolve the Vecinos and cut all the problems out. With the OBSC and CBSC renting the building and the current funds in the account  right now to generate enough money  to take care of the homeowner’s assets with no dues.  In that way no one has to worry about what Mr. Ketelhut has been talking about because you will not be paying $200 per year and don’t have to raise the dues proportionately to cover all the new things that might need to be done.  There was opposition to that but did suggest ending the current  HOA and have all the paper work go away and start a new HOA gaining compliance.  Ms. Weber said the accountant recommended that action and just start over new and any wanting out can opt to do so.  Mr. Sledge doesn’t feel the HOA should disband and the only reason is to avoid back taxes or penalties.  The group needs to find out what it would cost to start a new HOA because there was a technical committee who put together a document that ties in with our Deeds of Trust to regularize this community and we still don’t have water and sewer which is still an obligation of this HOA.  There is a lot involved


that needs to be looked at prior to thinking of dissolving the HOA

Mr. Ketelhut suggested hiring an attorney to protect the association.  After some discussion, a  motion was made, seconded to hire the attorney but before it was approved,   Ms. Dahlstrom wanted to know where he got figures he was giving out and was told it was given to them by the accountant at a meeting she didn’t attend.  Mr. Sledge said we have been told basically the same thing by two out of three accountants that we are not doing things right and he feels we should hire the attorney and find out what is right.  The motion to hire an attorney was then approved.  Ms. Weber suggested that Kaisim be hired, it was seconded and approved.  Mr. Dugan was to contact them the following week.  Since Kaisan is also a management company, Mr. Lee suggested that Mr. Dugan also get a bid for managing the Vecinos business, too.

CLUBHOUSE:                       Nothing to report.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                                    Nothing to report.

GARBAGE:               Ms. Weber said the beaches were not being cleaned.  It was suggested that she call Mr. Arvizu and ask him to clean it up.

ROADS:                     Chairman Pete Pisciotta had nothing more to report on roads.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:             Chairman Gene Court was absent due to a case of shingles.  

SECURITY:                Mr. Dugan reported a new vehicle was brought to Cholla and there is also a new policeman, too.  Jim Lavoie’s jeep was taken by a local person and  Arturo and the new policeman caught the suspect.  They are waiting for Mr. Lavoie to press charges and pick up his jeep.

WATER/SEWER:                 Nothing new on water and sewer.

NEW BUSINESS:                 Mr. Ketelhut said he tested the 066 number and glad to say it was answered immediately. When asked, he was transferred to someone who spoke very good English.  After telling them approximately where he saw


Someone looking suspicions at a home, they were there very quick.

Mr. Dugan said anyone having a budget for what they do, needs to send them to Ms. Dahlstrom within the next two weeks so they can see where the figures fall for the HOA dues prior to the General Meeting.

The Newsletter needs to be sent to HOA members 31 days   before the General Meeting.  He spoke to someone that might be interested in putting the Newsletter together and he will be talking to her again about programs, etc. and hopefully we will have someone to take on that job.

With the General Meeting coming up, we need to put together an Election Committee which is being led by Steve Lee. 

Mr. Dugan had sent everyone documentation about the Fredrick’s issue.  He wanted input and their vote as to what they wanted to do. He informed Ms. Weber there was one meter on the property and she quoted the minutes of 2009 and 2010 and said the fire was in 1007.  After a long discussion, no real decision made except that Ms. Dahlstrom would be in touch with Ms. Koerner and they would work out the amount he owes.

Mr. Ketelhut asked the status of Neil Johnson and was told he resigned and it was accepted by the Vecinos.  The HOA would revoke a membership, if needed) but if a member resigns, it is just accepted by the board.

A suggestion was made that the board proceed with the proposed signs Ms. Dahlstrom emailed to the Board.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.


Ray Flinn wanted the Board to get something done and he is always willing to help.


Someone wanted to know what Mr. Dugan did after a robbery at her house and was told all information sent to him by Ms. McComb was sent  to the proper authority  in Rocky Point.  He told her no one runs the Rocky Point Police Department and we have no control over them.  Fausto Soto is the person who takes care of all the homeowners, etc., that has anything to do with Americans. He talked to Mr. Soto later and he said it had been sent to the proper people.

A gentleman said he was broken into and it sounded like he tried to make a report but was not successful and a lady asked about the police stopping quads and what they did .

Ms. Dahlstrom reiterated what Mr. Dugan has been saying for months and that is to make your home secure as you do in the states.  Mr. Dugan said there are some security companies that provide good services and to the best of his knowledge, no one with a security system has been broken into.

Barb Damman said she and her husband were walking and saw a policeman stop at an empty truck parked near a house and he asked  if they knew who owned it.

Jerry McClung said he didn’t what was going on but the people want something done about the security,

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary