A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, February 18, 2013

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, February 18, 2013


A regular
board meeting was held on Sunday, February 18, 2013 at the Cholla Community
Center.  The meeting was called to order
at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present: Kelly
Ross, Helen Dahlstrom, Bella Howard, Tavane McComb, Sue Kathe, Ken Goodin,
Gerry Caballero, Steve Lee, Shirley McDonald and Don Schmidli, Delegate of
Vigilance.  Absent:  Kathy Barnard and Jim Allison.

board had previously received the minutes of the January meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections
or additions.  There being none, motion
was made followed by a second and report approved.

Helen Dahlstrom handed out the report ending January 31, 2013.  There were no changes or additions to the
report.  A motion was made, followed by a
second and report approved.

Dahlstrom reported the following:  667
paid in full, 179 not current, 21 Mexican members paid but not required to for
a total membership of 367.  There are 21
members whose status is unclear. Delinquent monies collected in November,
December and January amounted to $1,975.00.

OLD BUSINESS: Palapas/Awnings: Mr.
Ross reported he is still working on it.
To refresh everyone’s memory, it will be two proposals, 1 metal and
palapa with palm trees.

ELECTIONS: Mr. Dugan reported anyone interested
in running for a position has to have their resumes in by March 10 to the
Secretary so that it can be in the Newsletter to be sent prior to the General

Dugan revisited the discussion from last meeting regarding who to contact in
case of emergency.  There was a
discussion about donations of needed equipment/supplies in lieu of cash.  Mr. McComb made a list of minimum equipment
and supplies for a ground ambulance vehicles.
The first six are the most important for an operational vehicle.    Mr. Dugan said there was


a homeowner
in Tucson who might be able to take the list and see what he could find.  Mr. Dugan thanked Mr. McComb for his work in
getting the list together.  He discussed
the possibility that the Homeowners or clubs  might be able to donatesome needed supplies in
lieu of money.

Caballero reported a lot of people had emailed, mostly to let him know they
were not getting much done.  As soon as
they find out what to expect, they will send out an email.  He thinks it might be next month.

Mr. Dugan
asked if he wanted to put something together to put in the upcoming
Newsletter.  The date to have it to Mr.
Felton is the 10th of March.

Dahlstrom reported a new door was brought down for the OBSC closet.  She is also working on a proposal for the
garage/storage building.  New batteries
were purchased for the Zamboni.  She is
also having some of the bollards straightened up and painted.

Nothing to

GARBAGE: The newsletter was used to let
everyone know about the garbage trimmings.
Had some problems with the truck and looking into the possibility of
finding another truck.  A homeowner does
have one that is small and compacts but unfortunately the brand is the
problem.  Isuzu is made in China and not
available in Mexico  and it is hard to
get parts.

Chavella and
Raphael were asking him what it would take for the homeowners to pick up their
garbage in Barracho Flats.  In town they
pay 50 pesos per month or 600 ($45 or $50) pesos per year.  Both said that was no problem.  He just wanted to let the board know.  The board approved picking up the trash.

Howard said Gabi had started at Mr. Fish Taco’s work and it is looking
good.  The new fisheye was put up at the
4 way stop heading to Pelican Point.
Opposite the fisheye, the owner cut one of his shrubs back making it
even better for drivers.


The area
across from the police station was getting very congested.  Mr. Dugan and Ramone went down and talked to
them about moving the Pongas  down to the
other side of the garbage area.  It looks
a lot cleaner and smells better.

Ms. Howard
said she has a lot of street signs that will be going up.  Some are new, some are old but painted.  She has been looking at galvanized poles but
has to do more research because the new ones aren’t as strong as the older

PARKS/INVIRONMENT: Chairman Lee said the park has been
watered and cleaned up.  The water boys
change about every 4 months to give them all a change to make a little money.

Dugan was away from his house last week when he got a call that the Commandant
and a policeman  were at his house and
wanted to meet with him.  He explained he
was in town at the Marina so they meet him there. They had been in Cholla
looking around for what is needed, etc.  He
wants  to make sure the “gaposis”, which
is when no one is at the station due to driving around the town, will end
because someone will be there all the time.  He asked if the homeowners would paint the
police station because the city changed their colors.  We are furnishing new paint and whatever
needs to be done to their exterior Logo.
The police showed up Saturday to lead the parade and gave him the price
which is roughly $1,500.  Mr. Lee said it
needs to be cleaned up before painting and the board agreed that  was mandatory.
Mr. Lee made a motion to approve, there was a second and it was

Mr. Dugan is
also getting the quad ready for the new police, too. It will probably cost
about $200 to clean it up and make sure everything is ok.

Caballero reported one of the policemen asked if the Vecinos would fix the
light at the station that has been out for some time. That repair would be
included with the painting, etc.

were some leaks for quite a while.  A new
valve ordered several months ago was installed and should be okay for a while.


The Water Department
is back giving discounts to people who pay.

on a whale watching cruise, a lady on board
was asking Mr. Dugan about our taxes
She said hers were astronomical.
He told her that he paid his and they have been the same for 3 years.
She said they had gone up every year.  He
asked the Vecinos if their taxes had gone up and everyone said no.  Ms. McComb said if you go down and complain,
they will send someone out to re-measure because there are a lot of
mistakes.  Mr. Dugan said someone had
been down several times and no changes were made.

Mr. Lee said
his next door neighbor had taxes of $1,200, fought it, but didn’t get them to
lower it much.

Dahlstrom presented the proposed budget for 2013-14.  She kept the membership dues the same as last
year.   In order to not raise the dues
she is keeping it at 685 paid members.
The numbers are pretty much what our budget is this year.

A motion was
made, there was a second and proposed budget approved.

Mr. Lee
asked the board to consider moving meetings to every other month.  They are very redundant as everyone
knows.  If they were started in October,
December, February, April, and have a closing meeting in May or June.
Discussion followed about May or June and the final decision was to have the
meeting in May.  Mr. Dugan asked for a
motion.  Motion was made, there was a
second and approved.

There being
no further business to discuss, a motion was made, a second and approved to
adjourn a 9:40 AM.


There was a
long discussion regarding the rain water problems near the Four Aces.  Some kind of drainage was discussed because
the water starts near Busfield’s and goes rampant downhill. Ms. Dahlstrom asked
what was a


fix and Mr. Ross said to pave it or use caliche.  A culvert or sluice is being put in near the
launching ramp and he would suggest something similar to that.  He suggested the Executive Board get someone who
does this for a living and have them come by and look at the problem.  Don’t fix it because they need to know how it
runs.  Crowning was discussed but it is
hard to use a grader due to width of the road and it would be necessary to use
a small type tractor with small equipment and if not that, it would have to be
done by hand.

Mr. Hensler
had some suggestions on how to handle the problem.  He had the problem and used rocks and a
culvert.  Several homeowners have used
rocks.  They worked in some cases but not
in others. Ms. Kathe said the new house at the top of the area would not help
the problem, either.

Mr. Flinn
thanked Mr. Caballero for picking up the power poles. He complained there were
more that need to be taken.  He was told
those would probably be removed in a week.
He also complained about an abandoned power pole. There was a discussion
about homeowners who needed to clean up around their house.

Mr. Hensler
told about a bug and weed treatment by the name of Timbor  It is available in Phoenix.



McDonald, Secretary



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