A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, May 9, 2010

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, May 9, 2010



A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, May 9, 2010 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Lew Felton, Ken Goodin, Pete Pisciotta, Tom Clark, Bella Howard, Laurie Weber, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Pat Sledge, Shirley McDonald and Delegate of Vigilance Don Schmidli.

Absent: Steve Lee and Mexican Representative, Valente Cornejo.


The Board had previously received minutes of the April 25, 2010 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were corrections or additions. Ms. Weber wanted to correct a statement regarding what committees she and and Ms. Howard would like to work on. Ms. Howard would like to work on roads and Ms. Weber wanted to work on membership. There being no other corrections, motion was made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through April 30, 2010. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.

Mr. Felton asked what the OBSC was charged for other than the cabinet and Ms. Dahlstrom said it was work on the dunk tank.


Ms. Dahlstrom said there are 702 members paid in full, 147 not current, 8 Mexican members not required to pay, but did for a total of 857. There are currently 92 memberships whose status is unclear.

Mr. Sledge asked if someone was purchasing a lot that was delinquent on dues for the past five years would they be prorated even though there is two months left before the start of a fiscal year. Ms. Dahlstrom said they should already be paid. Ms. Weber said the realtors, if they know a person is delinquent, will collect all back dues prior to completion of a sale. She did say that all the delinquents are not on the list that is shown on the website. Monica said they are working with some people to get dues brought up to date and their names probably were not on that list. Ms. Dahlstrom said their names were on the list posted. Mr. Dugan said the realtors can be really helpful in collecting back dues and Benjie Brown has been working close with the Vecinos as far as lots, surveys, etc. He said he would not give any surveys, power or whatever they need unless dues are current.

Mr. Weber said they just had a case where the seller was delinquent but it wasn’t known and it caused a real problem. She said there is an HOA sheet that goes with the sale documents and it should catch any problems.

Mr. Dugan said the HOA tries to work with buyers and realtors in the case of delinquencies. He said the Vecinos doesn’t want to forgive dues but will work with people on late fees, etc. There was one case where the owner became current on that year and made payments on the back dues.

Ms. Dahlstrom said she would get copies of updated maps to track delinquencies. Someone asked if there was anyone in the office during the week if they needed information and was told no one manned the office.


Mr. Lee was not at the meeting so nothing to report.

Mr. Sledge asked what was happening with the CC&R’s and was told the City is reviewing them and Mr. Dugan said he thought the City was using the Cholla building guidelines to update their own. Mr. Sledge was concerned that there was so much being done until people caused all the problems and it seems things are now at a dead end.

Mr. Ketelhut suggested asking a councilman to come to a HOA meeting. Mr. Dugan said the person who would get to people at the city would be the one who helped get the new regime in power.


Chairman Pat Sledge said Mr. Dahlstrom is ordering glass for the new cabinets and should be in next week. Doug Gallagher was supposed to meet with Mr. Sledge and give him an invoice for material but he hasn’t received it. It is about $2,600 for speakers and everything that is needed for the sound equipment. Nothing has been done about the DVD but he will make sure he accommodates that, too.

Mr. Dugan asked if a computer could be plugged into the large television and show pictures on it. Mr. Sledge said he was told that could be done. There is a USB port for that use. In fact, pictures have already been shown on the large television.

Mr. Sledge said $5,000 was allotted for the sound system. Doug was going to do the labor for free but Mr. Sledge said that was what he does for a living and asked him to let him know what the labor would cost. The new speakers will be installed so when and if the ceiling is drywalled, it will be a flush mount speaker. The building now has about 8 zones and when completed there will be only 3 or 4.

Mr. Sledge met with Sal Otanez of the CBSC and they are in agreement how the kitchen should

be changed. Mr. Sledge wants to utilize the hood without having to make too many
changes and another hood will be needed over the stoves. One of the old propane burners needs to be replaced.

There was a short discussion about who pays what and Mr. Sledge said all equipment that would be replaced or updated would be the clubs responsibility and any structural changes would be at the cost of the Vecinos.

Ms. Dahlstrom felt that before any equipment is added to the building, it should be presented to the Vecinos for their approval because it is their building.


Nothing to report.


Chairman Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., said there was nothing to report. Mr. Dugan brought up that even though there are less people in Cholla, the garbage cost keeps going up and he attributes that to the influx of people from Rocky Point leaving large amounts of garbage to be picked up. The more cans put out, the more garbage to collect. After a discussion of the extra cost and the fact that the Vecinos pay for their garbage, it was hoped that an agreement could be reached where the cost of dumping could be lowered to help cover the cost of garbage left by the visitors.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta said he drove over the roads in Cholla and found places that need attention. He gave a list to Mr. Brown and asked for fill and water. There is a continual problem from the police station through the curve going out of town as well as roads around the clubhouse. Mr. Brown said he would start working on the areas on Tuesday.

Mr. Dugan said the holes that continually appear on the hill from the launch area to the four way stop is due to boats that are pulled up that hill when the launchers shift and the large tires dig into the soil for traction.

Ms. Weber asked if caleche could be placed on the residential roads working on one area per month. Mr. Pisciotta said they would have to be accessible for the equipment and that is one of the problems in those areas. He said the drag would help the side roads more than trying to use the big heavy equipment. Mr. Dugan said one of the problems with using caleche on side roads is that it needs to be watered constantly and the main factor in making that work is constant traffic which does not happen on the side roads.



Chairman Gene Court reported on his continual work in trying to treat the salt problem. He said there is a tree in Egypt that might work but doesn’t know how he would get them to Cholla. Several people were willing to go over and check them out. There was also discussion about Chileans (?) that need water to get started but do not need much after they have adapted to the area. Mr. Court said he had been thinking of changing out some of the trees in the next year.


Mr. Dugan said there were a couple of issues down along the beach where Ms. Howard and Ms. Weber live but they both thanked Mr. Dugan for his help in getting a chain installed that would keep people from driving close enough to use their cars to get up on their porches. Ms. Weber had someone take things from her house while she was upstairs and Mr. Dugan said there was also a quad stolen since the last meeting. Bengie Brown has a camera system on his building and the police tried to determine who took the quad. There was a picture of someone going down the beach on a quad and thought that might be the thief, but when checking the time, it turned out to be Arturo Arvizu patrolling that area of the beach sometime during the night.

Mr. Dugan said he had some boulders installed so visitors to the area can’t drive from the east down the beach. Ms. Weber said Mexicans drive into their area and park in front of their gates and go clamming, leaving them unable to get out of their yard. Mr. Dugan plans to put larger boulders near some pipe to deter entry to the area.


Nothing to report.


Mr. Dugan reported that he and Mr. Arvizu drove to Caborca looking into water tanks. They stopped at a winery that was under new ownership and they had the tank Cholla needs. They came in 352,000 liters or they had 32,500 made out of stainless steel. They heard he was scrapping them and going to a larger production. They got the name and number and wrote the owner an email and then last Monday he called him but was told that at this time he was not interested in selling the tanks. He is still looking for tanks but the tanks they saw were the type needed in Cholla. We do need something large enough to hold water for several days in case of a problem. Cholla is still having the problem of being last on the water line and when the valves are opened for the hotels, Cholla gets nothing. The valves get turned on without the Company knowing about it until they are notified by Mr. Dugan or someone else in Cholla. A suggestion was made that the Vecinos look on line for others wineries that might have stainless steel tanks for sale.

Mr. Clark suggested looking into plastic containers and he knew they came in 10,000 gallon size.

Mr. Dugan said that was 40 meters of water and would only fill 4 trucks. He will be looking into multiple tanks if nothing else works out. Water usage in Cholla runs between 1,000 to 1,200 meters per month.


Ms. Dahlstrom said the auditor has everything she needs but doesn’t have it done yet.

Mr. Schmidli brought up that the board was to discuss something to commemorate Pete Peterson at this meeting.

Mr. Sledge thought we should get a brass or bronze plaque to be installed outside the door listing Mr. Peterson’s accomplishments and put a sign on the building calling it “Pete’s Place”.
Some of the members didn’t think it should be called Pete’s Place but something like the Alan Peterson Building. Mr. Dugan asked who would like to be on a committee to work on the project and he suggested that Don Schmidli and Ken Goodin be a part of the group to come up with something appropriate. He also asked Bob Damman to join that committee.


The subject was brought up about filling the seat vacated by the death of Alan Peterson. According to the Constitution, it could be temporarily filled by the sitting Board until there is a General Meeting or the Board could elect to leaved it vacant until such time the assembly meets again and place that open seat on the ballot. The Board could also elect not to fill the seat and leave it vacant.

Secretary suggested that the seat be left vacant and Ms. Dahlstrom disagreed because she felt someone was needed to fill the chair for Security. There was a lot of discussions about changing people who are on one committee to another and she suggested that Blaine Fletcher who ran for the board be seated and allow him, if interested, take over Security. Mr. Clark said with 14 people on the board there could be problems with voting and an uneven number could eliminate ties. Mr. Sledge didn’t feel an even number of board members was an issue. He understood what Mr. Clark was saying but the whole board is seldom, if ever, in attendance.

Mr. Dugan said one of the conversations while Mr. Pisciotta was stranded in another country was a suggestion was that he take over Security and Ms. Howard work on Roads. The thinking was that she would be working with Bengie Brown and not with the Police since Mexican men are not used to working with females and Mr. Brown has worked with both. Mr. Pisciotta brought up that he is gone for the summer. Mr. Dugan said that is why he started the back-up system and his Spanish is not very good. He said if he could get Mr. Felton to co-chair the committee, he is in Cholla during the summer and speaks very good Spanish and he feels the two of them would make a good team.

Ms. Weber said she was going to throw the name of Steve Willis into the conversation because he lost by one vote and she feels that is due to Ray Flinn saying he was backing Mr. Willis. Ms

Dahlstrom suggested that the Board find out if Blaine Fletcher and Steve Willis would be willing
to work on a committee if the Board elects to fill the vacancy. Mr. Sledge asked if the Board needed to fill the vacancy on the board. Mr. Pisciotta made a motion to fill the vacant seat and it was seconded by Ms. Dahlstrom. The motion passed but there were two nays.

Mr. Dugan said the Board needed to talk to the two people in question and see if they are still interested in filling a position on the board. Secretary is to contact Blaine Fletcher and Ms. Dahlstrom is to contact Steve Willis and have their answers at the next meeting.

Mr. Sledge said a woman who wanted to rent the Clubhouse for a retirement party for her husband and they are not homeowners. The lady told him they were in the process of closing on some property and he told her she could not rent the property unless they were members paid in full. They want it on the weekend of June 12th which is the date of Roger Clyne’s concert and he didn’t see any issue if she became a paid member. What was brought up in this situation is that it is the first time someone has wanted to rent the whole complex. They wanted to have an outdoor party with band and other outside entertainment. Now it is down to a DJ and they are going to the Clune concert instead of having a band.

The fees have been $250 with use of the kitchen and if that is not used the fee is $200 with $150 of that amount refundable. This is the first time the Vecinos have faced an event this large and not sure how it should be handled. He wanted to know how the board felt and if the fees should be changed. Mr. Dahlstrom said she and Mr. Dugan met Saturday morning and she presented a rental proposal for the board to look over and come to the next meeting with their additions or changes.

Mr. Sledge said the use on June 12 and June 19 does not fall under the proposed Rental Agreement which is a work in progress and needs to be looked at before anything is done with it.
Ms. Dahlstrom said she would email the proposed agreement to board members and they could make their suggested changes or additions and send them back to her. She will accumulate the suggestions and have them available at the next meeting. There was also discussion about people renting a house and using the Clubhouse and the board felt anyone using the facilities needed to be a member.

Ms. Howard said she would work with the person chairing roads but would also like to do some work with the police, too. Mr. Sledge said if the open board position is filled, it could change whether or not she worked on roads.

Ms. Weber brought up manning the office at the last meeting and she wanted to know if there would be more talk about the issue. She feels someone should be available a couple of days a week to work with the membership on problems that arise. Mr. Dugan asked her who she would suggest be there two days a week. She suggested Monica and was told that she would not do it. Ms. Weber thought someone was needed and she was told that would be discussed by the Executive Committee.

She also brought up the magnets that were sent to members and said it was very useful when she had to call the police after a robbery. She thought they should be sent out with renewals every year. Mr. Felton said he would check and see what they cost but he thought they were less than $1.00. Ms. Dahlstrom said the same information is on the website

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned 11:22 AM.

Respectfully submitted:

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


Library Chairman Barbara Damman asked to have some more keys made for the Library and Ms. Dahlstrom gave her the funds.

A very nice lady in the audience wanted to thank everyone on the Board for all the work they put in for the people of Cholla. There was a big thanks to the lady for her comment.


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