A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, April 22, 2012

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, April 22, 2012


A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Kelly Ross, Shirley McDonald, Helen Dahlstrom, Jim Allison, Kathy Barnard, Jerry Caballero, Ken Goodin, Bella Howard, Sue Kathe, Stephen Lee, Tavane McComb, Laurie Weber and  Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.  Absent:  Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative.

MINUTES:                The Board had previously received the Minutes of the March 18, 2012 meeting.  Mr. Dugan  asked if there were any corrections or additions.  There being none, there was a motion, a second and minutes were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE:                    Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom handed out the report ending March 31, 2012.  After her report, Mr. Dugan asked if there were any questions, corrections or additions.  There being none, Mr Dugan asked for a motion to approve.  There was a motion, a second and  report approved.

MEMBERSHIP:                   Ms. Dahlstrom reported the following:   696 members paid in full, 181 not current, 25 Mexican members not required to pay but did,for a total membership of 902.  There are 18 members whose status is unclear.  Ms. Koerner said there were some members who joined too late to be included in the paid members so they will be included in next month’s paid membership.


            1.                    TAX ISSUE:   Mr. Dugan said the issue was discussed at the General Meeting.  He had the 5 year paid up document from Kaisen .  He  spoke of the document from the Mexican Tax Department saying the Vecinos de la Cholla are compliant with what needed to be done.  The next step in the process is for him and Ms. Dahlstrom to follow up with Kaisen to proceed with the monthly


process of what is needed and prescribed.

            2.                    REVIEW OF PROPOSED GARBAGE AND MANAGEMENT DOCUMENTS:        Mr Dugan put together a proposal covering the garbage collection and what is required.  It included a contract specifying what is needed by the Veconos which includes their tax number, insurance and possibly a bond.  The contract for a Manager also requires evidence of insurance, bond ability, RFC number and bid amount.

Mr. Dugan was to email all documents to the board and hopefully have something formalized by the May 20th meeting. The garbage contract ends on June 30th and that is the most pressing one of the two.  Copies of both contracts will be attached to the minutes and filed as a part of the records.

Mr. Dugan was given a lot of information regarding  management of the HOA, all of which he shared with the Board and audience. He would like input from the board before the next meeting so it can be finalized by the next meeting ready to go forward.

Mr. Dugan answered a question regarding why a management company is necessary and was told that because of the tax issue, the work becomes more than someone will do free.  Prior to all that is now necessary to be compliant with taxes, facturas,  etc, everything was pretty easy, but with the time now involved , someone is needed  to take care of everything required and they will be contracted  to do it.

In answer to a question regarding whether the manager would be an employee or a contract, Mr. Dugan told them it would be a contract as well as the garbage.  He was asked if bonds were available in Mexico and the answer was that we would find out.

Ms. Howard said the Manager would be there to work with the board members in taking care of whatever is needed when it pertains to the Vecinos.


ARCHITECTURAL :             Nothing to report.

CLUBHOUSE:                       Chairwoman  Dahlstrom reported the new food warmers were installed.  There are problens with the cooler on the roof.  It is worn out and they are looking into getting a new one.  There are two motors on the roof that are expensive and she is having an electrician get some parts from a fence company to make some protectors over the coolers so they don’t walk away.  A new roof is being looked at and will be getting  3 bids for it. One of her projects in the future is to clean out the back room and make it useable.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                        Nothing to report.

GARBAGE:               Mr. Dugan reported 2 truckloads of garbage was hauled from the beach on Semana Santa. The city dump did not charge a fee.  Since the Estuary is not part of Cholla and it was a disaster, he called the City and asked if something could be done about it and it disappeared that day.  He later found out the Arvisus’s had removed it.  The city brought out about 12 people who walked the beach and cleaned up the Estuary.

ROADS:         Chairman Howard reported the new speed bumps  seem small and underwhelmed her and other people, too.  Juan Mesa said he will have the grader scrape more dirt on both sizes of the bumps to help them look larger.  These bumps were trials and the next ones will be larger and elongated.  He is not charging as much as was quoted but doesn’t know how much less they will be.  Due to not having a definite cost, she doesn’t yet have a facture.

