A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday October 18, 2015

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday October 18, 2015



A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday October 18, 2015 at the Cholla Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Kelly Ross, Helen Dahlstrom, Darrell Smith, Lew Felton, Pat Champion, Ken Goodin, and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance, Gabriel Camargo Green, Mexican Representative. ABSENT: Kathy Barnard


MINUTES:  The last meeting in June 2015 was a very informal meeting.  Lew Felton took notes from that June 2015 meeting which was distributed to the Board Members.  Mr. Dugan requested that every read the minutes and if they had any questions or corrections to contact Lew and he would adjust them accordingly.


TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE: Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report ending June 30, 2015 (Fiscal Year End) and September 30, 2015 (1st three months).  In regards to fiscal year end statement Mr. Dugan asked how we ended up in regards to the overage budget. Ms. Dahlstrom said that we were at 90% overall.  There were areas that were over and some that were under. There were no changes or additions to the report.  A motion was made, followed by a second and report approved.


MEMBERSHIP:             Ms. Dahlstrom reported 496 members paid in full, 345 who are not current, 3 Mexican members who are not required to pay, but did for a total membership of 844.  There are currently 12 members whose status is unclear. Delinquent monies collected during the summer months was $ 3,505.00.



OLD BUSINESS:  Mr. Dugan stated that any old business would be covered under the agenda categories.
However,         Mr. Dugan read an email that he had received from our Secretary Kathy Barnard. With regret Ms. Barnard has resigned from her position as Secretary of the Vecinos, due to an unknown illness which makes it very tough for her to perform her duties as required.  She said it was a privilege to have been elected and to have served on the Executive Committee.  With regret Mr. Dugan has accepted her resignation. However we are hoping that the Doctors will find out what is wrong and that she will be able to return. Since we only have 3 or 4 meetings remaining prior to our next election, the constitution states that we must fill the position. In the interim, Mr. Dugan recommended that Ms. Dahlstrom (since she volunteered) take over the duties of recording the minutes. A motion was made by Lew Felton that Helen Dahlstrom take over the duties until the next election or if Ms. Barnard should return, followed by a second and approved.


CLUBHOUSE:                Ms. Dahlstrom reported that the roof was repaired.  Ms. Dahlstrom mentioned that we have had a hard time getting the Clubhouse really cleaned after all the parties and functions. A hand held floor scrubber was rented and brought down to clean the floors and made a huge difference. Ms. Dahlstrom said that the old floor scrubber maybe was too complicated for people to use and that we needed to make a decision of what to do with it.  Mr. Dugan said that he would talk with the Community Center to see if they had a need for it. The kitchen floor was re-painted and the cracks were filled, new cove base was installed in the kitchen and the serving line area. The side patio was “beautified”, we painted the wall inside the patio, constructed new and painted the BBQ covers, did some tile work. We extended the property wall behind the patio and left an opening for anyone that wanted to enter from that direction. Ms. Dahlstrom had a gripe in regards to the “Clubs” putting items in the Vecinos storage area that do not belong in there.  With the exception of the outside heaters the Vecinos storage room is for Vecinos property only, the “Clubs” have their own closets.  Ms. Dahlstrom said that from now on if items are found in the Vecinos closet at the end of the year, it’s going in the trash, unless someone want it.  Items have been left outside of the clubs closet hoping that someone would put the items away, but that didn’t happen. Ms. Dahlstrom said that there are still items left to do, one being the “crack” in the wall.  Another crack has appeared on the patio wall, believing that the two are created by the same issue, we want to repair both at the same time.  We are not going to wait until the summer to complete these repairs.  We also have 2 new coolers which are much quieter and more efficient, a stand up and chest.  We also purchased 3 additional floor mats for the kitchen and bar area. Mr. Dugan acknowledged that Ms. Dahlstrom along with Rick Dahlstrom and crew spend a lot of time during the summer to fix up, clean up the clubhouse and should be commended. Ms. Dahlstrom wanted to thank the local helpers too.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Mr. Dugan met with Hector with the Company about 2 or 3 weeks ago regarding the Deed of Trust saga.  Mr. Dugan wished he had the minutes from a year ago to compare what he said then vs. what he said now.  Basically, what Hector said on September 4th 2015 the “Company” (SBR), Bank and the City met with the Technical Committee and came up with an agreement.  The company has submitted under the new agreement two properties to see how easily it will flow thru the system. Apparently everything has been resolved.  Mr. Dugan asked how long it will take to be processed thru the new system and he said about 6 months. Mr. Dugan also met with Oomapas (the water company) about a month prior to the election. If you recall about a year ago Oompass had plans, bids and all the information to proceed with the process to bring the water out to Cholla Bay.  If you have an Administration that is going out of power, nothing is going to happen. Oompas stated that everything happens in Hermosillo so basically you would need to speak with the next Administration.  On September 8th 2015 Mr. Dugan went to pay the water bill for the Vecinos and they usually give us a 10% discount.  This particular payment they would not give us a discount. The new administration takes office on September 15th, 2015. Mr. Dugan joked that maybe he should have come back on the 20th of September just to get the discount! For the October payment Mr. Dugan asked Oomapas if they would give us a discount and also since there is a new administration, do we get to meet them.  After a short period of time the new administrator, Omar Sainz came out and introduced himself.  Mr. Dugan explained the prior history in Cholla.  Mr. Sainz mentioned that he used to live in Cholla and that he was aware of the plans and the situation along with some papers that Gabriel (Mexican Rep) had given him.  Mr. Sainz said that the Government is very interested in doing the project. Mr. Sainz also stated that he had been at his new desk for 2 weeks and wanted some time. Mr. Sainz gave Mr. Dugan he personal cell number and email address.  Mr. Dugan extended an invitation to come to his home in Cholla after he has had time to get acquainted with his new position. Mr. Dugan also wanted to include Gabriel in the meeting.  Gabriel had 3 documents, one document was where Hermosillo had accepted the project, the one document was they had bid the project came up with the price and a contractor and all they needed was the money.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked if they had a plan to come up with the money. Mr. Dugan explained that basically the Government will pay 80%, 20% will come from the local municipality that is involved, usually thru assessments.  Gabriel mentioned that person involved with the original project is no longer there, so we will have to start over, with new Administration. Oomapas was discounting all the local that had not paid their water bill. Mr. Dugan asked if we were going to get a discount and Mr. Sainz gave us an additional 5% off our water bill, so we got 15% off our bill and saved about 3000 pesos.





GARBAGE:          Mr. Dugan said the Oosmslim has taken over picking up the garbage and they are picking it up 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  They have missed a couple of days during the summer, but they are doing the best they can. It will remain to be seen when everyone gets back in Cholla and population increases, time will tell.  Some questions have been asked about the trash blowing around and then the members that leave their garbage out in bags and not in a container.  We have some plan in regards to picking up some of the items that Oosmslim won’t take.  Arturo Arvizu is renting our old truck to pick anything BUT wet garbage.  He is an independent contractor, you pay him directly.  You can contact him directly on his cell phone at 638-112-3557.  He cannot pick up what the City is responsible for, but can pick up trimmings and construction debris.


