A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, June 17, 2012

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, June 17, 2012


A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, June 17, 2012 at the Cholla Community
Center.  The meeting was called to order
at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Kelly Ross, Helen Dahlstrom, Shirley
McDonald, Steve Lee, Bella Howard, Tavane McCombs, Jim Allison and Jerry
Caballero.  Absent:            Kathy Barnard, Ken Goodin, Sue Kathe
and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.

Board had previously received the minutes of the May 20, 2012 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections
or additions.  Secretary said she reported
that Mr. Lee missed the May, 2011 meeting but it was an error.  He was present because he made the motion to
renovate the kitchen.  A motion was
then  made, a second and report approved.

Helen Dahlstrom handed out the report ending May 31, 2012.  After the report, Mr. Dugan asked if there
were questions, corrections, or additions.
There being none, motion was made, a second and report approved.

Dahlstrom reported the following:  703
paid in full, 173 not current, 31 Mexican members not required to pay but did,
for a total membership of 907.  There are
still 18 members whose status is unclear.


1.                    TRASH: Mr. Dugan gave out bidding documents to three people for
garbage service and received two bids, both of which were the same amount of
$24,000 per year plus IVA bringing the total to $26,640.  Miguel Souza and Jessie Arvizu bid on the same
Criteria, and Mr. Dugan asked the board which person they wanted to handle the
garbage.  Mr. Lee didn’t see any reason
to not continue with Mr. Arvizu since both bids were the same, he knows the job
and is in Cholla is needed to make pickups.
Ms. McComb spoke on behalf of Mr. Sousa and her wish to see him on the
job to show that he could handle the job.


Mr. Lee made a motion to hire Mr. Arvizu.  There was a second and Mr. Arvizu was hired   Ms.
Howard abstained and Ms. McComb voted no.

Mr. Lee made a motion to hire Mr. Arvizu.  There was a second and Mr. Arvizu was
re-hired.  One person did not vote and
another one voted no.

2.                    ROADS: Juan
Mesa has a new contractor and Ms. Howard  is meeting with him on Tuesday to discuss some
problems.  She will also be discussing
the speed bump at the Police Station.

Mr. Ross is creating a form letter that will expedite speed
bumps.  It will eliminate a lot of time
spent going out to make sure they are needed in that area.

She has signs that have been painted and ready to put

There are potholes in the concrete put down by Johnny Johnson
near Sally’s Restaurant.  A couple of
them are becoming a problem and Juan suggested that they be fixed soon so it
doesn’t get worse.  The cost to fix the
problems would be about $200 and she could probably take it out of her
budget.  Mr. Dugan said it was done by a
homeowner and is now being passed on to the Vecinos.  He said it has been done and everyone uses
the road but it is worth asking Mr. Johnson if he would pay the cost if the
Vecinos got someone to fix it.

Scott Jones and Candice Clendenin had flood damage during the
last big rain and asked if they would need a facture to get reimbursed.  The bill was $200.

Since it is summer, Mr. Dugan asked her if she would have
someone clean the large mirror stop signs east of the Clubhouse.

3.        NEW
Mr. Dugan reported the
Executive Board met with Miriam at Kaizen on Friday before the meeting to get
the process going for what is needed to be done before the end of June to have
the new Constitution completed by then.
There was a question regarding election etc. and Mr. Dugan said there
could be an election for the old and new both since they are two entities.  He explained that the new entity was formed
to protect the old



entity which holds the assets and monies needed to handle the
new corporation will be transferred as needed to the new one.  Theoretically, they will be a parallel board
with the original one protecting all the assets from lawsuits.  All the work will be done out of the
operating company since they have no assets other than what is transferred
monthly.  The original HOA can’t be
dissolved due to the taxes that would be charged.

4.        HOA
As you
know there are some homeowners in Cholla who have elected to resign from the
HOA.  When that happens, according to the
Constitution, they will not be provided the services furnished by the
homeowners.  He would like to hear what
the board wants to do about that.  There
are three services they receive which is garbage, water and roads that are
funded by the HOA from dues paid by members.
He wanted to know from the board if it was proper to withhold those
services since they would not be paying for it as members will be doing.  His concern is fewer members paying dues
while maintaining the same services.  A
suggestion was made to have $5 delivery charge on water since it wouldn’t be
fair for those who paid.  Discussion
about that might work on water but not garbage because they would just drop it
off at the container.  Mr. Ross said the
Vecinos need to do something quick and his suggestion is to let it be known
that if you don’t pay dues decided by the majority in Cholla, you do not get
the benefit of the amenities provided.

In answer to a question about the water concession, Mr. Dugan
said the City (OOMOPAS) grants concessions for a certain amount of water.  We do not own the pipe in the ground which
was put in by Mr. Brown.  Mr. Dugan
explained to Mr. Caballero how the water line was proportioned.  Mr. Caballero talked a lot about what the
Board should do and how he thought it should be done.

Mr. Ross said, as a board and an HOA, we have a
responsibility to put forth penalties for people who don’t pay and people that
resign. If we just pat them on the back you will only have more people
resigning.  The resignation is just a


problem because we have hundreds who are delinquent and we
owe it to the people who abide by the rules.
We need to put something in place to stop the problem and if it is to
take away their water, then that is what we need to do.  If you don’t make it hurt, we have no
authority to make them pay.  Mr. Ross
asked Mr. Caballero to suggest something he thinks the board might use to
penalize people who are not paying.

