A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday March 17, 2013

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday March 17, 2013


A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday March 17, 2013 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Kelly Ross, Helen Dahlstrom, Shirley McDonald, Steve Lee,  Ken Goodin,  Kathy Barnard, Bella Howard, Jim Allison, Gerry Caballero and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance   ABSENT: Tavane McCombs, Sue Kathe.

MINUTES The Board had previously received minutes of the February 2013 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. There being none, motion was then made, followed by a second and report approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE: Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report ending February 28, 2013.  There were no changes or additions to the report.  A motion was made, followed by a second and report approved.


MEMBERSHIP: Ms. Dahlstrom reported 672 members paid in full, 173 who are not current, 21 Mexican members who are not required to pay, but did for a total membership of 866.  There are currently 21 members whose status is unclear.


OLD BUSINESS: Palapas/Awing’s:  Mr. Ross reported he is still working on getting quotes. Roads: Ms. Howard
reported that new street signs were put up and some old poles holding the signs were replaced.  She checked on galvanized
poles but the ones she found in Rocky Point were thinner and bend too easy. So they started painting them to stop the rusting.
Ms. Howard spoke to Juan Mesa regarding more permanent fix for the road near 4 Aces.  He will get back with her with some ideas. Ms. Howard took a moment to read a prepared statement informing the Board that she has decided not to run for her position again.  Her husband has retired and they are looking forward to some traveling and taking care of personal issues.


TRUST ISSUES: Mr. Caballero reported that they were still collecting data and had nothing to report.  Mr. Dugan then discussed the meeting with “The Company” SBR, saying that he had been in talks with them about the matter of Homeowners not being able to get their Bank Trusts. They had asked Mr. Dugan not to mention it until they felt rumors would not hurt the
process.  Mr. Dugan explained that the Bank has been reluctant to process any issue Bank Trusts because they do not make any money with this type of instrument. The Company (SBR) has been trying to meet with the Bank in Tijuana, but
to no avail, to discuss removing the properties that do not have Bank Trusts from the “Master Trust” and then negotiate with other Banks to issue Bank Trusts.  This would lead to competition and possibly lower fees.  As an alternative if the bank does not want to release them, then The Company (SBR) would request a reconvening of the “Technical Committee”, which would then “vote” to remove the properties.  It was The Companies (SBR) hope that this could be accomplished by the end of this year.


Mr. Caballero then stated that the reason the members could not move forward on their Bank Trusts was that The Company (SBR) has used the property for collateral for loans and as such has a lien on the property.  He said that liens have been recorded against the properties.

Mr. Ross intiated a discussion as to the ‘tasking” of the Committee.  The Committee was formed with a fact finding
mission to see why Bank Trusts were not being issued.  It was felt that the information gathered to date along with the information that Mr. Dugan was able to share with the rest of the Board regarding his meeting with The Company (SBR), had fulfilled the tasking of the Committee.  Therefore the Committee had fulfilled its goal.  Mr. Ross told Mr. Caballero that he had given us more information than we had before the Committee was formed and the thought was the Committee had served its’ purpose. The Board thanked Mr. Caballero for his work and thus the Committee should be disbanded at this time.
Mr. Dugan would then report to the Board the progress being made by The Company (SBR).  Mr. Caballero said that
he was going to personally go on and process 20 to 200 individuals through a process that he was working on by gathering the information, going to the Notario, then the Bank, and then recording. There was some discussion and concerned as to the procedure because the “Seller” was not involved.  It was stated that he was doing this on his own and not as a board member.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked if all of the 20 -200 people were members of the HOA and in good standing, he said he didn’t know.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked that he send the names to the Membership Committee to make sure they are.

CLUBHOUSE: Ms. Dahlstrom reported that the bollards had been sanded; rust free paint was applied and then painted with white paint twice. The names had also been reapplied to the posts. The bollards at the Park had also been completed at the same
time.  The ovens in the kitchen were repaired.  They needed to be calibrated and also a bad valve was detected and replaced. The storefront doors had all the closers adjusted and pivot hinges were also adjusted so the doors operated correctly.  Mr. Dugan reminded everyone that you can still purchase a post to have your named painted on it.  This was established to offset the cost the bollards and the maintenance thereafter.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee met to discuss the meeting that Mr. Dugan had with The
Company (SBR) regarding the Bank Trust issues.

GARBAGE: Mr. Dugan had nothing new to report. Ms. Dahlstrom asked if there was some type of spray that would help with flies and a deodorizer and if spraying the trailers could become a regular monthly routine.  Mr. Dugan said yes there was and that he would check on getting the spray and implementing the monthly spraying of the garbage trailers.


ROADS: Ms. Howard says that she plans to continue with more street signs.  In the last group she found one street sign
was named incorrectly.  After checking with SBR, they agreed.  She is planning on having a new one made and installed.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT: Mr. Lee had nothing new to report. He did thank Ms. Dahlstrom for including the
repainting of the bollards at the park.

SECURITY: Mr. Dugan reported that the painting of the Police Station had been completed and thought it turned out pretty good. He also reported that there had been a lot of repairs made to the quad.  Based on what we paid for the quad, we definitely got our monies worth.

WATER AND SEWER: Mr. Dugan reported that he was working on a meeting with the Company regarding the status of water to Cholla.

NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Dugan mentioned that he had run across an article that was written by David W Connell, a licensed Mexican attorney and the senior partner of the Mexican law firm of Connell, Lozano & Associate “Defining and Measuring the Federal Maritime Zone”.  Mr. Dugan stated it was an easy read and thought it would be helpful to the beach front property owners.

Ms. Dahlstrom mentioned that the “Welcome to Cholla” sign has been resurrected and revised to make it easier to read.  She
was working on getting a quote.  Ms. Dahlstrom also mentioned that she had received a picture of a sign from one of
the homeowners regarding the beach area, which basically says:  “We are not asking you to clean our beach.  We are just asking you not to dirty it”.  Mr. Dugan asked if Ms. Dahlstrom would get a quote on this sign also.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 10:10 AM.



A person asked about the article regarding the Federal Zone and if we could post it to the website.  Mr. Dugan gave a copy
of the article to Ms. Dahlstrom for posting.

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald, Secretary