A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, May 20, 2012

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, May 20, 2012

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Kelly Ross, Helen Dahlstrom, Steve Lee, Bella Howard, Tavane  McComb, Ken Goodin, Kathy Barnard, Jerry Caballero, Jim Allison, Sue Kathe, Shirley McDonald, Laurie Weber and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.   Absent:  Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative.

MINUTES:                The Board had previously received Minutes of the April 22, 2012 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions.  There being none, motion was made, a second and report approved.  

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE:                    Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom handed out the report ending April 30, 2012.  After the report, Mr. Dugan asked if there were questions, corrections or additions.   There being none, motion was made, a second and report approved.

MEMBERSHIP:                   Ms. Dahlstrom reported the following:  698 members paid in full, 179 not current, 30 Mexican members not required to pay but did, for a total membership of 907.  There are still 18 members whose status is unclear. Ms. Koerner was thanked for her hard work in collecting dues.


            1.                    TRASH:          Mr. Dugan had previously sent the proposed Trash Contract to the board and should have any bids by the 15th of June to present them at the meeting on June 17th.  The current contract expires on July 1.  Ms. Howard thought the document was unclear regarding trash on the beach and would like the contract to have a little more attention to the beaches.  Mr. Caballero suggested that the Vecinos start with a base point, what services they would provide as to what is most important to the board and the community and


strive to make sure all bids are based on the same needs.  Ms. Kathe suggested a Trash/Garbage committee, including a chair and co-chair with about 6 members.  No one is in Cholla all the time and someone who is there could take care of any problems.  She would be the co-chair but can’t be the chair since she is not there in the summer time. Mr. Dugan said there are a lot of people who are around all summer and would like to see them be a member of the Garage Committee. Mr. Ross suggested a person who lives on the beach be involved because they have a vested interest in that committee and what is needed.  Ms. Dahlstrom suggested moving one porta john from the park due to less use there, and move it to a spot that needs it more.

Mr. Dugan reported that garbage increases in the summer due to visitors from Rocky Point and surrounding areas causing a lot of trash on the beaches and the estuary.   

Mr. Dugan asked the board approve the proposal being used, get it out for bid and when they come in, have a committee to handle the procedure.  Mr. Perez is very helpful in notifying Mr. Arvizu  when there is something that needs to be picked up.

            2.                    ROADS:         Bids are out for the roads which is one of our larger expenses.  It needs to be looked at as to bidding since a homeowner who lives in Cholla is interested in grading and maintaining the road in Cholla and if that is an option we want to do.  Ms. Howard said if that is the way it has to be done it would be, but she doesn’t know how to handle that since SBR owns the roads and if they have the right to maintain them.  She thinks it would be counterproductive for the community due to the contract we have with SBR.  She thinks the relationship between the Vecinos and SBR is key and it could be misconstrued as trying to push them out of Cholla.  The  main thing when bidding is to make sure you get what you pay for and she especially feels that the interaction with Juan Mesa and others and the need of them working with homeowners to fix those problems is something to think about.  She appreciates their quick response to her requests.


Ms. Howard did not feel the road maintenance should be put out for bids if they do own the roads and Mr. Allison agreed with her.  Mr. Caballero and Mr. Dugan both felt the roads should be maintained by the Company if they own the roads. Ms. Howard said Americans live in Cholla and want the roads maintained and pay for it but if there were no Americans living in Cholla, he would not maintain the road because he wouldn’t get paid.

Mr. Dugan reported the Executive Committee checked areas where speed bumps were requested. He and Ms. Dahlstrom checked the area where Drew Gibson  lives and it is an area that has several roads that are legal and some that have been made through lots. They decided a stop sign was needed where the road comes next to his house.  They suggest moving a sign from an area nearby to Mr. Gibson’s area.

In checking the road where the Flinns live, they felt vehicles could accelerate and asked a neighbor if he wanted a speed bump and he said definitely not.  Discussion followed that Vecinos don’t own the road and it is a long area where people can speed.  Mr. Goodin suggested asking the Police to control the speed and several people thought speed signs should be placed around Cholla.  Mr. Allison suggested speed bumps at the stop signs which would make everyone stop instead of flying through them.  After discussions, a motion was made to put a stop sign and speed bump in the area near Mr. Gibson’s house.  Motion made, seconded and approved.

Mr. Lee reminded everyone that the 4 way stop going down to Tucson Beach needs something done because no one stops there.

Ms. Kathe suggested a committee be formed to discuss and make decisions regarding speed bumps, signs, etc. and bring it to the board for approval rather than spend so much time trying to make decisions.