Ms. McComb made a statement about HOAs not being legal in
Mexico.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked if we had no
HOA to take care of roads, water, garbage, etc., she wants to know who would
take care of that.  She feels if we don’t
take care of ourselves, RP is not going to do it for us.  That is the reason the HOA was formed to take
care of the people in Cholla.  Mr. Ross
asked, Mr. Caballero to suggest something, other than water, that would make
everyone remain a member and pay the dues.

Mr. Ross made a motion that the Vecinos opting out of the
HOA, get water from RP rather than the Standpipe, there was a second and motion
was approved.  There were two who either
abstained or voted against the motion.

ARCHITECTURAL: Nothing to report.

Helen Dahlstrom reported they are getting some roof coating for the entire roof
and figures the cost will be about $10,000.
After discussion, motion was made, seconded and approved to do the work
on the roof.  She is looking to get a
large water tank in lieu of several small ones. There was a discussion as to
the amount of water is used at parties
Motion made, seconded and approved to spend up to $5,000 to get new
large water containers and plumbing. The work will be put out to bid and Ms. Dahlstrom
hopes to get this finished during the summer.
Mr. Dugan said he would keep everyone apprised of what the work is

Dugan reported everything had been discussed earlier.

Howard said everything had basically been discussed



Chairman Steve Lee reported the
Volleyball net disappeared before they had a chance to repair it.  He talked to Mr. Court and he said it was
rarely ever used.  They are trying to
make arrangements for someone to kill the weeds and clean it up.  He suggested they use several of the water
boys to water the trees so they all get a piece of the action and will probably
be a lot cheaper than we have been paying.
He feels watering once a week is plenty.
He reported there are some tiles that need to be replaced and Tobo Green
is doing work near him and he will ask him to take care of it.  Mr. Dugan got a regulation net the can
possibly be modified to make two.

much to report.  There was conservation
about a break in but no one knew where

to report.

McComb brought up something about replacing the board member removed.  Mr. Ross said he had a problem putting
someone on the board that was not elected but if they want to work and help out
that is good.

The Constitution says the Vecinos de la Cholla must have a
Mexican Representative.  After a lot of
discussion, the board voted to ask Gabby Green to serve as the Mexican
Representative.  It was also discussed to
put a copy of the HOA minutes at Ramon’s
Store  and hopefully someone will put it
out in Spanish.

Ms. McComb reported someone was offering the use of their
pool for a fee.  Couldn’t hear what she
said so don’t know where it was located.

Ms. Dahlstrom said if anyone wanted something put in the
Newsletter it should be sent to the Executive Board for approval.

Mr. Ross told everyone that the Vecinos are going to try and
squelch rumors by using the Newsletter to inform members of what is true and
what is not.  If there is a rumor, he
suggests getting it out, and either confirming or ending it.


Mr. Lee said individual board members going off on their own
discussing things with officials and other people without the rest of the board
directing or asking them to do it has caused some problems.  Ms. McComb said she went to someone else for
an answer because the board didn’t have it.
Mr. Ross said it is a problem when a board member goes to an official
for answers without the board being aware of what conversation took place.  He said Ms. Howard is talking to people but
she comes to the board and reports and as long as we have consensus of the
board it is alright.

Ms. Dahlstrom is planning to clean out the large storage room
in back of the clubhouse and was looking for volunteers to help.

There being no further
business to discuss, motion was made, a second and meeting adjourned at 11:10


Craig McComb was concerned about cutting water off to people
who don’t pay dues because it would affect the water boys.  He felt non payers could be charged more for
the water.  He was told the Vecinos do
not want to hurt the water boys, either.

A suggestion was made to have a meeting and invite people who
are not paying dues and find out what the problem is and can they be changed.

A member told of some material for speed bumps and asphalt
repairs that are better than what is being used.  Someone from Tucson has it or knows who to
contact.  She was to get the information,
if possible.

Someone talked about opting out of the Vecinos and said
something about taking his water with him and asked him who he paid for
water.  He said Gus Brown.  He was told the Vecinos paid for the pipe and
the city had to provide water to the homeowner’s association and he said the
Vecinos could not cut off their water.
Mr. Ross told him the board was struggling and maybe the solution was
not cutting off the water but to make it stick, we have to do something that
will hurt.


He is afraid if we don’t do something, we will have more
people leaving.  He wanted everyone to
think who is paying when others don’t maintain their dues or opt out of the
association.  He doesn’t care if they
don’t get water or garbage pick-up if he has to pay for others.  He said he will meet with every one of the
people who want to resign from the HOA and he will report back what they say.

Several people complained of people who have been freeloading
for years and everyone feels it is time to end it.

Someone wanted to charge more to people who are in Cholla all
the time and make dues less for people who only come down occasionally and was
told that was impossible.

Susie Flinn asked about bidding and how many bids were sent
out.  Mr. Ross said the bidding was to be
changed.  The document states the board
will get 3 bids minimum but if you don’t get them, you will take what you get.

Ms. Howard wanted some kind of workable payment for people
who are delinquent for a long time and was told Monica works with them to bring
them to the present.

Rich Davila complained about garbage not being picked up on
the beach and was told the tides sometime dictate when it can be picked
up.  After a long discussion, Jim Allison
agreed to be Chairman of Garbage.


Sunday, October 20,
2012         9:00 AM