A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, December 13, 2009

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, December 13, 2009


A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, December 13, 2009 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order by President Michael Dugan with the following board members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Pete Pisciotta, Lew Felton, Gene Court, Michael Eagan, Pat Sledge, Shirley McDonald, and Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., and Don Schmidli, Delegant of Vigilance.

Absent: Steve Lee, Tom Clark, Jim Niblack, Ken Goodin, Alan Peterson, and Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo.


The board had previously received minutes of the November 15, 2009. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. The following changes were made to the November minutes.

Under Clubhouse, the entire second paragraph is deleted.

Under Garbage, the entire second paragraph is deleted and the following paragraph is inserted.

Mr. Ketelhut stated the City of Penasco said they would pick up trash from our transfer station for a fee of $25,000 pesos per month ($2,000 dollars) and that would include twice per week pick up for a total of 8 pick ups in a month. This fee also includes the dump fee. Annual cost would be $24,000 per year to have trash removed from our transfer station.

Under Roads, third paragraph is deleted and it should read “Mr. Pisciotta will be putting up signs warning of a dangerous curve by the equipment yard and installing Mr. Kettlehut’s “Do Not Litter” signs on the beaches.

Under New Business, the third paragraph is deleted and will read as follows: Mr. Ketelhut suggested that the three officer positions be staggered in the April, 2010 elections. This would mean the President would be running for 3 years, the Vice President for 2 years and would then run for a full 3 year term, and the Treasurer for one year and would run for a full 3 year term in 2011. This eliminates the problem of having more than two Executive Board members on the ballot at the same time.


Ms. Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through November, 2009. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions to the report. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved

Mr. Dahlstrom reported there are 666 members paid in full, 219 that are not current, 4 Mexican members who are not required to pay for a total membership of 889. There are currently 95 members who have an unclear status.
Ms. Dahlstrom brought up that Monica holds on to checks too long before depositing them.In the case of a member writing a bad check or closeing an account, it is months down the road and it creates a problem. The board agreed that since Ms. Dahlstrom is in Cholla about every two weeks, they should be ready for deposit at that time.


Committee Member Michael Eagan said there was nothing to report.


Chairman Pat Sledge he had brought down Elastex for the roof. He got 3 quotes and they selected Arturo Felix and Israel to coat the roof. Mr. Eagan said there are three sections of roof and he feels the other two sections should be done, one for the next two years.

The OBSC sign blew down. It was suggested that Arturo Arvizu make a metal frame for the sign and Mr. Dugan said he would check on the availability of material for that project. Mr. Sledge said the OBSC would pay for the material and work. There was also discussion about the building fascia that is in bad shape, too. Mr. Eagan said we need a deadbolt on the door from storage to the patio because it can be jimmied open. Replacing the old lock is to be done within the next couple of weeks.

The back window has been removed and closed in. Miguel Sauza has to put texture on the wall and soffet and paint the area. The OBSC is planning to put up some type of spotlight over that area.


Nothing to report.


Chairman Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., reported the next bulk trash collection will be January 1st through 7th and pick up will begin on January 8th. He is going to continue to pursue discussions with Efrain from OOMOSLIM on trash collection from Cholla. He will be meeting with him to see what the cost would be for them to pick up trash from a few locations in Cholla and will report back to the Board at the January meeting.

No progress has been made on pursuing the businesses to begin paying dues to the association. Mr. Ketelhut is waiting for Valente to meet with a few of the businesses before the group proceeds. He will also report on this at the next meeting.

Mr. Dugan said Bengie Brown was going to set up a meeting with the person who had offered to pick up the garbage free and is waiting to hear if and when he can meet with him. Mr. Dugan said if this did work out, it could save the Vecinos quite a bit of money. A discussion followed regarding homeowners contracting with Mr. Arvizu to pick up their garbage which would get the Vecinos out of the garbage business.

Chairman Pete Pisciotta said signs he ordered had been installed. As to roads, he said they had been pretty bad in some areas and he needs to talk to Mr. Brown about the drag situation, speed bumps and the curve at the entrance. If the curve isn’t changed, there is a need of signs warning of the danger.

He did not get signs made up relative to searching vehicles because he had wanted to talk to the Security Chairman and was also concerned with possible problems from posting the signs at the entrance. Some members of the board thought the signs should be installed, discuss it with Toto and let him handle it because the police have the authority. However, the signs were tabled for future discussion.

There was a long discussion about the homeowner who said they couldn’t get in their driveway due to the road continually being cut lower. Mr. Pisciotta said he has been dealing with that problem for a year and went by there and it was about 3 inches above the road. He said they worked in that area putting in some caleche but it went away and is back down about 3 inches.

Mr. Sledge said he didn’t understand why the grader couldn’t reverse the blade and every other time he graded, push the dirt back toward the center of the road. He thinks it would be worth a conversation with Mr. Brown and Mr. Dugan said he would bring that up next time he met with him. Mr. Sledge also suggested that caleche be put on the road from the entrance and some other roads in Cholla and if they were watered, he felt the grader wouldn’t be needed and a drag might take care of any problems.


Chairman Gene Court said there are still 3 dead trees in the park and he is still waiting for Bengie Brown to replace them. He said there was no damage to the park during the storm. He showed the board new seats for the teeter totter that were going to be installed. No one came forward with the linseed oil that was needed, so he will be buying it. He is working to get rid of graffiti that has been put on tables. Mr
Dugan said there was a product that can be sprayed on areas before graffiti is applied and it can be washed off.


In the absence of Chairman Jim Niblack, Mr. Dugan said he had not heard of any problems other than a few accidents outside of Cholla.

