A regular board meeting was held on March 18, 2012

A regular board meeting was held on March 18, 2012



A regular board meeting was held on March 18, 2012 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Helen Dahlstrom, Gene Court, Ken Goodin, Bella Howard, Tavane  McComb, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Kathy Barnard, Steve Lee, Shirley McDonald, Pat Sledge, Pete Pisciotta, and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.  ABSENT:  Laurie Weber, Steve Willis and Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo.

MINUTES:                The Board had previously received the Minutes of the February 19, 2012 meeting.  For clarification, a change was made to the last paragraph on Page 7 as follows:  “Mr Dugan said it was his understanding that when the original Corporation for the HOA was formed, a group of people applied and started the process.  They then had the first meeting and voted in the officers of the original Corporation.  The second and third sentences are to be deleted.

A new paragraph begins with Mr. Dugan saying he hoped to get that done, etc.

Motion was then made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes.

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE:                    Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report ending February 29, 2012.  After her report, Mr. Dugan asked if there were any questions, corrections or additions.  Motion made to accept, seconded and Treasurer’s Report approved.

MEMBERSHIP:                   Ms. Dahlstrom reported there were 685 members paid in full, 195 not current, 4 Mexican members paid but not required to for a total membership of 884.


            1.        TAX ISSUE:               The Kaisen people received information from Ms. Dahlstrom for years in question and the reports are being filed.  Mr. Dugan said it


was necessary for him to get the legal representation changed and get  a personal Hacienda number which is necessary to have a corporation or to be the representative of one.  He then has to go to Mexicali to do an electronic signature.  The paper work is being put together and he was informed by Miriam at Kaizen that the tax reports are up to date and the Association is in good standing.  Everything should be in his hands next week and he will get the necessary signature.  After a question from someone as to what an RSC was,  Mr. Sledge told them it was a Tax ID.

There was a discussion regarding whether other years were still out there or had they been revised and was told we should have everything this week.  Mr. Ketelhut asked about having a new corporation and an old one.  Mr. Lee answered the question and suggested calling them A and B.  In discussing capital gains, Myriam told them that there would be no capital gains if you move the old corporation to the new one.  The problem is they now have a transfer tax  and based on the value of the property of about $250,000  the transfer tax would be $20 to $30,000.  If the value went up in the appraisal it could be quite a bit more and that is when she said it would make more sense to keep the assets in Corporation A  and start Corporation B with a clean slate and modernize it in terms of voting, proxies, a friendlier Constitution , etc.  Expenses would be paid through Corporation B and the old Corporation A would just hold the Clubhouse and surrounding property and have limited income and expenses needed to maintain the property.

There was more discussion about what was said to him and a group that went to her and what she says now.  Mr. Ketelhut brought up what could be done in the future with Hacienda and employees that might seek money.  Mr. Dugan said subsequent to Mr. Ketelhut’s meeting there were other meetings and she changed her thoughts as to what was best.  It was mentioned that she probably talked to Hacienda, too.  Mr. Lee said Mr. Ketelhut’s bringing up past issues with payments to employees needs to be approached and he thinks that will be done this coming week.   Mr. Ketelhut had more questions and Mr. Dugan suggested


Waiting  until they get all the information from her and the electronic signature in hand with documents in front of them  to see what has been done. All documents will be in the hands of the Vecinos before the next meeting and not have to speculate about things.

Ms. Howard was concerned about speculation of whether there would be repercussions.

ARCHITECTURAL:              Nothing to report.

CLUBHOUSE:                       Chairman Pat Sledge said he had nothing except to tell everyone it was his last board meeting.  He said if anyone wanted to take over the Clubhouse, they need to get with Mr. Dugan.  Ms. Dahlstrom said she would take on the Clubhouse.  She was told there was a problem lighting one of the stoves.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                        Nothing to report.

GARBAGE:               Mr. Dugan reported nothing much different.

ROADS:                     Chairman Pete Pisciotta read a letter of resignation as Chairman of Roads and told the board he had sold his home after 42 years as a resident of Cholla.  He talked about the things that have changed and the friends he will miss

He wanted to leave the Vecinos with a few thoughts.  Disagreements with discussion is positive but negative personal statements are not.  He suggested looking at the opposing views with their eyes before jumping to conclusions.  He also asked if what we are doing is the best for Cholla Bay.  He was told he was an asset to the board, and would be missed which was followed by applause.

