A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, June 12, 2011

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, June 12, 2011



A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, June 12, 2011 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Helen Dahlstrom, Ken Goodin, Shirley McDonald, Kathy Barnard, Tavane McCombs, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Bella Howard, Steve Willis, Laurie Weber, and Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative.  ABSENT:  Pat Sledge, Steve Lee, Pete Pisciotta, Gene Court, and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.


MINUTES            The Board had previously received minutes of the May 12, 2011 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes.  Mr. Willis asked if there was a typo error on the approved amount to remodel the kitchen.  He thought it should be $4,000 and not $40,000 because he thought the clubs were paying the majority of the cost.   Mr. Dugan informed him the figure was correct and it would be discussed in the Clubhouse portion of the minutes. Motion was then made, seconded and minutes approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE:          Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through May 31, 2011.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions.  Mr. Ketelhut asked again if water standpipe deposits was money paid by the water trucks and if it was from the log in at JJ’s and was told yes on both questions.  He also asked a question about $550 paid for the construction of a barricade and was told it was in Pinto Canyon where a pipe barricade was constructed in concrete to stop traffic driving through.  Ms. Weber wanted Mr. Dugan to give a breakdown on the $40,000 for the kitchen and was told we are going over the treasurer’s report and she can ask her questions when we get to Clubhouse Report. Motion was then made, seconded and report approved.


MEMBERFSHIP:           Ms. Dahlstrom reported 714 members paid in full, 154 who are not current, 7 Mexican members who are not required to pay, but did for a total membership of 875.  There are currently 28 members whose status is unclear.

ARCHITECTURAL:                  See Clubhouse

CLUBHOUSE:                Mr. Dugan told Mr. Willis, Mr. Ketelhut, Ms. Webb, Ms. Howard and Ms. McCombs he would now give them an update on what happened in their absence at the May and previous  meetings. 

The remodel of the kitchen has been an ongoing, planned,  project for several years and at the last meeting,  Mr. Lee made a motion to allocate a maximum expense of $40,000 to complete the kitchen remodel.  The planning of the kitchen remodel has been in the works for at least a few years and has been discussed and available to see at  previous meetings.     The Vecinos, as owner of the property, is supplying the basic kitchen but specialty type items such as deep fryers, etc. as used by the clubs will be purchased by them. Ms. Weber was more interested in the cost breakdown which she felt should have been included in the minutes and wanted to know what kind of budget was available.

Mr. Dugan then made a suggestion that he take anyone interested through the kitchen after the meeting and Mr. Dahlstrom will show them everything that is being done in the kitchen.  The above mentioned members wanted to know exactly what was charged for what.  Mr. Willis wanted to know why this had never come up when he was there and Ms. Webb and Mr. Ketelhut wanted to know why the Vecinos were buying a $5,000 stove that would only be used by the


Clubs.  Ms. Dahlstrom told her that a stove was part of the basic kitchen and the cost of the stove was not $5,000 but  $3,269 for the stove and three stainless steel tables.  The stove was purchased back in March and there was discussion regarding the kitchen remodel again at our regular board meeting.   Mr. Ketelhut said he had attended some kitchen meetings and he thought a wall was to be moved but all the equipment would be reinstalled.  He was told the stoves were very old and one shouldn’t even be used due to gas leaks.  The gas equipment used to heat the huge pots is beyond safe and extremely dangerous.  Mr. Ketelhut said he was surprised when he heard the cost of $40,000 and felt the community should have approved that expense.  Mr. Dugan told him that a budget is submitted to the members and a portion of that budget is for capital reserves and every year a certain amount has been allocated for the various reserves.  When you have the funding to be able to do a project, doesn’t it make sense to proceed with the project.  There was a long discussion that since they( the board members that  were not at the last meeting) were unaware this project was to be discussed and felt they should have been notified prior to the meeting.

Rick Dahlstrom is spearheading the kitchen project, and using local people to do the work.  There were questions why there wasn’t more than one bid and Mr. Dugan told them there was not one person who stepped up to do the project. Mr. Dahlstrom had also been involved from the onset of the planning stages of the kitchen remodel, since he has done the majority of the remodeling at the clubhouse.  The  $40,000 was a rough number that was brought up and that’s why that amount was used.  Mr. Lee made the motion and set the amount of $40,000 as a construction budget.  It does not mean that the full amount will be spent, as a lot of money has already been saved, but it would be available if needed.


Mr. Ketelhut again revisited why it was not opened up for bids and was told someone was needed to be available to handle the project during the summer months.  A project to change the floor and re-do the bar a few years was done and no one seemed to have a problem with that and the same people were involved.  Since no one was getting anywhere with continuous repeated questions, Mr. Dugan suggested he take them through the kitchen later and show them what is being done for the money.

He also said this subject has been discussed many times when the absentees were there and no one showed interest or stepped up to take on the project during the hot summer.  Mr. Dahlstrom took it on so work will be done when no one is using the clubhouse and ready before the first event in the fall.

