A regular Board meeting was held on Sunday, October 10, 2010

A regular Board meeting was held on Sunday, October 10, 2010



A regular Board meeting was held on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 9:02 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following members present: Gene Court, Pete Pisciotta, Bella Howard, Ken Goodin, Lew Felton, Helen Dahlstrom, Shirley McDonald, Pat Sledge, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Steve Willis and Laurie Weber.

Absent: Steve Lee, Blaine Fletcher, Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance and Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative.


The board had previously received minutes of the July 11, 2010 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, motion was made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through September 30, 2010. Mr Dugan answered a couple of questions pertaining to extra garbage cans that were purchased. He said due to the influx of visitors to our beaches, the garbage bill was very high. He went to the city and asked if they would give the Vecinos a discount due to cleaning up trash not generated by residents of Cholla. He was told they couldn’t give a discount but the city would pick up the trash and clean the beaches if we provided the cans. The City now picks up trash on Friday and Monday from the beaches and park and saving hundreds of dollars for the Vecinos

Ms. Weber asked why the water and garbage costs were paid in cash and was told the water company wouldn’t accept a check and it was almost impossible for Mr. Arvizu to get a check cashed. After a discussion, Mr. Dugan will again look into the possibility of paying the bills by check.

Mr. Dugan then asked for a motion to approve the report. Motion made, seconded and Treasurer’s Report approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom reported there were 588 paid in full, 295 not current, one Mexican member not required to pay, but did, for a total of 884 members. There are 75 members whose status is unclear.


Mr. Dugan said there has been no movement and he thinks they might be re-writing the CC&Rs.


Chairman Pat Sledge reported that Doug Gallagher is to work on the sound system next week and move it to it’s new home and the old speakers will be gone. Mr. Sledge said you still won’t be able to sit under a speaker and use the microphone because you will get some feedback.

He is still looking at the kitchen renovation including putting steel around the wooden beams that are there now. He said he is also looking to paint the building exterior.
Mr. Ketelhut asked who was paying for the kitchen and was told that the Vecinos are paying for the update of the facility and the two clubs will pay for whatever is used for cooking and refrigerators. Mr. Sledge said he and Mr. Otanez, representing CBSC, have discussed what they feel should be done.


Chairman Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., reported a very successful clean up on Saturday and he wanted to thank everyone who helped house and feed the UofA volunteers. They had 21 students and hopefully they will return next year. He also thanked Zonat who spearheads beach cleanups and they came with a dump truck, their city truck, a John Deer Ranger that can ride up and down the beaches. The cleanup continues on Monday with the bulk trash pick it up.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta said the roads looked good on Thursday. He has been working on the Redden driveway problem. It had been discussed to have the grader lift the blade right before he was in front of their house and lower it after. The problem there is that it would

leave a hump before and after which was not acceptable. Lifting the grader also meant the
driver had to get out and smooth the hump areas down as they had to do after lifting them for the gravel area by the Barne’s residence. Mr. Brown had caleche added which Mr. Redden appreciated but would like some more brought in. Bricking the rest of their driveway to the street was discussed but not a good option since the grader cuts about 2″ off at each grading and would possibly destroy the bricks, too. There was much discussion on what to do and Mr. Pisciotta and Ms. Howard will continue to work on the problem and continue monitoring the caleche.

There was also a short discussion about the use of removable speed bumps and if permission to use them would be needed and who would to check with for that permission.

There were questions about what roads were being graded and why theirs was not graded. Mr. Dugan told them to check the website and it will tell what roads, main and secondary, are graded. There was also discussion about using a drag as a quick fix on some of the really bad roads.


Chairman Gene Court reported he now has cable around the whole park. He would like to have 8 more bollards, 6 by the palapas and 2 more by the toilets. He has other work that he wants to do regarding roofs and some painting. He also got with Mr. Brown on replacement of some trees. He said he also needs a tractor to grade out and level the park.
A discussion followed and it sounded like Mr. Court was going to buy one for himself and loan it to the Vecinos. It was discussed that the Vecinos could possibly come up with so much per hour for what would be done.


Mr. Dugan reported that during the summer there were 3 or 4 break ins in Cholla. In seeking a robbery report sheet, he was asked if there were any alarm systems. Mr. Dugan said it has been discussed several times that some kind of protection is what will stop someone breaking into a home. Mr. Sledge said they arrived one night and found their kitchen window open, but feels the motion detector went off as they got into the house and it scared them away.

Mr. Dugan said the number of break ins in relation to the number of homeowners in Cholla
has not been bad. He also let everyone know that Penasco is advertising the area to other parts of Mexico and we are not only getting locals coming to Cholla but people from all parts of Mexico.

Mr. Ketelhut asked what is being done to replace Jim Niblack as Chairman of Security.
Mr. Dugan said whoever chaired that Committee would need to be in Cholla a lot during the summer.

Mr. Ketelhut revisited the conversation about installing an arch at the entrance to Cholla and installation of a camera. Ms. Dahlstrom said Mr. Dahlstrom is putting together some costs on that. She said $5,000 had been budgeted for cameras, but the structure is on hold due to funds not being in the budget.

Mr. Willis asked about a statement made by Mr. Dugan at the last meeting about something he was looking into but did not divulge what. Mr. Dugan read what he had stated and said he did not remember what it pertained to. There was a discussion but no one came up with what the subject might have been.

Mr. Dugan did say that with the influx of so many visitors to Cholla over Easter weekend, what would happen if boulders were put at Tucson Beach and at the launching ramp and removed on Monday? He had previously talked to Joe at JJ’s and was told he had no business on that weekend so it wouldn’t affect his business. The area at the end of Borracho has been closed off and the only way they can get to the beach is to walk.
There was also a discussion about water barricades.


Mr. Dugan reported that the Borracho area has water to their homes which was done by the City as payment for helping get the Mayor elected. The people were to pay a hook up fee by a certain date and then they pay a water fee every month or so.

Mr. Dugan revisited our role in helping the Company install a new pump and pressure regulating valves to insure that everyone on that line has the same amount of pressure to get water. The only problem will be if the city can’t provide water due to a break, electrical problems, etc. Pay back is made through money withheld each month from road maintenance payments. It has been spelled out in previous minutes.

Mr. Dugan reported that out of everyone getting water from the system, Cholla Bay and

Costa Diamonte are the only ones that are current on their water bills.

He said the City would like to extend their service into Cholla but that is in the future, if ever.

Mr. Ketelhut, Ms. Weber and Ms. Howard were not happy with how the audit was done when it was presented at the July meeting. Mr. Dugan and Ms. Dahlstrom met with them later but they still had questions and were not satisfied with what they were shown.

Mr. Ketelhut said there were several board members not present at the last meeting when the Audit was presented. He went through a long report of why he had wanted an audit but was not comfortable with the one that was done. This was followed by Ms. Weber, Ms. Howard, and Mr.Willis in letting the other Board Members they were not happy with the audit either.

There was a very long discussion as to what they wanted to happen and it was basically to re-do the audit. The majority of the board felt it was sufficient. A motion was made and seconded to approve the present audit. Motion was approved with nays from Mr. Ketelhut, Mr. Willis, Ms. Howard and Ms. Weber.

Mr. Ketelhut said he would like to see a bank statement. Ms. Dahlstrom had it on her computer and Mr. Ketelhut was told she would be glad to show it to him after the meeting.


There was a short discussion about the need of a check list to be used before and after someone rents the Clubhouse. In that way any damage will be seen prior to the renter using the building and what might have been done during the party after the event.

There is a book that tells how to turn on water, lights, cooking equipment, etc. and Mr. Sledge said he has a copy and will make sure one is placed inside the new equipment storage.

Due to the normal date for the General Meeting falling on Easter weekend, the board decided to change it to April 16, 2011 and the Regular Meeting will be on Sunday, April 17. This will be posted in the Newsletter and on the Website so everyone will be aware of

the date.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 10:54 AM.


A lady in the audience said she has an issue with the dog packs that roam around Cholla. Ms. Weber suggested contacting Nancy Phelan, have them picked up and spayed and she was told the dogs in question are beyond that because they are wild. No one really knows what to do about them. Mr. Dugan ask her to check with Ms. Phelan and see if she has any suggestions.

A gentleman in the audience asked about how the roads are graded. He was concerned that the roads weren’t wet before being graded. It was called to his attention that people see the trucks spreading water on roads. He said they weren’t spreading enough but the people driving through mud after them thought it was quite a bit. Mr. Pisciotta said he would check with Mr. Brown since they own the roads.

Someone asked about giving tickets in Cholla and was told the Company owns the roads.
Mr. Dugan informed them that the Vecinos have no real control over the policemen nor do we really have control over the younger policemen who live in Cholla. He sometime has fears for Arturo and Memo out on the streets with no weapon or a chance in case of a problem. They are only here to notify the police if they see something but definitely not to enforce law.

Mr. Dugan has had several meetings with the Port Captain about the problems at the launch area. He thinks the local police may soon get the authority to enforce the law if people become problems at the ramp.

There were a lot of suggestions from the audience as to how we should stop people from coming to Cholla and they were told that we have no authority to stop them. We do not own the roads.

Ray Flinn suggested that the Vecinos ask the local merchants who sell beer to only it in cans which will not be broken or left on the beach.

Mr. Flinn also asked how many homeowners have not paid their dues. He was told the

number was 295. He wanted them posted on the street and was told they are posted on the
website. He was told water could not be shut off due to legalities with the water trucks. Mr. Dugan told him that we were with him in what he suggested but there were road blocks.

Mr. Willis said he read something in the Constitution regarding the ability to stop services. He thought the Vecinos should look into turning off electricity to those who didn’t pay. Mr. Dugan said when a new meter is requested, CFE contacts Mr. Brown who then contacts Monica to see if they are a homeowner and paid up. Mr. Brown will then notify them if they should proceed with installing a meter.

Ms. Weber commented that she has been working with Monica on delinquent fees and they have been successful a lot of times just by working with people to bring them current.

Someone suggested putting horse shoe pits in the park. Mr. Court said they already have basketball and soccer down there and doesn’t know about space. Mr. Dugan reminded everyone that the park is owned by the city.

Someone asked if we could hire off duty policemen to work out in Cholla and was told the Vecinos do not want employees. They were reminded that all police in Cholla are paid by the city.

There was a question about the road grading schedule. Mr. Pisciotta told him him the scheduled days.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


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