            3.                    MANAGER:             Ms. Dahlstrom did not think a City Manager was needed. A lot of things she and Mr. Dugan had thought would be needed, and trying to get the budget put together, they threw in a number just in case it


was necessary to hire a Manager.  She and Mr. Dugan don’t think it will be as detailed as they thought and in her opinion, a City Manager is overkill and would like to do away with the process.  Mr. Caballero feels a committee could handle a lot of what is necessary and he too doesn’t think a manager is needed. He also made a motion to not seek a manager, there was a second and his suggestion was approved.

Mr. Dugan told the members and audience that notice of dues will be sent on July 1.  The homeowners voted to raise dues to $256 per year based on what Ms. Dahlstrom previously talked about.  He told the board and members present that after going over all the figures, he would like to keep the dues at $200.  He thinks that with committees and a cohesive board, it will work.

There will be more administrative work and running more errands  than he did in the past but figures it will work out.    Ms. Kathe said she would volunteer to work with Ms. Dahlstrom on Finances because that is what she did while working.    Mr. Ross said he also has a background of finance. A  committee can make suggestions but everyone needs to remember that Ms. Dahlstrom is Treasurer of the Board . 

Ms. Dahlstrom had re-worked the budget using the dues at $200 and she passed that document around to board members. She explained they were able to get the dues back to $200 by changing the legal amount from $2,220 to $490, Parks and Recreation from $2,775  to $2,497.50, Police Services Labor due to Arturo quitting, Police Services – $8,880,  Material went from $4,440 to $3,607.50 and an Outside Management Fee not being hired saved $26,640 for a total of $38,360.00.  Secretary made a motion to change  Vecino Dues from $256 to $200 for the year 2012/2013.  There was a second to the motion and approved by the board.


            4.                    ABSENTEE RECORDS:       Mr. Dugan reported some board members  asked him about board members who miss more than 3 meetings in a year as is stated in the Constitution.  At his request,  Secretary made a list of


members and their attendance during the last fiscal year.  At his request, the list was read and Ms. Weber and Mr. Cornejo both missed 5 of the 9 meetings in the last fiscal year.   There was opposition by Ms. McComb who said that part of the Constitution was never approved but Mr. Ross said it was imperative that members be present at meetings to accomplish the work done by the board.  He also reminded the board that according to the Vecinos’ Accountants and the gentleman who helped write the document, both said every page of the Constitution was notarized.  Mr. Caballero reminded the members that the board can’t pick and choose which part of the Constitution to follow but should adhere to all rules it contains.  Mr. Dugan had Mr. Caballero read a document stating that the Constitution was voted on and notarized  April 5, 1992.   There was a lot of conversation about what was done in the past, things being done in the present, and changes that must be done in the future.  Mr. Caballero said things were done in the past that we need and are changing for the future because we all have an investment to protect and need to be compliant.  Mr. Dugan said according to the Constitution Ms. Weber and Mr. Cornejo were dropped from the board.  Mr. Ross thanked Ms. Weber for her efforts in working with the board.

ARCHITECTURAL:              Nothing to report.

CLUBHOUSE:                       Ms. Dahlstrom reported she will get bids to put a new coat of elastameric on the roof.  Secretary suggested using asbestos and cover it with elastomeric.  Mr. Caballero suggested a new system that Ms. Dahlstrom will look into.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked for any names of locals who have facturas that could be hired for some work.  Mr. Dugan said when the last function has been held at the beginning of summer he plans to have the building treated for termites. 

Ms. Dahlstrom also mentioned the motors on the roof and protecting them for the summer.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                        Actions by the Executive Board are in  New Business.


GARBAGE:               Mr. Dugan reported Arturo Arvizu painted his boat blue and used what was left to paint the roll-off at the garbage drop.

ROADS:                     Ms. Howard is still working on speed bumps and what kind of material to use.  She thinks Mr. Mesa will be looking for a new contractor for the asphalt mix and he will be doing that between the end of May and beginning of June.  There is a large rock by the road that has been discussed several times regarding removing it.  She reported a special kind of tool is needed to jack hammer or cut the rock to remove it.  It will be rented equipment so she does not have a cost for the work.

There was a discussion over the rubber speed bumps.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:             Chairman Steve Lee reported he and Mrs. Lee talked to Mr. Court and he gave them anything he had that could  be used.  He said he knew SBR had been watering the plants but all the palm trees need to be trimmed and he wondered if that was something SBR did and was told he would need to hire someone to do that. Mr. Dugan noticed quite a few things needed painting. Several people have paint and material they would donate.  Mr. Dugan said he would be glad to help them paint.

SECURITY:                Mr. Dugan reported there were a couple of thefts.  He urged everyone to eithe get security, secure it some other way or take it back home.  One of the security people told Mr. Dugan they have had no break ins. 

Ms. Howard asked if any money was being put into the budget for security.  There was a long explanation that if need be some money could be taken out of the reserves that have been set aside in the past.

Mr. Ross mentioned that our Mexican friends are the eyes and ears of this community and we need to be very aware of the security that is provided for us by the water truck drivers .  Ms. Howard is concerned that we might take money away from the water boys because of the need of a facture.

WATER/SEWER:                 Mr. Dugan reported the water consumption is going       


down as usual and will be coming back up in the early fall.

NEW BUSINESS:                 Ms. Kathe suggested a committee for garbage/trash and it was suggested that each category that needs to be headed should have several members to handle the problems when others are not available.  She feels the more people involved, the more secure our property would be.

The new concept that the Vecinos had to go into will create a lot of paperwork.  One of the problems is that $2000 pesos or greater has to be done with a facture handed from the person getting paid.  There are many transaction in the community that falls under the $2000 peso rule and most of them are the water boys.  He went through the whole problem and doesn’t think any of them have a factura.  Discussion followed about what to do.   There was a very long discussion regarding  water and how to handle it since the water people do not have facturas.  The alternative is that the Vecinos have the Concession which is from the Government .  He said we collect and do what we are doing now and wonders what would happen if he sent one of the water boys down to pay the bill.

Mr. Ross said the water people are going to pass the tax on to the Vecinos so we will be paying more for water.  He asked Mr. Perez his opinion on the problem.  Mr. Perez said to do business they would have to get facturas and file.  Mr. Allison said Hacienda is not going away and they will have to do what is needed because the government is going to take some of their money.

 Mr. Dugan said there was another avenue to take. Since he had to personally get a Hacienda Number, he would like talk with Kaizen as to  how his number can be used and allow him to do the paperwork needed so he  he would pay the IVA.  He is in Cholla and would help the water people because they are always in Cholla and help everyone.  He doesn’t want to throw the 4 or 5 gentlemen into the lion’s den.  Mr. Ross suggested working it out to find a way to offset what their cost would be.  Mr. Dugan asked the board to let him work with the water boys on the problem for the next 30 days and see what he can do to handle the problem.  Motion made, seconded and approved.


Mr.Caballero reported he had talked to CFE regarding the old power poles and was told they are owned by Cholla up to them what they want to do with them.  While he was there he asked CFE if they would replace some cement poles that have deteriorated and they are waiting to hear from Mexicali when they will replace them..  He also said Ostrich is an endangered species and Mr. Dugan volunteered to make some nests to put on the poles.

Mr. Caballero got a couple of costs for removing the poles, repairing where it was removed and hauling.  He got two proposals of $35. And $56  plus tax.  A notice will be sent to homeowners who have poles asking them if  they have any objections to the Vecinos moving the old electric poles.

Mr. Ross made a motion that $2,000 be allocated to remove the poles.  There was a second and motion approved.

Mr. Dugan said he knew Mr. Caballero wants everyone to get their trust.  Mr. Dugan suggested that between the two of them, he felt they could go to the appropriate people and see if they could make some headway for them.  Mr. Dugan said his first stop was with SBR who would be able to give him the list.  Ms. Dahlstrom said Mr. Felton is working on a Newsletter and having the list for him would be a tremendous help.

Ms. McComb wanted to know if Mr. Dugan was giving the board members a copy of what has been done with Kaizem with regard to the new corporation.  He told her the Executive Board met with Miriam and she was adamant that the Vecinos form the other corporation to be able to handle the administrative workings of the organization.  She wants to get this done so we don’t run into some of the problems that other HOAs have.  Kaisen is the Property Manager for Belle Serena and she lives there.  They have gone through turmoil with unscrupulous attorneys attacking individuals in the Belle Serena group and causing them large monetary losses, and some have lost their property.  There are groups in RP that have been trying to cheat people out of their properties.  She strongly recommends that we move forward with those documents and get them done.  She can have it all done


within 2 weeks.   

Ms. McComb asked some questions pertaining to our standing with Hacienda and was told that it was reported at the General Meeting that the Vecinos are in compliance with Hacienda.  Mr. Ross told her that Miriam was asked if the Vecinos were in compliance with the Federal Taxes for a nonprofit organization and she answered yes, we are 100% in compliance. 

Mr. Ross said we are creating a separate entity which is the same thing done in the US.  We have a holding company that holds the assets and we are exposed for those assets if we don’t form a subsidiary corporation so that money can be transferred to the new corporation to pay the bills.  The money is in a corporation where no one can attack the assets.  All we are trying to do is protect monies held by the original corporation.  Mr. Lee made a motion that the new corporation be formed, there was a second and motion approved.

There being no further business to discuss, motion was made, a second and meeting adjourned around 12:00.


Unfortunately, there is no audience participation due do the length of the meeting and the recording time stopping around 3 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary



Sunday, June 17, 2012                9:00 AM