The police station has been painted and other improvements done at the station. The wall at the garbage area was repaired and has already been knocked down. He would like to put a bollard by that wall to keep people from running over it. It was suggested that he get two bollards and have one installed by the short wall near the kitchen entrance to the Clubhouse because someone ran into it.

Mr. Sledge said he has never seen the police checking down in his area but the auxiliary boys ride the quad down and check.

Referring back to the discussion about searching cars, Ms. Dahlstrom suggested putting a red light/green
light similar to the one used at Sonoyta when entering Mexico.


Nothing to report.


Mr. Sledge said he noticed the water flow recently and it was slow. He wanted to know the progress of a storage tank that had been discussed previously. Mr. Dugan said he would talk with Bengie Brown again about the cost, etc. of putting a tank in the Cholla area. He plans to meet with him next week.
There was a discussion about storing the water, reverse osmosis and who would be financially obligated when the tank is finally built.


Mr. Sledge brought up the subject of getting a City Manager. He feels the Vecinos need someone to take over all the responsibilities of Cholla that has been done by Mr. Dugan for the past several years. Those duties should not be the responsibility of the President but those of a City Manager. He said the Vecinos have the money to pay someone without raising homeowner dues. Everything discussed in the meeting should be the responsibility of someone other than the board members. Each Chairman would still chair a committee, but the legwork would be done by the City Manager.

Mr. Sledge said he had asked Mr. Dugan to give him a list of what he does daily for the good of Cholla. The next president, whoever that might be, should not be responsible for the daily running of Cholla.
Mr. Peterson took care of everything because he liked doing that. When Bucky Maud was elected president, he had board members assume responsibility of Roads, Parks, etc. because he did not have the time to do everything that had to be done. Mr. Dugan spends a lot of time in Cholla and has taken on a lot of work because no one else did it. Since everyone on the board is a volunteer, Mr. Sledge feels that someone should be hired to assume those responsibilities.

He also brought up that there are seven positions to be voted on and things need to be changed or we will never get quality people to take on that much work.

He believes that the City Manager will pay for himself. He brought up the fact that there is over $43,000 in delinquent dues. He feels that a manager should spend 40% of his time doing the daily things that need to be done and the balance should be getting with those 219 people and finding out why they are not paying their dues and getting the problem resolved. He feels the Vecinos have the money to pay for the position for two years. He doesn’t feel it is a membership conversation and feels is something the board needs to do now. Give it a year or two and if it doesn’t work, it didn’t work and then we might have to confront the membership. He thinks the board needs to look into and work on his suggestion before the next election.

Mr. Ketelhut feels we should be working more with the city and the manager could undertake making
those connections. We maintain our own roads, garbage, etc. and the taxes paid by the vecinos really do nothing to enhance Cholla. He feels a City Manager would be very helpful, not only in Cholla, but in working to make useful contacts in Penasco.

Mr. Dugan suggested that Mr. Sledge email the board and ask each one what they felt a manager could do to help pay for his salary. Mr. Sledge said with a town manager, he could utilize the office that is already set up and he could possibly assume the duties of membership as well. Open the office on certain days and certain hours so that homeowners could go there if they need information.

Mr. Dugan said Cholla as well as Rocky Point does not close up in the summer when people head to the mountains. There is still business as usual in both places. Mr. Sledge said this job should be based on so many hours a month. This week there might be almost nothing to do and the next would be very busy. It would be classified as a full time job 12 months a year but needs to be flexible.

Motion was made, seconded and approved to proceed with the idea of a Town Manager.

Mr. Felton will be sending out a Newsletter in January which will include elections and the news of seeking a Town Manager.

Mr. Dugan brought up tips to the Police and garbage people. There was a very long discussion of what or what not to give each one. The final amounts were as follows: Jessie $100, Anthony, Aaron and Mario to get $50 each, Toto $100 and Arturo, Memo and two other policemen to get $50 each. Total amount to be paid is $550. It was suggested the money be placed in a card thanking them for their service.


Ms Dahlstrom asked for a clarification of when someone would be liable for dues on a vacant lot. She was told a person would start paying dues when an energized meter is set on the property or construction is started. She needed to know so the data base she is putting together would need something regarding a meter or construction. There was a discussion about one meter being used for several units. It was also decided that if someone had paid more than the board later deemed necessary, money would not be refunded but they would have a credit if they contact Monica by January 31.

There was a discussion about approaching CFE to get a list of meters installed in Cholla.

Ms. Dahlstrom reported that the auditors have all the information they requested and plan to have the audit completed in January.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM.


Ray Flinn said there is a restaurant in town whose owner also lives there and his garbage is collected.
He complained about poles around town and he wants them removed. He also wanted the problems corrected where telephone poles are broken and wire hanging as well as power lines that are dangerously low. He wanted the Vecinos to call CFE to take care of the problems.

Gerry Nelson was at the meeting and on the subject of water storage, he said if the Board proceeds with action on the subject of water storage for Cholla Bay, it needs to make sure that the design, construction and operation of the system is under the jurisdiction of Oomopas (the designated public utility here in Mexico) and not the Vecinos. The Vecinos, as an organization, should not be in the public utility business because of liability problems.

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald, Secretary


Sunday, January 17, 2010 9:00 AM 1. Audit
Sunday, February 14, 2010 9:00 AM 2. Elections
Sunday, March 14, 2010 9:00 AM 3. General Manager
Gen. Mtg.- Saturday, April 24,2010 9:00 AM 4. CC&Rs
Reg. Mtg.- Sunday, April 25, 2010 9:00 AM