A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, June 13, 2010

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, June 13, 2010


A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at the Cholla Community Center.
The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Vice President Pat Sledge with the following members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Shirley McDonald, Lew Felton, Bella Howard, Steve Lee, Laurie Webber, and Jerry Ketelhut, Jr.

Absent: Mike Dugan, Gene Court, Ken Goodin, Pete Pisciotta, Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance and Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative.


The Board had previously received minutes of the May 9, 2010 meeting. Mr. Sledge asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, motion was made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through May 31, 2010. Mr. Sledge asked if there were any corrections or additions. In answer to a question asked by Ms. Weber regarding the reason the Vecinos are paying maintenance for the garbage truck, Mr. Ketelhut told her that the Vecinos own the truck that has a dump attachment on it. Mr. Felton again asked what the charges were to the OBSC. Ms. Dahlstrom told him it was the new cabinet and work done to the dump tank. There will also be a charge for glass installed in the cabinet for both the CBSC and OBSC. Mr. Felton asked if the Water Concession is a piece of paper and Ms. Dahlstrom said it is a piece of paper. Ms. McDonald asked if that had anything to do with money collected for water over what is paid by the trucks. Ms. Dahlstrom said what is left after paying the water bill is the utility reserve. She also said everyone is pretty much on their budgets according to what was set aside for the year. There being no other questions, Mr. Sledge then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom said there are 708 members paid in full, l39 not current, 8 Mexican Members who are not required to pay but did for a total membership of 855. There were two properties previously listed as “not current” but were listed in error. There are currently 85 memberships whose status is unclear.

Ms. Weber said she has been working on delinquent accounts and needs a newer map. She did a spread sheet of manzanas and lot numbers. She drafted a letter to go out to the delinquent members but has some questions she needs help with. She has been working with ways to get them to bring their account up-to-date such as no electricity, water, etc. and how they could be implemented to collect back fees. She did get the Realtor Association updated with Monica’s help so they know to contact her before a house closes in Cholla. They recently had one that was closing and money wasn’t collected but Monica managed to get $l,400 after the fact.
Ms. Weber said she needed some help because she doesn’t have the whole membership list. She also felt the board should have access to the entire membership. Ms. Dahlstrom said that issue had been faced before and we have to be careful because of the real estate people who want to use it and our members expect us to protect their privacy. There was a discussion about the homeowner list that got out several years ago and many of the people in Cholla got mail that caused a problem.

Mr. Felton said he feels on individual cases where a telephone number or email is needed to contact someone is okay and someone on the board who is working to collect past dues would be alright but just leery of our membership list getting into hands of people looking for contacts to make money.

Since Ms. Weber is working on delinquent memberships not current ones, she would only need a list of those that are currently delinquent. She said she is asked questions on why am I having to pay this and others are paying that, and wants to be able to work with Monica to get the problems solved on invididual situations.

Mr. Ketelhut asked what contact is made with new people in the community if they are not told about the HOA? Ms. Dahlstrom said the Vecinos have an Enrollment document for new members. He was told that Monica is the go-between with realtors and purchasers but there are problems with some realtors not giving out the information. There was a discussion about other ways to handle the problem such as sending a notice to realtors who have properties listed in Cholla and including an application to the Vecinos to be a part of any sale and to become a part of escrow. There was also discussion regarding the possibility of getting information from Bengie Brown since he has to sign off on properties sold in Cholla.

There was a discussion of what is stated in the Constitution regarding voluntary membership and the possibility that homeowners could opt out of paying dues. The Board was reminded that in order to get a Bank Trust and get power when it was brought to Cholla, membership of the Association was mandated by the State of Sonora.

Mr. Felton said his neighbor came over and told him he has one house on two lots. CFE let him have two meters so he has half the house running off one meter and another meter for the other part of the house. He did it to save power when the whole house is not used. He was wondering if he would have to pay two memberships. Mr. Felton said he told him he personally didn’t think he should but brought it up because that would be an exception. Mr. Felton will get the owner’s name to Ms. Weber and she will take it from there.

There was a discussion about some inquiries regarding rebates on some dues that were paid during the year 2009-2010.


Mr. Lee reported he had talked to Mr. Dugan and he is trying to set up a meeting with the Mayor and talked to Ernesto Monroe about helping with the CC&R’s getting on track again. Mr. Sledge

asked who was on that committee and Mr. Lee he is it right now. Mr. Sledge said if things start to move, he thinks the committee should be enlarged. It was discussed that someone from the community should be on the committee but at the moment it is a waiting game.


As Chairman, Mr. Sledge reported that Doug Gallagher has been installing speakers in the Clubhouse and left a voice mail about something to do with an amp that isn’t working properly replacing it would be $600. He was supposed to be in Cholla over the weekend but did not show up.