There were a lot of repetitive questions and when asked what they wanted to know, the answer was the bid process.  Mr. Ketelhut had asked the question and was told there really wasn’t a bidding process because there had been little bidding prior to the security cameras.  In the case of the cameras, multiple bids were taken because it was a new area the board was getting into whereas the kitchen was being done by someone who has experience in that kind of work and has done the majority of the previous projects. They asked if he was being paid and was told we were paying for his expenses such as gas but not the scale that would normally be charged to do that kind of work.

Ms. Weber asked if bids were taken from local contractors and was told no and if so, who were they going to work for and be responsible for the clubhouse when it is opened and who is responsible security wise for the building?   It came down to the fact that the Vecinos do not have a bidding process but do have a lot of people who step up to manage jobs. Mr. Ketelhut would like a bid  process as was done for security, getting bids and bringing them to the table to make a decision.


 He was told the Executive Committee would discuss this issue and come back to the board with their thoughts.

Ms. Webber accused the Executive Board of having meetings behind closed doors.  Mr. Ketelhut brought up that the officers had a meeting to discuss several items, made decisions, and the board was not invited to the meeting.  Mr. Dugan told him that is why it’s called an Executive Board and NO decisions were made but things discussed were brought to the board for voting, some of which was approved when the five upset people were not at the meeting.  Mr Ketelhut wanted a condensed list of the budget for the kitchen remodel.  He also stated that it was noted in the May minutes that the kitchen remodel was approved and it was not, according to him.  Mr. Dugan said the cost for the kitchen was approximately $32,500.   Someone was upset that $5,000 was spent for a stove and was reminded they were wrong because the stove cost $3,500 which included three stainless tables. 

Mr. Ketelhut said the board does not operate with an agenda which is published in advance.  Most of the meetings have an agenda list on the last page and members have been asked if they have anything they want to discuss at the next meeting.  Many items have been brought to the board by several people that have not been privy to the rest of the board prior to the meeting.  After more long discussion, the Secretary asked if anyone had something they wanted to discuss at the next meeting, they should email them to her for posting, either when the minutes are sent out or prior to the meeting. 

Mr. Dugan reminded the members that the same agenda format is followed every meeting.  In the future, when the new program is capable of sending emails to all members, a notice will be sent to all members notifying them of discussions at the meeting. 


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:               Nothing to report.


GARBAGE:          Mr. Dugan reported that May was probably the largest garbage removal as far as tonnage or kilos.  He got Zofomat back in Cholla to start doing the beaches again and picking up on Fridays and Mondays. 

Mr. Dugan said he was in town  and Isaac gave him a copy of any idea they want to implement in Penasco.  What they want to do is have space for organic and non-organic garbage.  They would have containers on the beach telling people which can to use.  He felt the feedback from the garbage survey suggesting garbage separation would fall in with their plans.  The cans are $1565 pesos ($150) per container to put in these units.  He asked if anyone wanted to entertain buying these cans.  We now have half a dozen areas where gargage cans are located so we would need half a dozen.  He was asked if we paid for the cans and the city picked them up and he said that was never brought up. Mr. Dugan said they are trying to implement this idea in Penasco and he happened to be there when it was discussed. 

ROADS:               In the absence of Chairman Pete Pisciotta, Ms. Howard reported there are still a few signs missing and are still looking for a 3 way mirror that will work.  She said one of their main concerns is speed bumps.  There are areas where uniform speed bumps are needed on the main roads.  She did talk to Bengie Brown and he is willing to put them in but has no cost since it would depend on size, width, etc.  She said the signage would be between $125 to $150 per sign, installed.  

She asked that speed bumps be approved by the HOA and look at the map as to where they  should be installed  There may be  other that are dangerous where homeowners come in and ask for one in their


area.  The Board would then decide for or against putting one in.  The motion to approve speed bumps was made by Ms. Howard, seconded and approved.

Mr. Dugan reported the Police came to him and asked that a double speed bump be put in front of the station which would slow down traffic. They requested the bumps be at an angle similar to the ones at the border.  They would like them in concrete and had been told it would not interfere with grading. It was brought up that Mr. Brown suggested using old concrete telephone poles for the bump and put the entire area in a concrete slab.  She will have to get a price on what this project would cost.


PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:                In the absence of Chairman Gene Court, nothing to report.

SECURITY:           Mr. Dugan reported that Memo Green resigned his position as part of the security force.  Ms. McCombs approached Mr. Dugan about security due to a lot of quads being taken from homes.  In conversation with the two security men they were upset when she said they were going home when they should be riding around Cholla.  Mr. Green resigned and some people are upset but she felt she was trying to help the Vecinos.  She also brought up that he is asking for compensation.  Mr. Dugan reminded the board and audience that we do not employ the police or the auxiliary police.  They work for the Police Department.  After several suggestions Mr. Dugan suggested that we just let the City furnish all security.  He said there are many houses in Cholla that are not secure but everyone wants the Vecinos to take care of them and their property.  There was discussion as to what we could be facing monetarily if approached for compensation. 