She received an email from Mr. Pisciotta to let her know there is still $571.00 left in last year’s budget.  The money will help with some of the new bumps and possibly replace some in the future.

She resolved a couple of homeowner issues including the Reddens whose entry to their property was too low. Another homeowner had the opposite of their entry being too high. SBR is trying hard to take care of the problems.  She wants people to know the grader has to grade the main roads but they won’t always do the


Secondary ones because that can cause dirt to pile up which causes problems with people getting into their drives.  If there is a problem and they feel they need the grader, email her and she will contact SBR to see that the  grader tries to take care  of that road.

The police would like to have bumps at the police station.  It was put on hold and they have asked again.  It wasn’t built into this year’s budget but Juan put together a proposal for that with a couple of good options.  To run two bumps on each side with a space in between it would run $1,000 each due to the width of 10 feet wide versus 20 feet on the road.  Unless it came out of the general fund, there was a backup situation that would be to use caliche which would cost $2,000 for all four. Gravel 4” deep could be laid  between each bump which would be another $350 and  the total for it all would be $650 each.

Mr Dugan said the police are always going to be at the present location, no matter what kind of security out might be installed farther out,  he feels the cost for the bumps would be well spent and if it is done, he would suggest something of a more permanent nature.

Ms. Howard said they are working on signs that need to be straightened and repainted and will have the mirror type signs cleaned.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:             Mr. Dugan asked if anyone wanted to assume the job of the park until the Vecinos get a Town Manager.  Mr. Lee said for some reason his wife, Pat, suggested that they take on the park.  Everyone thanked Mrs. Lee.

SECURTY:                 Mr. Dugan said Arturo Arvizu resigned to be a fisherman.  Cholla now has 3 or 4 new policemen.  Juan Pedro is the boss and seems to be a nice man and doing a good job. 

WATER/SEWER:                 Mr. Dugan said there was a leaking valve at the standpipe. A homeowner acquired a new one but the leak had stopped.  It has started leaking again and he is looking for Juan Mesa to work on it.



Ms. Kathe asked if each board member had a duty and if so, do they have ad hoc committees to get more people involved. People are interested in security and a lot of them have expertise in that area and are really interested.  Mr. Dugan suggested she put a committee together and bring it to the board.  Board members suggested that Mexican members involved in a business should be a part of that committee. Ramon Perez said he would work with the committee.

Ms. Dahlstrom said Ray Flinn asks every year what the board is going to do with the old abandoned electric poles and she would like the board to put together a committee to work with CFE and find out if anything can be done to remove them and one way or the other,we can put that issue to bed.  She asked if someone was willing to work with CFE on this project and Mr. Caballero volunteered.  He  thought the poles were owned by the homeowner but he would check on the ownership and the board could proceed from there.  It was suggested that Mr. Caballero get it in writing that the poles do not belong to them.

Ms. Howard said one reason speed bumps were planned was partially for safety of the people in slowing drivers down in certain areas.  She has two letters asking for speed bumps.  One was from Ray and Susie Flinn and the other from Yolanda and Drew Gibson. The neighbors signed off on them as far as acknowledging what they are doing but Ms. Howard said if something else was needed, she would pursue it.  Ms. Dahlstrom suggested that the Executive Committee go to the lots, talk to the neighbors and the homeowners before the next meeting.  Mr. Caballero asked if it was possible to talk to the police and see if they could pay more attention to areas that have more traffic and ask them to enforce the speed limit.

Ms. McComb asked if Mr. Arvizu would pick up the trash left on the beach after the Roger Clyne concert in June and Mr. Dugan said he would talk to Joe and Jessie about it.


There being no further business to discuss, motion was made, seconded and meeting was adjourned at 10:08 AM.


Mr. Marsman suggested a standard form for people asking for speed bumps.

Someone said they had a pole removed at his home and CFE charged $50.  He also suggested that a few of those old poles be put somewhere so the Ostrich could nest but suggested something be placed to keep them from shorting out the power.  Mr. Dugan asked Mr. Caballero if he would check with CFE when he goes in on the other matter and see if they have some kind of platform to protect the power.