Mr. Dahlstrom took the locks out of the new cabinets. Mr. Sledge keyed the cabinets so each entity needs a different key. He reported the Clubhouse was rented on Saturday for very large party.

Ms. Dahlstrom presented a Rental Agreement at the last meeting and members were to look it over and see if they thought changes should be made to the document. She asked the board to send their suggestions for changes to her prior to this meeting.

She reported changes were made as follows:

Rent – wording was added to reflect a day or evening event and gave a time slot since apparently the alcohol permit also required a time slot. The amount of the rental fee in paragraph 2 is what was originally being charged, and in Paragraph 8
Paragraph 3 was left alone. Paragraph 4 was something about an additional tank of water. Paragraph 8 has to do with the kitchen. If using the kitchen, there was an additional deposit of $200 with $100 being available for refund. She said that is what needs to be discussed. Getting a refund is based on how the kitchen is left as well as the condition of all the property. One other thing added to the agreement was non use of any paper products, etc. because it doesn’t belong to the Vecinos but the clubs.

There was a discussion that if the building is okay, a renter gets all the money back but $50 and some of the board felt that was much too cheap and doesn’t take into consideration that there will be repairs eventually and there should be a fund to take care of that. Funds accumulated from dues of those not using the clubhouse should not be used for upkeep that is caused by renting the building. There was a discussion about retaining some of the deposit to take care of any repairs caused by a renter. Ms. Webber felt when deciding on costs to rent that more should be charged for large groups than smaller ones. The Executive Committee is to meet and discuss costs as well as any changes to the document.

Ms. Dahlstrom feels something should be posted on the sign in front that a private party is being held so people in Cholla won’t just figure it is a regular party and join in. It will also advertise the fact that they too could rent the building.
Mr. Ketelhut brought up the renters for June 19 and said they have kegs coming in. There was a discussion that they would buy kegs already in the clubhouse but wanted Tecate to bring out tents and Mr. Felton said they were going to have to buy some beer from Tecate to get the other stuff they want. Ramon is their contact and he is working on it. Mr. Felton said they did not want several kegs of beer sitting in the Clubhouse all summer. Mr. Sledge said there are 3 kegs, two of which are on tap and only one function on the 4th of July. They can buy the beer but it is the property of OBSC, not the Vecinos. They could possibly sell the kegs to the renter and have them buy some quarts of beer which would keep all summer. They will continue working on the problem.

There was also conversation about having a key for a renters which is picked up when deposit is paid and returned when partial deposits are returned to the renter after the event.

Ms. Howard asked if the building would be available for rent to a business on a regular basis?
She mentioned the possibility of a jazzersize program. Ms. Dahlstrom said they would have to be a member to take advantage of the building. If Ms. Howard, as a homeowner, wanted to do jazzersize in the building, it was felt that would be okay but if it is a money making business, it would not fit the criteria.


Mr. Dugan had given Mr. Sledge some notes regarding what is going on. The first thing is that the hordes are coming into Cholla and the beaches are being bombarded. Mr. Dugan had been talking to Rosario Villa about charging the locals to launch in Cholla to help pay for the clean-up on the beaches. Mr. Ketelhut said the boaters are being charged in Rocky Point now so they are all coming to Cholla.


Chairman Jerry Ketelhut, Jr. reported the next bulk trash pick up will be July 1-7 and they will start picking garbage up on July 8. He will make sure Mr. McCulley gets it on the website.
He is going to try and get with Margaret at Patty’s Store to see if the Vecinos can assist in cleaning that area up.

He also said they cleaned up Pinto Point on the rock side that had tons of trash left by someone.

Ms. Weber asked about the possibility of getting trash cans for the members and was told the suggestion has been put out before and it fell by the wayside. The cans were $17 a year or so ago and Mr. Sledge said it wouldn’t hurt to put it in the Newsletter again. The can in question was a 30 gallon not the much larger one. Purchase of the can would be the responsibility of the homeowner, not the Vecinos. Mr. Ketelhut said Arturo Arvizu can make the stand that keeps the can from being turned over and the stands can be installed for $40. Mr. Ketelhut will get with Mr. Arvizu and see if the cans are available and if he has material to make the stands. He will report back next month and the board can proceed from there.

Mr. Felton said he had some flyers to put on property where garbage is put out on Sunday when they leave and the dogs get into it before garbage collectors get there on Monday or Friday. Mr. Ketelhut asked that anyone seeing this done, call him and he will go talk to them.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta has left for the summer and Ms. Howard asked that people contact her if there are roads that need care. Even though the roads were graded in the past weeks their condition was not very good due to an influx of visitor from Rocky Point and others for events in the area The wind blowing every day didn’t help their condition either. Ms. Howard asked if there are any problems pertaining to roads, if she is notified she will look into the problem.

