A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, November 9, 2008

A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, November 9, 2008


A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, November 9, 2008 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Michael Eagan, Pete Pisciotta, Ken Goodin, Lew Felton, Tom Clark, Jim Niblack, Gene Court, Pat Sledge, Shirley McDonald, and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.

Absent: Bill Drake, Steve Lee, Gretchen Ellinger and Valente Cornejo.


The board had previously received minutes of the meeting held on October 13, 2008. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through October 31, 2008. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any additions or corrections to the report. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve the report. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


There are 641 members paid in full, 208 that are not current, 3 Mexican members not required to pay but did for a total of 852 members. There are currently 124 properties whose ownership and potential for membership are being researched. As properties and owners are identified, they will be added to the corrected category in the status of membership area.


Mr. Dugan reported there is nothing to report yet but things should be happening soon. The CC&RS are in Penasco waiting to be approved.


Chairman Pat Sledge said he had nothing new to report.

Secretary brought up that the Vecinos had allowed a local to use the Clubhouse and had not charged them. They were to clean the Clubhouse and get garbage removed. She reported the garbage was left outside and the dogs got into it and the Clubhouse wasn’t very clean, including
bathrooms. Don and Nancy Schmidli cleaned them.


Mr. Dugan said he heard there was movement on some trusts but doesn’t know of anyone who actually got one approved.

Mr. Clark said he had been waiting over 5 years and found out the form he had turned in could not be approved because it had the Developer’s name as Playa Escondido which is not acceptable. Since they have changed their name during the interim, he has to start over.


In the absence of Chairman Gretchen Ellinger, Tom Clark gave her report.

A. Problems with current service:
1. Garbage left in bags and the mess caused by dogs.
2. Containers which some Vecinos have and some don’t. Some too heavy, some so light they blow away and lids that disappear leaving a mess.
3. Accessibility to pick up some garbage
4. Beaches and the mess left by locals on the weekend

B. Possible solutions:
1. Continue current service asking people to use containers or take to trailers.
2. Continue current service, provide appropriate containers at a cost of about $1600 and members who cannot be accessed by truck continue to take to trailers.
3. Change current service, at a one time cost of approximately $500 as outlined below.

a. Discontinue house to house service and tell Vecinos they must deliver their garbage to trailers, separating household garbage from yard and tree trimmings and must be put in the appropriate trailer. This will require communication,
especially those who rent their properties and must let tenants know the Cholla Policies. It will need to be posted on the website and published in the Newsletter and suggest that our Auxiliary Police hand a printed flyer to every vehicle entering Cholla which outlines what is to be done with garbage at a cp cost of approximately $100.

It was also suggested that 20 new containers, at a cost of approximately $400 be purchased for placement on Tucson Beach, Radio Shack, driving access to boat launch and one at each beach access including Pinto and Pelican Point and by the Estuary. Cans to be emptied Friday, Saturday and Monday mornings with trips to the dump made on Monday and Friday. Mr. Arvizu advises that this can be done with no change in the fee. Ms. Ellinger suggested daily pick-up during high use periods, such as Easter and Spring Break with a premium paid to Mr. Arvizu.

She would also like to see the Vecinos adopting fines for blatant violations of the garbage policy.
This would include trash left in bags outside homes and Vecinos dumping household trash in beach containers.

After a long discussion, the board wanted to wait until they could talk to Mr. Arvizu before changing how the garbage is handled. Mr. Dugan said he would talk to Mr. Arvizu and have him at the next meeting so some questions could be answered before making a decision.

Mr. Clark said he has 5 or 6 containers from the fire department that he could bring down at Thanksgiving and possibly could get some more from the Kingman Fire Department, too.

Mr. Clark also mentioned the Cholla Clean-up scheduled for Saturday, November 15 at 9 a.m. at the Clubhouse. Thanks to everyone who is involved in this effort and especially to Heather Green and the UofA student volunteers and the many locals who are helping.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta said he still has a problem on Pinto Point and a couple of other areas and when he talked to Bengie Brown the day before he said he would take care of it. Mr. Dugan asked what days the interior roads were to be graded and Mr. Pisciotta said it was Monday and Tuesday. Mr. Pisciotta said he would get with Mr. Brown to get a definite schedule of the work they will be doing.

There was a discussion about problems if there is an accident on the road to Cholla via the beach hotel route. The lanes are narrow and traffic is totally stopped.


Chairman Gene Court said some of the trees are trying to live and some are not doing well. He reported that Bengie Brown would put in 10 palm trees at a cost of $100 each and will maintain them for two or three months or until they are established. The palms are planned along the main road and there will be shade trees in other areas. He still can’t come up with playground equipment due to people being concerned about the liability in selling used equipment. He is still working on the problem.


Chairman Jim Niblack reported that the Security force has been hired and although it says police on their shirts, they are Auxiliary Police at the request of the Commandante. They are hired by the police, and paid by them. Mr. Niblack said there are other options that cost many times what the Auxiliary Police cost but that is not in our budget. He would, however, like to have some sort of surveillance at the gate so in case of a problem, actions can be retrieved from the camera.

There was discussion about the police work force doing the actual work on fixing up the Police Station but since there is no one available to go back and forth to town for materials when they are needed, it was decided to use a local contractor and go ahead and get it done.
Mr. Niblack said the Police Auxiliary asked for a guard gate so people can’t fly through the entrance and exit without stopping. Mr. Niblack said the cost would be about $9,000 and includes everything except the tile work and pull down gate. It was also suggested that the Cholla side of the entry sign have the same ground work as will be done in front including plants. Motion was made to approve refurbishing the police building for $9,000 and to approve the tile work, pull down gate and conical short wall behind the entrance sign. Motion was seconded and approved.

Mr. Dugan also asked the lady who was instrumental in getting the drawing from Karen Gosnell for the entrance to be a part of seeing her suggestion finalized.

Mr. Niblack said he is working with Mr. Pisciotta on some new signage as you approach the entry to Cholla. Mr. Clark also wanted to see a sign designating the building as a Police Delegation as appears on the buildings in Penasco.

Mr. Dugan said he would like to see the area near the standpipe cleaned up, too.

Mr. Felton reported that Sally Dalton is looking into starting a Cholla based security company that would be monitored with quick response in case of a problem.


Mr. Dugan reported one of the Vecinos’ goals this year is to revise and put together a procedure for the voting. The committee spent several hours discusseing the problem and came up with some procedures we could follow. The first thing was to define who was eligible and the second was to determine what the requirements are to make that person eligible and how to implement the voting procedure in accordance with the Constitution.

Mr. Sledge told the board that to be eligible to vote, membership and taxes must be paid to be a member in good standing. The Constitution says a member has one vote and can vote one proxy. It is planned to send each member a Proxy with the ballot on the back. If someone elects to send a proxy in lieu of attending the meeting, it must be notarized and sent to the Vecinos. Proxies will be checked to be sure those sending it are a member in good standing. Proxies will be handed out at the check-in table to any member of good standing who is willing to vote one. Those showing the earliest postal date will be handed out first. Should there only be 80 people at the meeting and 100 proxies were returned, some will not be voted. If proxies are brought in on the day of the meeting, they will be checked to see if that person is in good standing and if there someone is available to vote it after the mailed proxies have been used, it will be done. Otherwise, it will not get voted.

A question was asked if a person could vote and send it in but was told that it had to be voted by a member and not treated as a mail-in ballot.

Mr. Dugan reported it will be cleaned up a little and presented to the board at the next meeting for approval.


Mr. Dugan reported the water consumption is up in Cholla and things are running pretty smooth. As to the progress of water and sewer in Cholla, he figures the Company has the drawings but just trying to figure out how they will finance it. He said he would try to get an update from Bengie Brown.


Any old business was discussed in other categories.


Mr. Niblack thought email should be used more in communicating with the membership. Ms. Dahlstrom reported that the new program will have email addresses. Mr. Dugan felt the membership should use the website more since so much information is posted.

Mr. Felton said the Newsletter would be going out within a week and asked Mr. Pisciotta to give him the grading schedule so he could include it in the mailing.

There was a discussion about getting information out early regarding the new rules for voting at the General Meeting, the Budget for 2009-2010 and reminding everyone that their bills must be paid in order to vote. Mr. Dugan said 29% of the people in Cholla haven’t paid their taxes.

Mr. Felton asked if the Vecinos had heard from Mario Chavez as to what the language should be on signs for the beach and no information has been received.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 10:25 AM.


Mr. McKenzie had concerns that the grader and water truck doesn’t come into his area and Mr. Pisciotta said he had talked to Bengie Brown and was told they couldn’t get into that area but he would talk to him again.

Barbara Damman said we should look at Las Conchas way Las Conchas handles garbage since you don’t see it laying around there. She felt we should check with people who have been successful in handling the problem. She had previously presented the board with a picture of a garbage can that was attached to a stationary holder and it was suggested that we look at that solution again.

There was a long discussion about leaving garbage at the trailer entrance when people head out of town on Sunday and the dogs going through it. There was a suggestion that some sort of containment be near the entrance to the dumpsters so garbage could be left and the people who like
to go through the garbage can do so and then put it in the trailers.

Bob Damman asked Mr. Pisciotta if he would ask to have the water truck pressure lowered so it won’t harm property.

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald, Secretary


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