At that point, Ms. Weber said she was able to find out what Las


Conchas did for security.  She went to them and found the Vecinos

could have one person, 24/7, at a cost of roughly $1100 per month and 2 people for $2,200 per month which is what is paid for security now and she made a recommendation that outside people be used which would mean a tent and portajon 

Mr. Cornejo gave information about what ex-employees can ask for after terminating a job.  He discussed the difference an employee can expect if a factura is involved as well as a contract.  Changes are to be made regarding people currently being paid by the Vecinos.  Mr. Dugan suggested getting out of the business of trying to take care of Cholla and hire a management company to handle everything and the Vecinos will write one check a month.

Ms. Weber suggested the company previously mentioned be hired using two people at $2200 per month and also again suggested that security cameras be put in place and try it for a year.  Mr. Dugan asked what she invisioned that person doing and she said they would stop every vehicle that comes in Cholla writing down the license plate coming in and going out.  She said they have approval from Mr. Brown to put something at the end of Borracho Flats.  She said it would eliminate liability currently facing the Vecinos.  The discussion was very lengthy as to how to stop people going off road to get to Cholla and was told boulders could be placed and were told that had been tried in other areas and they could be moved or gone around to get to their destination. 

Mr. Dugan mentioned a trailer owned by the Company that might be rented for a year during the trial period to find out if what was suggested would work.  Ms. Weber said she had approval to go up to $16,000 and if it goes over that she will get approval by email.  Her goal is to have her plan in place by July first.


Homeowners will have stickers on their vehicles and will not be stopped.

WATER AND SEWER:            Mr. Dugan reported one of the 40 HP pumps went down and fortunately it was under warranty and should be back in operation soon.



Ms. Weber brought up the problem at the launch area and Mr. Dugan said he sends pictures weekly to the City showing them the congested area where the boats are being launched and brought in.  The problem is the same at Tucson Beach.  He took a letter to the Mayor, Port Captain and the Navy.  When he goes in about the problem he is told they are reviewing the problem. Memorial Day weekend when the CBSC had their fishing derby the Navy came out and confiscated 5 pongas that did not have permits which did little good.  We are averaging 30 to 40 Pongas at the launch area and no count of what is coming into Tucson Beach.  They are not going to do anything to stop the problem.  The people need to eat and it is his understanding they found a new bank of Pacific Calico Scallops and they are bringing in up to 6 tons per boat.  Multiple that times 40 boats.  He has been told at the rate the boats are brings the scallops in, it will last until November. 

Mr. Ketelhut wanted to know why we couldn’t put signs that said swimming only and was told to do it.  He also wanted to charge the Pongas and see if it would stop them from coming to Cholla. 

A suggestion was made that a sign be placed at the launch area with Penasco’s telephone number and people could call and complain about the congested area near the launch and swim areas.


Ms. Weber will check with the security company and see if they have suggestions or can check the pongas for licenses as they come into Cholla to launch.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked what power they have if they find something that is wrong.  She was told they could call the police.

Mr. Dugan brought up that the Vecinos spend $3,000 per month taking care of the roads in the summer so all the pongas go back and forth .  The road is owned by Gus Brown and Mr. Dugan wanted to know if the board wanted to spend that kind of money in the summer.  Unfortunately, that was not approved. 

Ms. Dahlstrom said a project was started several years ago selling the bollards around the Vecinos’ property.  She said if something isn’t done by the end of the month, that project is going to be abolished.  Several people signed up to have their names put on them but only one person has paid.  If no one else pays, that money will be refunded. 

NEW BUSINESS:                    Mr. Dugan said the US State Department has a virtual consulate.  He met with Mr. Johnson who is the American Citizen’s representative located in Nogales and every Wednesday they have a meeting at the office of the US Consulate.  If you have any issues you can contact or talk visually with a person who may be able to help you.  Bear in mind it is the United States Consulate and deal with issues of your safety in a foreign country.  You don’t go in and say you are having a problem getting the FM2 or having water problems.  They are there if someone is arrested or dies, or loses a passport.  There is a website which is a website and telephone numbers.  Secretary will try to get that information for the next minutes. 

Mr. Ketelhut asked if the Vecinos get a Factura from SBR and the other companies.  Mr. Dugan said the Vecinos has a contract from the company and get a receipt.  There was more discussion about facturas and receipts.  Mr. Dugan said they were told as a nonprofit organization


did not need a hacienda number.  A long discussion followed and after beating the subject to a pulp, it was decided the President would seek legal advice and put the subject to bed or proceed with something if it needs to be done.

A management Company was again discussed and the concensus was to check into the cost and adjust the dues accordingly. 

Ms. McComb said she couldn’t find in the constitution where it said a board member must resign a current position to run for another position.  It was said that if one doesn’t have to resign to run for another position, they are tying up two positions.  There was discussion about the Vice President following as President and those in attendance said it has been that way for several years.   

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM.


Ray Flinn brought up the breakins and the cost of what was stolen.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary

OCTOBER MEETING:             Sunday, October 9, 2011               9:00 AM


Agenda will be sent to board members prior to meeting.