Drew Gibson said neighbors don’t always agree with someone having a speed bump but he feels safety should come before someone just not wanting the bump.  He also mentioned he might not pay his dues until he was satisfied with what he wanted the board to do.  M. Dugan told him to get with Ms. Howard after the meeting and discuss his problem with her.

Jerry McClung said the grader is not watering the roads before grading and it is a waste of time.  There was a discussion about Mr. McClung’s speed bump that is made out of caliche and the fact that it is holding up pretty good.  There was also discussion about what the Vecinos can do regarding the roads since they are owned by SBR.  Something was mentioned about getting bids to care for the roads and everyone was reminded that all the equipment belongs to SBR and not too many people have the necessary equipment to do that kind of work.

Mr. McClung also asked about getting bids on the trash and asked about equipment.  He was told the Vecinos own the garbage truck, provide parts when needed but Mr. Mr. Arvizu does the repairs and supplies the gas, oil and hydraulic fluid.  The Vecinos pay for the pickup, and  dump fee.

Someone talked a long time about changing garbage pickups and how it would serve the people of Cholla. Her idea was to pick up once a week in lieu of two and


not have to stop garbage for the summer months. Mr. Dugan said it sounded like a good suggestion except people would be leaving their garbage out whenever they left and dogs would have a mess all over Cholla.  The member also was not happy with the way dues were figured in cutting service to keep the dues lower.

A member said according to the Constitution, there is no way to change some things that really need to be changed.  Mr Dugan said if 75% of the members were present, they could make changes.  He would like to be able to send out a ballot, have a member either notarize it and  send it back or come in and vote and be able to make changes,  but unfortunately that is not the way our Constitution is set up.  Mr. Lee told him that is one of the reasons when the committee talked to Kaizen they suggested the Vecinos start a new corporation that handles the administration of business.

Mr. McClung said there were about 25 members who weren’t allowed to vote and they are really upset.  At the end of this fiscal year they will be notifying the Vecinos they are dropping out of the Homeowners Association.

Mr. Caballero asked if it was possible a committee could view the Constitution and create a new one that would be what the Vecinos need and was told they would still need to have the 75% present.  Mr. Lee said present members did not create the Constitution that was done more than 20 years ago and it was done to put limitations on what could be done in the HOA.   It needs to be changed and  the only way you are going to change it is to start a new corporation or have 75% of members in attendance.

Ms. McComb said she had the Constitution translated and visited a section of the Constitution that was never approved after members earlier tried to get it changed. She also talked about voting which she said was not correct according to  another area of the Constition.  She thinks changes can be made but it will take time to do it.  Mr. Dugan asked her to email the board the document she was quoting.


Secretary asked why anyone would be against the second Constitution that has been suggested.  Ms. Daman thought the board was talking about disbanding the old Constitution and was told that is not planned or necessary.  She was told the old Constitution would be a holding company.  The operation of everything that has been talked about today would be the function of the new corporation and the old corporation would basically be just the property and maintenance of it.  With rental money from CBSC and OBSC and the reserves, the property would be care for as needed. The new one would get the dues money to take care of the day to day necessities. 

After much more talking, Mr. Dugan said the Vecinos was given a price to set up an operational  corporation for about $2,000   to $3,000 and going forward using the same parameters that they use on the various HOAs.

Ms. Weber wanted to apologize to members how the voting was handled at the General Meeting due to a time mix-up on extending voting after the meeting was adjourned.

Ray Flinn asked the board to be logical when checking his request for a speed bump.  He also brought up the possibility of chipping some big rocks out of the road by the police station.  Mr. Dugan suggested that Ms. Howard take a look at the area.  Mr. Daman said the rock Mr. Flinn was talking about slowed drivers up and he thought that was what the board was trying to do.

Mr. Daman also suggested if there were going to be two speed bumps on each side as the police station, be sure it won’t turn into a lake.  Someone mentioned the rumble bumps at the border.  It was also suggested that the old poles be sunk and use them for bumps.  There was concern regarding the water trucks where speed bumps are on an incline when they have to slow down.


Someone asked if the budget would be less and therefore lower the dues if there were two corporations and was told we would know when planning the budget next year.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary



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