A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, January 20, 2013

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, January 20, 2013


A regular
board meeting was held on Sunday, January
20, 2013 at the Cholla Community Center.
The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with
the following members present:  Kelly
Ross, Helen Dahlstrom, Bella Howard, Tavane McComb, Sue Kathe, Ken Goodin,
Gerry Caballero, Steve Lee, Kathy Bernard, Shirley McDonald and Don Schmidli,
Delegate of Vigilence.  Absent:  Jim Allison.

Board had previously received the minutes of the November minutes.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections
or additions.  There being none, motion
was made, followed by a second and report approved.

Helen Dahlstrom handed out the report ending December 31, 2012.  There were no changes or additions to the
report.  A motion was made, followed by a
second and report approved.

Dahlstrom reported the following:  663
members paid in full, 183 not current, 21 Mexican members not required to pay,
but did , for a total of 867 .  There are
21 whose status is unclear.

OLD BUSINESS: Palapas/Awnings: Ms.
Dahlstrom reported receiving an email from a member who is concerned about the
spending $30,000 for a palapa.  Mr. Ross
said it was important for the board and members to be on the same board.  That amount was used as just a rough guess
and he feels it would not cost that much.
He also feels that if we build our assets, it is just like your home and
how you take care of it.  He mentioned
that air condition and heat has been discussed for the building.  If those things were done as well as any
large spending, there would be 3 bids.
He does feel we should invest in the assets in Cholla Bay.  It will also go to the Board to vote for
large spending.

Mr. Dugan
asked if we  should put out a RFP and see
how big the cost would be.

At this time, no one knows if it is manageable
or a dream.  Mr. Ross will get the RFP
for the Palapa.

Caballero had 39 poles removed around town and there are a few more to be
removed.  In removing a pole, CFE
backed  into a driveway and it must have
done some damage because it was suggested CFE would not get paid for picking
that one up.

Mr. Dugan
said Ms. Howard got a bid from Gabi to rebuild the area from Mr. Fish Taco to
the area that is still standing.  The bid
was last year and prices change in January.
Someone said it was about 5%.  The
original bid was $4,187.  Ms. Howard said
it was for a very permanent job.  After a
lot of discussion, Mr. Goodin made a motion to proceed with fixing the
area.  Mr. Dugan said the cost now would
probably be about $4,500 and he suggests a handrail for safety.  He had talked to Gabi into throwing in the
labor for the handrail and Mr Dugan will furnish  his welder to make what is needed.  The board suggested an amount up to $5,000 to
cover all the work and the rail.  There
was a second to the motion and approved.

Caballero sent an email to all the board
members laying out information regarding trusts and property tax
information from the meeting on December 29.  65 people were at the meeting hoping to find
out what they need to do to get their Deeds of Trust.  There were 7 people from the city and gave
them some good information.  His printed
information from the meeting and it is attached to these minutes and will be on
the website.

Mr. Dugan
told the board and audience about the original
process for approximately 656 homeowners.   A committee was formed to bring in the
utilities. There was a process, almost like a check list, of what was needed to
be able to process the individual deed of trust.  He can go back in his personal records  and see if he can find the list.  It might be possible to ask the bank for
information used by other people that would help the current people.  Mr. Caballero said he wrote a letter to Mr.
Vanegas at the bank and hoped it would be of some help.  He said things are not moving the way they
should and he needs to find out why.
There was a discussion about the seller needing to sign off when



the property is purchased and Mr. Lee said if
the seller has not signed off they are spinning their wheels.   Mr. Caballero hasn’t had an answer from SBR.  There are a lot of people who have different
problems but Ms. Barnard reminded everyone they must have an FM2 or an
inmigrante to be legal and if they don’t have one, it will slow the process
even more.  Another meeting is planned
for the 26th with an attorney and someone from the city.

Dahlstrom didn’t have much to report but is planning work on all the doors,
including cylinders .  She thanked Tammy
and Bill Hicks for donating all the cylinders to the association.  Those in attendance gave the Hicks an
ovation.  She has been asked to put
together a book on how to turn everything on and off in the kitchen.  She will update the one Mr. Sledge put
together several years ago.

The battery
to the Zambony had to be replaced and they are extremely heavy and costly.  Ms. Dahlstrom is also putting together how to
keep that equipment charged because the batteries are about $350 each.  Mr. Dugan suggested she might ask the people
who sell the batteries what to do in the summertime when it is so hot.

to report.

Dugan reported we probably need to look for a newer used garbage truck.  It has been necessary to spend about $1,700
for repairs in the last 6 months to keep it working.  He would like to start looking for another
similar truck and has been looking at some in the states. He would like to get
a compact truck but smaller than used in the cities.  It would cut down trips to the dump.  He doesn’t know what the prices would be but
will just check around and look.  There
was discussion about getting the same kind of truck but may not be successful
in doing that.  Ms. Kathe suggested
checking with towns/cities in the states to see if they have trucks to
sell.  She suggested asking them to
donate one


of their old ones.  He will put something on paper and get it to
her to check in her area and he would approach Tucson.

We have to
delineate between the trims and the wet garbage and Mr.Dugan talked again about
what we are charged for both.  The
difference is that trims cost $5.00 per load but when you mix it with regular
garbage we are paying more for the whole load.
What he proposes to do is that the first of the month, Mr. Arvizu will
dedicate one of the containers to go around and pick up the trims.

Howard reported several of the stop signs have been replaced or repaired, some
around the entry to Cholla.  There is a
new speedbump between Flinns and the curve, including two stop signs.  She also ordered another fish eye to install
at another location.

Steve Lee said not much to report except getting some weeding done.

Dugan said the police are still rotating.
Nothing new to report.

is a valve problem at the standpipe.  The
Company came out and tightened it to see if that was the only problem and if
not, it may come to completely replacing it.

attorney came and met with people similar to what Mr. Caballero was doing.  He discussed some of the issues of people who
have properties in the federal zone, the concession and the annual fee
tax.  They also discussed  the 30 degree property in front of the
waterline which was a law passed back in 1991/1993.  The gentleman was to write up an opinion
letter but he hasn’t sent it yet.  We
will post their information on the internet, too.  There was a discussion about believing
everything you have heard or been told.

Caballero brought up the incident at the park resulting in a death.  A gentleman was at a horseshoe tournament and
had a heard attack.  Mr. McComb


was lauded
for his efforts in working with the gentleman and applauded by everyone at the
meeting. There was a long discussion about the help that is available and what the
Vecinos could do to upgrade future help if needed.

It was
discussed that the Red Cross is a contributor at the Horseshoe tournament.  Mr Dugan has been involved with a place in RP
who helps handicap and ill children and in lieu of money, he asked what was needed
and bought it in Tucson.  They did not
give them the money and the consenses was to get materials that are
needed.  Money would probably be used

It was suggested
that if any donations are made, things missing from the trucks should be
purchased and no money handed out.  Mr.
Dugan asked what seemed to be needed in the vehicles and could Mr. McComb give
him a list of basics for the ambulance.

There was a
discussion about a defilibrator that belongs to the Vecinos and where to put it
to make it available.  After all the
discussion, everyone agreed when something like that happens, everyone does
what they can.  We all elected to live in
Cholla and amenities are different from the States.

The Vecinos
no longer have a fire truck and depend on the water boys to fight any
fires.  Secretary urged everyone to leave
their water tank full when leaving for the states.

The City had
their “Dog Day” in Cholla giving  free rabies
vacinations to about 100 dogs.  They
would also spay and neuter.

There being
no further business to discuss, motion was made, a second and motion approved.


Susie Flynn
spoke but unfortunately the recorder did not pick it all up.  She did speak about the possibility of
something happening to a child and nothing available to help it.  She also suggested having an ambulance at


Someone in
the audience said there is an ambulance at the Horseshoe tournament.  It was suggested that whoever is having an
event might might check to see if there is someone who would come out for a few
hours.  Every event would have to put it
in their budget. There are some numbers to be put up around Cholla in case of
an accident.

Mr. Ross was
concerned with Chollo getting too involved, especially on busy weekend with
hundreds of people renting quads and getting hurt.

There were
several people who talked a lot but could not be heard.

Mr. Dugan
asked if anyone knew the master plan for the Homeport or has anyone seen it In
the drawing?  Is there any facility for
what we are talking about? He wondered if there was a fire department and

A lady in
the audiences spoke something about the roads and and how they are maintained.  It was a concistancy problem people were
having.  Ms. Howard and Mr. Dugan had a
meeting with SBR and they are in the process of making the contract more
consistent and nailing down which roads will be worked on and then they can
decide what they are going to do on the interior roads.

The same
lady asked for several things discussed at the meeting to also be included in
the Newsletter.

Ray Flynn
thanked Mr. Caballero for getting the old poles removed.



McDonald, Secretary


2013  9:00 AM