A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, November 20, 2011

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, November 20, 2011

These minutes have not been approved by the board yet.



A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Helen Dahlstrom, Steve Willis, Steve Lee, Tavane McComb, Pat Sledge, Pete Pisciotta, Bella Howard, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Ken Gooden, Kathy Barnard, Shirley McDonald, Delegate of Vigilance Don Schmidli, and Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo.  Absent:  Lori Weber and Gene Court.

MINUTES:           The Board had previously received minutes of the October 9, 2011 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions and there being none, a motion was made seconded and minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE:          Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report ending October 31. 2011.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were questions, corrections or additions.  Mr. Ketelhut asked a couple of questions about kitchen costs which were answered by Ms. Dahlstrom.  One of his questions pertained to the cost of getting the kitchen stove through the border.  Mr. Dugan explained that anyone bringing in something, deemed commercial has to pay a fee and cross  the border by 4 PM or they have to return the next day.  That person returned to the border the next day to get the stove. A second trip to pick up the stove added to the cost.  Motion was then made, seconded and report was approved. 


MEMBERSHIP:             Ms. Dahlstrom reported there were 606 members paid in full, 275 not current, 3 Mexican members not required to pay but 1 did for a total membership of 884.  There are still 18 memberships whose status is unclear.  Delinquent monies collected from October 8 to October 31 was $470.                                                     

ARCHITECTURAL:                  Nothing to report.                

CLUBHOUSE:                Mr. Dugan reported damage to the Clubhouse due to heavy rain on November 11.  There was water in about half the open area used for the meetings. The problem was the east door from the patio and a couple of others that  need to be fixed to keep rain from blowing in.  He said sometime in the future the roof will have to be addressed, too. 

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:               Nothing to report.

GARBAGE:                    Mr. Dugan reported things are going good.  The scales still don’t work and we are still paying a minimum.  We have some new garbage barrels and Vecinos de la Cholla was painted on them to cut down theft. Holes were also drilled to allow  water to drain out.

ROADS:               Chairman Pete Pisciotta reported he got the Company working on Monday to make the roads passable.  He commended Ms. Howard for the great job she did in working with the Company and by Friday most of the roads were drivable.  There were a couple of problems near the Four Aces and the Company came in and did some work but a lot more effort is needed in that area.  The Company started work on Monday but Mr. Arvizu and his sons made some roads


Passable on the weekend for people who couldn’t get in or out. Mr. Arvizu worked with his equipment for about 16 hours to make the main roads passable before help arrived.

Mr. Willis asked if materials purchased by homeowners were reimbursable and Mr. Dugan said he knew of no one other than the Vecinos who laid money out.  He also said anyone who fixed their road should prepare a statement of what they did and submit invoices to Mr.  Pisciotta for possible reimbursement.

Mr. Pisciotta said a procedural notification should be made in case this problem happens again, something in writing as to how the problem will be handled. 

Mr. Willis asked about notifying people by email in a situation similar to what just occurred.  Discussion followed but consensus was to post it on the website since that is the way we put out information.

Mr. Ketelhut had severe damage and the water undermined an area of his home as well as a new water tank. Mr. Dugan talked to an adjuster and was told that anything outside the house was not covered but anything inside was covered.  Mr. Ketelhut’s adjuster said they would cover inside damage and the tank.  Some of their foundations were washed out and he said it seemed like all that would be covered.

Mr. Pisciotta had also found the fish eye mirrors and purchased one that is being installed on the hill east of the Clubhouse at the 4 way stop.  Cost was $180 including shipping and has a 45 days to return it if the sign doesn’t work.


Speed Bumps:              Ms. Howard reported she met with Derek Winzer and their Engineer Juan, regarding speed bumps and what was presented was too expensive.  She thanked him for what he did but wanted to keep the budget lower since the Vecinos are using the project as a test to see if it will actually work.  She talked to him on Saturday and he was willing to put up a caliche speed bump anywhere the Vecinos wanted it for no cost.  In this way it could be tested for durability and longevity without putting out any money.  Discussion followed about where to locate the speed bump and it was finally decided to install two bumps on the curve just beyond the northwest exit from the Vecino’s property going toward Tucson Beach with signs warning of the speed bump on each side of the road.

Ms. Howard reported Mr. Flinn would like to put a couple of speed bumps in front of his house.  She told him that before that can be done, they are testing the speed bumps to see how they are received and if approved, the homeowners would then present them to the board in a letter and approval or disapproval would come from them.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:                In the absence of Chairman Gene Court, Mr. Dugan reported the park is clean and being used.

SECURITY:           Main Entrance/Temporary facilities for trial period.In the absence of Ms. Weber, Mr. Willis paraphrased an email she had sent the board pointing out some costing, etc. and the letter she sent to the Mayor. There were quite a lot of cost details and questions about building in lieu of temporary housing.  Mr. Ketelhut said in this way we are creating an entrance at the beginning of Cholla and would be tied to fencing from there to the mountain.  Discussion on that facility was


tabled until next meetings.

Ms. Barnard asked how  security is going to effect the merchants in Cholla and wondered if anyone had talked to them.  The Board felt the merchants should be involved in how this plays out.  She is also concerned about the liability if there is a gate to secure Cholla and someone gets robbed, who is liable.  Several members felt it was a false security.  Mr. Ketelhut felt the time of robberies is usually after the business hours but he feels this all has to be worked out. 

Mr. Willis reported He was dealing with his burglary in a meeting with his agent and he was told there were 25 claims in Cholla last month.  In order to have coverage on motorized vehicles locked in a garage, you must have a separate policy on them.  He was reminded that insurance was necessary on those items in the States.

Ms. Barnard said Alejandro Portugal has two different underwriters on Homeowner Insurance.  One is ABA and the other is General Security.  She said the latter company has stopped covering in Cholla and suggested members check to see who is underwriting their policy.    

WATER AND SEWER:            There was an issue with one of the water truck drivers who will no longer be allowed to get water in Cholla.

OLD BUSINESS:            Mr. Ketelhut brought up that the Board had voted last month to talk about the accounting functions and reporting responsibilities.  Mr. Dugan had sent emails about what had transpired.

Mr. Dugan selected an accountant, and we have a Hacienda Certificate that  has been in existence since June of 1991 when the Constitution


was filed.  There was a note on the bottom to make reports as of 1/10/2008 – got the Hacienda Number.  The accountant talked to Hacienda to find what had to be done.  We had to record from 2008 to the present and that will be done each month.   He explained that we have no gross income because it is the dues and they are deposited in the states with money brought down to pay the bills. 

The accountant said bills paid by the Vecinos can be used against any monies made on the water which would be zero. He asked the accountant if any penalties, etc were owed Hacienda and was told no.

Three checks must be written from a Mexican bank each month and the Vecinos have an account opened in 2004.

There was a discussion about the handling of Mr. Arvizu’s contract and whether or not we are doing the right thing.  After much discussion, Mr. Dugan suggested deferring that question and discuss it with the accountant.  He will get him to meet with the board prior to the December meeting, if possible.

 Procurement Process:         After the last meeting, Mr. Dugan asked for any additions or suggestions.  He received one from Mr. Ketelhut which was incorporated into the document and a suggestion from Mr. Sledge which has been deleted because it wasn’t needed.  He also received an email from Mr. Willis who thought 0 to $5000 was high without board approval and was told that is about the norm.  He also thought there should be an itemized breakdown on bids. Motion was made, seconded and the Procurement Document was approved.


Election Process:                   Mr. Sledge said one of their members has not been available for a meeting and suggested a report be made at the next meeting.

NEW BUSINESS:                    Mr. Ketelhut suggested that Old Business be covered after Membership so people coming to the meeting to see if there is resolution to what was discussed at the previous meeting. It will be tried at the December meeting.              

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, seconded and meeting was adjourned at 10:55 AM.


Kathy Hill asked who to send receipts for work done by a homeowner on a road and was told to send it to either Mr. Pisciotta or Ms. Howard. She also commented on the security at the entrance.

Ray Flinn again said if the building was built in 6 months, he would give $l,000.

A gentleman said he put in a speed bump, the water trucks complained and the police gave him two days to take it out. Ms. Howard told him his was grandfathered in.

Beverly Parker said she had recently been robbed she wanted to know why security is not a priority.  She asked how washers and driers are taken out without being seen and was told the police are not always at the entrance.


Someone asked about investigation and was told they should go to The State Police and not the locals.  They have the right to investigate any complaint that you file with them rather than the local.  The audience was told it was up to the individual to go to the locals, state police, or both, and ask them to investigate.

Mr. Dugan said if someone sees something, dial 060 and report it.  If everyone does that, it would be a start.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary

DECEMBER MEETING: Sunday, December 11, 2011         9:00 AM

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