Ms. Howard reported that the speed bumps are to be replaced with the asphalt mix which is mixed in big quantities.  Since what is needed for the speed bumps is a small amount, it is necessary to wait until some is needed elsewhere. That is happening soon and our bumps will be done then.  She said no money was needed up front but when it is finished he will give the Vecinos a Factura and get


the balance of the payment.  The cost could be approximately $500.  She will be notified when another mix will be available so other bumps can be installed.

Mr. Dugan wanted Ms. Howard to ask Juan the depth of the bump in the ground and above the ground.  He had talked to someone who said it should be 6 inches in the ground and 6 inches above.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:             Chairman Gene Court informed the board that after 6 years, he is retiring also.  He said whoever takes over has to take all the stuff used in the park that he has stored at his house.  Mr. Dugan suggested that someone elected in April might be willing to take on the job of the park.

Mr. Court said the horseshoe areas are used so much that he thinks a couple more should be installed.  There are a few trees that need to be removed.

SECURITY:                Mr. Dugan reported that most of the police were changed out  last month.  The head gentleman is Juan Pedro and there are now 3 policemen that rotate.  At night time they close down one of the sides and seem to be conscientious about their job .  He went into town the previous week to see the Commandant and asked if they could supply some extra force in Cholla during spring break.  He was shorthanded but would increase the hours of each man.  He also spoke to him about extra manpower for  Easter and he thinks they will give help to Cholla.

WATER/SEWER:                 No change.

NEW BUSINESS:                 Mr. Dugan reported man from the city came to his house regarding animal control and wanted him to participate in the 6th spaying   and neutering of dogs and cats on the 13th and 14th of April at the Art Kiosk at the Shrimp Market next to City Hall.  He was aware of dogs between the railroad tracks and Cholla that are very mean and wants to meet with Mr. Dugan and get together a plan to take care  of some of the problems.

Mr. Ketelhut asked if the Vecinos could make a donation to the spay and neuter program and after a discussion, a motion was made to donate $200, seconded


And approved.

The budget was discussed at the last meeting and in it was someone to take on the additional requirements for the management of the community.  Our year end is June 30th and any contracts end at the same time.  His plan for garbage is send out an RFP for garbage and for the management position.  He will put them together and anyone qualified to do those positions can come by and pick up requirements and get it back so it can be reviewed before the deadline.    Requirements for bidding the garbage and manager are available from past discussions.

Ms. Howard said she had 5 bumps in the budget and two of them are for the replacements west of the Clubhouse.  The other 3 are to be decided.  Hopefully a couple will be available for homeowner requests.  She has two letters and is expecting one or two more.  It was also discussed that the neighbors would be involved in the discussion of where they were to be installed.  Ms. Dahlstrom suggested she meet with people including a letter from their neighbors saying  they are okay with the action and  then bring it to the board.

Kathy Barnard commented on people putting up their own speed bumps.  Mr. Dugan suggested she give Ms. Howard the location.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Court made a motion to adjourn, Mr. Pisciotta made the second and meeting was adjourned at 10:35 AM.


Barb Daman thanked Pete Pisciotta for what he did in the area of roads and told Gene Court how much she had enjoyed seeing people have such a good time in the park.

Someone talked about Mexican Corporations and the problems they can cause.  She also asked Ms. Howard if people could purchase their own speed bumps?  She was told that was exactly what they were trying to avoid which is speed bumps everywhere.


Kathy Hill said she was confused as to where she could go to find out what was discussed at the previous meeting.  She was told it is normally on the HOA website prior to the meetings but has not been approved and changes can be made.  Ms. Dahlstrom said she didn’t get it on prior to the meeting in March.  Mr. Dugan said the board has worried about posting minutes prior to being approved because if something changes at the next meeting then it is incorrect

It was suggested that the Agenda for the upcoming meeting be posted on the website.  Ms. Dahlstrom said sometimes the agenda doesn’t come out until a week before the meeting due to people requesting things be included.

Doug Gallagher thanked all the board members for their efforts over the years and asked how much was the burden was on the old corporation and suggested that someone find what the burden is and just bite the bullet and get it over.  He was worried about the debt and was told there is no debt.

Someone asked about the cost of speed bumps and why something other than concrete is being used.  Ms. Howard told him that after all the studies, the asphalt is a couple of hundred cheaper than concrete and will be easier to contend with from the grading of roads.

Mr. Dugan suggested he get with Ms. Howard and see how he could help and if he knows of someone in the community who could produce a product that is better it could be looked at for the future.

There was also discussion about concrete with rebar that could damage vehicles.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary