A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday May 8, 2011

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday May 8, 2011


A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday May 8, 2011 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Helen Dahlstrom, Gene Court, Kathy Barnard, Ken Goodin, Pete Pisciotta, Pat Sledge, Shirley McDonald, Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.  ABSENT:   Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Bella Howard, Laurie Weber, Steve Willis, Tavane McCombs and Steve Lee.

MINUTES:                The Board had previously received  minutes of the April 17, 2011 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions and there being none, he then asked for a motion to approve.  Motion made, seconded and minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE:                    Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through April 30, 2011.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions.  There were a few questions which Ms. Dahlstrom answered and a motion was then made, seconded and report approved.

MEMBERSHIP:                   Ms. Dahlstrom reported 710 members paid in full, 159 who are not current, 6 Mexican members who are not required to pay, but did,  for a total membership of 875.  There are currently 34 members whose status is unclear.

ARCHITECTURAL:              Nothing to report.

CLUBHOUSE:                       Chairman Pat Sledge reported that the Clubhouse will be painted and the kitchen will be remodeled over the summer. He asked the board to approve an amount up to $40,000 for the kitchen  project.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to proceed with the remodel.  Mr. Dugan said there was also some concrete in front of the building that needed new skin. For the new members, Mr. Sledge explained what would be done in the remodel.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                                    Mr. Dugan said he had been approached by a few people who are concerned about the trust issues.  He has talked to Elma and asked her to attend the board meeting but did not come.   The BBVA needs a letter of good standing from the Vecinos for people who are making changes or trying to get a trust.       

Mr. Dugan reported the Executive Committee had a meeting the previous week to discuss some issues, including the kitchen, trash service, how the Newsletter will be handled since Mr. Felton is no longer on the board, FM3’s, and a software program that will be discussed in New Business.           

GARBAGE:               Mr. Dugan reported that Zofemat did not pick up beach trash on the day after Easter. Mr. Arvizu picked it up,  and delivered  2,000 (or 2 tons) of trash for one daywhich was  generated by visitors to Cholla.  The dump tried to charge  Cholla.   Mr. Dugan went to City and told them the Vecinos were not going to pay the bill and we were not charged.   The next weekend there were 30 students from the UofA who came to Cholla and collected garbage.  On Saturday they picked up 100  bags of garbage (1,098 kilos) which accumulated in one week. Zomemat showed up with trucks as well as the Director of International Relations and Tourism in Penasco.  He was very grateful for everyone helping.

He  wanted to thank Gretchen Ellinger who fed all the students breakfast and housed some of them as well as Jason Crowley, Rick and Sue Deming and several others who also housed some of the students. 

 On Saturday, the students were fed hot dogs for lunch thanks cooks Sledge, Deming and others.  YouTube did an interview with Mr. Dugan and Fausto Soto thanking  everyone for cleaning the beaches.  Zofemat came out the following Monday and cleaned the beach area.

With respect to Mr. Ketelhut’s comment that he left the garbage issue in the hands of the Executive Committee, Mr. Sledge acknowledge the work that Mr. Ketelhut did in going out and getting bids from other people and found out there are people who will do it cheaper but will they show up or not is another


conversation.  However, a petition was presented to the Board about a year ago with 168 names saying to leave it alone because they liked it the way it was.  Mr. Ketelhut and Mr. Willis put together a survey for Security and Garbage and sent it to the entire membership.  When it came back, the majority of the people responding wanted the garbage left as it is.  Mr. Sledge said the membership has spoken and that issue should be put to bed.

ROADS:                     Chairman Pete Pisciotta reported all the new signs should be in place within a week or so.  He thought he found someone to furnish the mirror signs that reflect traffic on the other roads coming up to the four way but they were not what was needed so he is looking again. There was a discussion about the 4 way stop heading to Tucson Beach and all the Mexicans not stopping. 

He said there are some speed bumps in Borracho and some of them have been there for years but a new one appeared on the hill.  He has been getting complaints because there are no warning signs and they are a danger, especially quads. Mr. Pisciotta said, to his knowledge, there is no policy with regard to speed bumps and if not, then the Vecinos needs to make one.  Mr. Dugan reminded everyone that the Vecinos don’t own the roads but we do maintain them.  He thinks the Vecinos could make an internal policy that says if a homeowner desires to have a speed bump near their home, they would bring it to the Board for discussion and if approved that person would take it to the Company and request permission to  install one in that area.  In that way the Board keeps track of where they are but the Company agrees.  If legal bumps are installed, there would have to be signage there, too. 

It was suggested that all speed bumps that impede grading the roads should be removed. It was suggested that a notice be put in the Newsletter about the speed bumps, but Mr. Sledge suggested removing the “wildcat bumps” before someone is hurt.     

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:             Chairman Gene Court reported trash cans were full after Easter but the park was clean. 


SECURITY:                Mr. Dugan said we continue to have break ins.  Mr. Sledge reported that Larry Miles house was robbed and a house was broken into while the people were sleeping upstairs.  Mr. Dugan said he was going into town and saw  Mr. Soto.   while waiting on someone else.  He asked Mr. Soto to set up a meeting between Mr. Dugan, the Mayor and another person to talk about some of the issues we are having in Cholla but it will be a couple of weeks due to a big conference being held in Penasco with around 700 from all states of Mexico.  One of the things he wanted to talk to the three people about is possibly having the police stop cars going out of Cholla at night.

The ponga traffic is so heavy that Mr. Dugan said as President of CB SC, he would  let someone with authority use one of their rooms as an office at the launch area if they would control the traffic but no takers so far.

WATER AND SEWER:                   Mr. Dugan reported problems with a valve that cost about $365 in Mexico but Harry Luker found one in the states for $250 and is   bringing it down.                                                

OLD BUSINESS:                  Nothing to report.

NEW BUSINESS:                 At the last meeting there was a discussion about the  FMN, FM2, and FM3 and whether you  needed one of them to be in Mexico and buy property, etc.  Mr. Dugan had a book that states a foreigner can buy a piece of land he never intends to build on with an FMN which is the tourist visa good for 180 days and is not renewable.    If he decides to build on the property, the book states the person can request the process to get an FM3 but if you buy the lot intending to build a structure, why not pursue the FM3 at that time.

Mr. Sledge had invited Robert Agular to the meeting to answer questions about the 3 documents.  He gave a lengthy explanation about which status is needed if you are visiting, buying property or applying for legal status.  Several people had questions as to what avenue they would need to pursue regarding their property.

There was a question about death of a property owner and what beneficiaries


would need to do and was told if they resided in the house they would need toget an FM3.

When the Executive Committee met, one of the things discussed was new software which is something the Vecinos desperately need to make the accounting a little easier for our Treasurer.  Ms. Dahlstrom explained at length the proposed software, what it can do to help with the membership accounting. This program is for self- managed HOAs.  The new program is called TOPS and it has different levels for growth,  many of which we will never use. 

There was previously $3300 set aside for a program and she asked that money be added to that for an amount of $7000 for program and  any training necessary.  There will be an annual fee of $839 for support and with that comes any maintenance issues and up to date programming changes.  One of the things they will be changing to is Dashboard.  She said with our creative membership dues we will have to stay with our program.  She said if we ever get the CC&Rs in place the program will be a big help with them.  Motion was made to spend $7,000 to set up the program and an annual amount of $839, seconded and approved.

Ms. Dahlstrom would like to put everyone’s information together and send it to them.  In that way, if anything is wrong, it can be corrected before all the information is put into the new program.

Mr. Dugan said they need to complete the budget and with work being done at the clubhouse and everyone around, they will be able to work on it and get it done. 

Mr. Dugan informed the members that the Executive Committee met and one of the topics was how to handle splitting costs generated mainly by the OBSC and the CBSC.  The approximate yearly cost for the Clubhouse is $4,430.00.  The Vecinos will cover approximately 32% of the annual expense.  The two clubs will split the remaining 68% amounting to $125.00 per month each.  Each club will pay


for their own water and cleaning.  Some kind of contract will be drawn up for each club because during an event we are technically renting them the building.  The costs will be reviewed annually.

Secretary brought up that no July meeting had been scheculed and suggested there not be a meeting until October.  With only half the members at the June meeting and some of them leaving for the summer, there probably wouldn’t be a quorum to make any decisions. The Board decided there would be no meeting until October with the date to be posted at a later date.

Mr. Dugan had a newspaper article signed by the Homeowner Presidents in the Rocky Point vicinity stating it is safe to come to Mexico.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.

Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 10:35 AM.


Agnes Felton said the kitchen was Ms. Ellies kitchen.  Unfortunately she was killed just before the kitchen was moved opened and she asked that something from the old kitchen be kept in Ms. Ellie’s kitchen.

A lady thanked Mr. Dugan for putting the Vecinos’ Constitution on the website.

Someone asked aboutt board members who miss a certain amount of meetings and if they can be removed after so many absences.  Mr. Dugan said it is in the Constitution but it has not been practiced.  The only thing anyone remembered was one board member who was banned for 6 months.

Someone wanted to know how to get into the Library and was told keys were available but he would let them in that day. Someone also asked about card


players and was told some played on Sunday and Monday afternoons, usually around 1 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald



Sunday, June 12, 2011     9:00 AM

October to be decided