She had hoped to catch up with the grader to see where and when the grading was done, but never managed to get with him. She went through the grading schedule for the main road and also the interior roads which are to be graded every week. If anyone knows roads that are not being graded, let her know and she will get in touch with Mr. Brown and let him know that certain areas have not been graded.

There was some work done on Tiburon due to trucks and launchers causing damage. Ms. Howard asked for any maps with road names so she would be better able to recognize the spots people are talking about. Ms. Dahlstrom suggested getting in touch with Mr. Brown for an up-to-date map.


In the absence of Chairman Gene Court there was no formal report. However, Ms. Dahlstrom reported that Mr. Dahlstrom got a price from Miguel Sauza to reinstall the bollards that have been knocked over and to re-paint all of them. Cost would be $285.00 plus paint, two 5 gallons would be needed along with cement there is enough cable left to use for the bollards.

Secretary asked how many of the bollards around the Clubhouse perimeter had been sold and Ms. Dahlstrom said a lot of people had committed, but only the Secretary has paid. Mr. Felton said it had been a couple of years since anything has been mentioned about the bollards and he will advertise them again.

Mr. Felton said he was on Tucson Beach a couple of weeks ago and the palapas are in terrible condition. There was a discussion about whether or not to refurbish them or tear them down and there was also concern that they were on the Federal Zone and Rocky Point built them about fifteen years ago but they have been repaired by the Vecinos. Mr. Sledge said he wasn’t up for putting much money into them and would suggest tearing them down.

Ms. Weber said maybe the timing was good and they could be taken down and picked up during the bulk trash drive. The discussion was tabled until some things could be checked and then the Executive Board has a chance to discuss the problem.


Mr. Sledge asked who was chairing Security and Mr. Felton said no one is heading it as of now.

Ms. Weber said they have some real security issues in the Borracho Flat area. There were 10 people caught in a house a week ago at 3 AM in the morning. The alarm went off for 10 minutes before the police showed up. People had used the skylight for entry to the house. The police arrested 10 people. Several people said they called the police and they did not show up until later.

She walked the area with Mr. Dugan trying to figure out where additional boulders could be placed to stop traffic driving to that part of the beach. They would be able to park and walk to the beach but not drive. There are tents on the beach down by the concession which has been moved west closer to homes. She feels something needs to be done now to stop the people from driving on the beach front. It is like an open field that needs some kind of barricade.

Ms. Weber made a proposal to repair the fence, put up a chain if needed and purchase boulders. There was a discussion about all the traffic in Borracho and the washes make it easy for people to use them for access to the beach. Ms. Weber said she had several tents in front of her one Easter. Since the chain went up, people are still camping on the beach but parking on the roads and walking down there. If there is a barrier to everyone driving on the beach, they really don’t have a problem. Mr. Lee suggested putting boulders down by the Green’s house and that would stop beach traffic. Mr. Sledge said if the $500 wasn’t enough the Executive Committee would look into how much more is needed to complete the project.

The motion was seconded and approved to provide $500 to close off the northeast end of the beach and Ms. Weber and others were to work with Mr. Arvizu to get the project completed.

Mr. Lee wanted $500 allotted for the Tucson Beach area that allows people to drive into and park in front of his house. Mr. Sledge told him that $500 had already been alloted and Mr. Arvizu needs to be approached about replacing the boulders to stop traffic going that far but would still allow parking on that area of the beach.

Mr. Ketelhut said the board was looking at cameras at the Police Station. Mr. Dahlstrom is putting together a package which would include an arch out of steel and putting some cameras there. A suggestion was made that the arch be made of cement to avoid rusting and maintenance of the steel. Ms. Dahlstrom said the proposal should be put together by the July meeting.

Mr. Felton brought up that there is still no one in charge of Security.


Nothing to report.




Mr. Dugan looked a water tank system that would be about $15,000. He also talked with Bengie Brown about the maintenance of the pump. There were some emails between Mr. Dugan and Gerry Nelson discussing the water situation in general and Mr. Nelson has a good point in that there is a lot of liability involved in the storage and distribution of water as far as cleanliness is concerned. Mr. Sledge, Mr. Felton and Mr. Nelson sat down and discussed forming a Water and Sewer Committee. Mr. Sledge said he felt the Architectural Committee should take on that work at some point as part of the utilities rather than form another committee. The point Mr. Nelson made was to have a plan, look at the liability of the project. who is responsibility for the liability of it if something should happen and the container turned into a frog pond instead of a water tank with fresh water and 60% of the community got sick. Where is the liability for that?

Mr. Sledge feels the subject is a bigger conversation than just getting a water tank, setting it up and saying here we go. He feels Mr. Nelson has a good point.

Mr. Sledge said since the Vecinos have a water concession, what are the rights and what is the responsibility of the utility company that owns the water. He was not suggesting the Vecinos get a grandioso plan together but thinks they should find out what our rights and liabilities are before we go any further. He had not talked to Mr. Dugan since he had the meeting with Mr. Felton and Mr. Nelson but he will discuss it with him when he gets back and just run that by him and make sure there is a plan before proceeding anywhere. Mr. Sledge said he wasn’t sure there was a water problem and wasn’t sure there was a need for a water tank.

Mr. Felton said if there is a problem with water. Mr. Dugan calls Mr. Brown and things proceed from there. He thinks there should be an easier way such as telling the water trucks there is less pressure in the morning so make plans for the afternoon. He also thinks there might some way to re-tool the line so Cholla is not literally left holding an empty bag. Mr. Dugan talked about looking into changing the valves out but there are 6 or 8 that need to be replaced and of course the Company doesn’t have any money and they are very expensive. Mr. Dahlstrom said she suggested to Mr. Dugan that the Vecinos change those out and in turn take a piece of property
as payment so there would be a place to store water if the Vecinos decided to do that. Mr. Sledge feels the Vecinos should out what rights they have and what is their liability in doing something like that. He is concerned if the Vecinos could be sued as is done in the states in case there is a problem. If we could invest $15,000 into a water system and not have to worry about it that is the thing to do.

Mr. Sledge said with all the points brought up by Nelson, he feels we should proceed slowly in forming a plan for water.

Someone asked what the plan is and Mr. Sledge said there had been several discussion about a water tank but nothing decided other than investigations. He thinks once the investigation is

complete and a direction is chosen, it will fall under the Architectural Committee. Mr. Sledge
thinks there is more to look at than what has been suggested. He wants to get with Mr. Dugan and see where the Vecinos go from here.


Mr. Dahlstrom said she didn’t get a chance to email the Auditor before she left Tucson but she would call and tell her we really need to have the audit by next meeting. Mr. Ketelhut suggested that it had been such a long time since the audit was started, maybe it be scrapped and a new one started. Ms. Dahlstrom disagreed since they had done so much work and charged us $200 so she would like to continue and get it done.

Mr. Ketelhut brought up the proposed memorial for Pete Peterson. The committee is doing a bronze plaque and the presentation will be done in October.

Mr. Ketelhut also brought up what we decided to do about the two candidates that had been discussed to take over vacancies on the Board due to a death and resignation. The two people in question were Blaine Fletcher and Steve Willis and both had been approached as to their willingness to serve on the board should they be asked. Ms. Weber spoke to Mr. Willis and Ms. McDonald talked with Mr. Fletcher. Both people agreed they would accept the position if offered. Motion was made, seconded and approved, with one nay, to add both Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Willis to the Board.


Secretary wanted to remind all the Board Members that the July Meeting is on Sunday the 11th and not the 4th as Mr. Felton had been putting in the Newsletter. He changed the OBSC meeting to the 4th and also changed the Vecinos, too. It has long been a rule that once the Vecinos meetings are set, they are not changed due to people making other appointments around those dates.

Mr. Felton brought up getting some more refrigerator magnets with emergency numbers and sending them to members. Ms. Weber suggestged that the Rocky Point Police number be added to the list. Mr. Felton will check if numbers have changed. In answer to Ms. Dahlstrom’s question about the cost of magnets, Mr. Felton said he thought they were about $1 each.


Someone asked who had keys and they were told all the board members have them.

Gerry Nelson congratulated the Board for voting Blaine Fletcher and Steve Willis to the Board.

Monica said she got information about a private sale. She had no contact from the seller and accidently found out from the buyer. The seller had two adjacent lots, one of which was sold to
the buyer. Both the lots had been delinquent since 2004. Whe wanted to know who was responsible for back dues. She was told the seller should pay back dues on the lot sold as well as bring the other one up to date.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Sledge asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 10:38 AM.

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald, Secretary


Sunday, July 11, 2010 9:00 AM
Sunday, October 10, 2010 9:00 AM
Sunday, November, 14, 2010 9:00 AM
Sunday, December 12, 2010 9:00 AM



1. Audit

2. Tucson Beach Palapas

3. Clubhouse Rental Agreement

4. Police/security for Borracho Flats

5. Water tank/system

6. Date of General Meeting – 2011