ROADS:               Mr. Ross mentioned that over the summer we had some rains that tore up the roads pretty bad.  It took a while to get SBR out there to take a look and also to see if they had the capability for their backhoe and or grader in the area to do the repairs. Mr. Ross apologizes to a couple of homeowners where it took too long to repair the roads.  Those homeowners paid to have the repairs done and we have since reimbursed them.  Mr. Ross ask that you continue to email him with any issues. He will get with SBR to make the assessment and they will make the determination to see if they can get their crews in there.  About a year ago some homeowners were angry in regards to the roads and the repairs.  Mr. Ross had asked everyone to be patient and constant reinforcement and it has paid off.  Since then SBR has taken on 2 additional roads for repairs. SBR does want the homeowners to be happy and will continue to work with us to take care of the roads.  For everyone’s information there is a schedule the main road get hits first then the secondary road and then if there is a third road, then they will take care of them.  If there is something is not getting done, please email Mr. Ross.  Mr. Ross will contact SBR to get the issue resolved. If it is not an assigned road, if it doesn’t have a street sign, then it is a driveway.  SBR is very steadfast on this issue.  That’s not to say that we might not come up with a solution, we’ll discuss it.  It’s not a matter of it being as assigned road, it’s if the road is accessible.  Mr. Ross said the secondary roads are maintained at least once a month.  The main road is maintained on Tuesdays and Thursdays (twice a week). Ms. Dahlstrom asked about the maintenance of the mirrors for blind corners, if there was someone taking of them.  Mr. Ross said yes he did, his name is Jesse Arturo in fact it is the cousin of Frederico Leon.  Since Mr. Leon did not answer his phone, Mr. Ross has given the work of maintain the signs to Jesse Arturo and he has gotten all the left over material from Frederico and said he is “good to go”.  He has repaired 15 signs, 5 of them will be replaced his coming week.  Mr. Ross said that he needs to get the Stop sign repaired with vinyl.  Mr. Felton asked about the speed bumps, some of them are pretty flat.  Mr. Ross said that the speed bumps will get cleaned up.  He will talk with SBR to get them shoveled up and make them bigger.  Mr. Felton was concerned about the ones by the curve located by his house, there were 2 speed bumps and they really help slow down traffic and now they are completely flat.  Mr. Dugan mentioned that the best place to put speed bumps are at the Stop signs and it was agreed with.  Mr. Ross said that he will get the speed bumps repaired as this is a very dangerous curve and there have been multiple accidents at this location. Mr. Dugan wanted to mention that the Aaron Arvizu does not have access to a tractor any longer; therefore he will not be available for any miscellaneous repairs.  Mr. Dugan mentioned that he has been looking for one; it’s a Ford tractor and thought there were 2 in town. Mr. Dugan said that he would go into town to see if he could find them and maybe negotiate a price.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked about the “drag” that we were going to have made.  Mr. Dugan explained that the “drag” was primarily to do the front of the clubhouse and Ms. Dahlstrom mentioned it would also help with any small roads where equipment would not have accessibility. Mr. Dugan and Mr. Ross mentioned that they would design one buy the material and Arturo Arvizu could fabricate it over at Mr. Dugan’s house using his welder.


PARKS/ENVIRONMENT:                Mr. Smith mentioned that after the rains the weeds had been cleaned up and palm trees have been trimmed along with 2 mesquite trees. Mr. Smith met with a vendor in regards to the pickle ball court and would get numbers put together.  Mr. Smith is hesitant to use any type of pesticides for the weeds and would prefer to use the method of “pulling” the weeds instead. Mr. Smith also mentioned the volley ball nets need to be replaced along with rope.  Mr. Dugan mentioned a place in town where he could get rope at a reasonable price.  Mr. Smith said the soccer goal nets are trashed as well.  Mr. Dugan said that the soccer goals were given to us for free.  Mr. Smith said they he would explore avenues for donations for any type of replacement.




SECURITY:           Mr. Dugan reported that they changed the Police Captain and Commandant.  The commandant was previously in charge of the 3rd tier of the police in the community.


WATER AND SEWER:            Mr. Dugan reported that we covered most of this discussion in the Executive Committee section.  Mr. Dugan noticed that the water was slow and he was going to check with SBR.  That should not be, we paid our portion of the regulating valves, and theoretically everyone should get the same amount of pressure.  A lot of times when the water is not flowing very well, it’s the City’s having issues on their end.


NEW BUSINESS:                    Ms. Dahlstrom mentioned that at the Clubhouse is not being cleaned as well as it should be after every party. Ms. Dahlstrom has proposed that the Vecinos take on the responsibility to maintain the cleaning of the clubhouse and to cover the additional cost; we would increase the rent to both clubs, (OBSC and CBSC).  The rate would be $100.00 per party, paid quarterly with the rent.  It was discussed what the clubs responsibilities would be. The clubs would take down any decorations that were put up, any dirty dishes on going thru the party, which would leave only a very small amount of dirty dishes at the end of the event and putting away any leftover food.  So our “crew” would clean the floors, tables, chairs, bathrooms, bar area, floor mats, windows, residual dishes, kitchen and all stainless steel.  Mr. Dugan said that as President of the CBSC that the club would have paid the $ 100.00 to clean the clubhouse anyway and that it would be easier for anyone volunteering to run the event wouldn’t have to worry about the cleaning portion.  This way if we were not happy with the cleaning we would only have one person to address the issues with. Any smaller functions such as Pot Lucks the people attending would do their own clean up.  Mr. Dugan asked for a proposal to increase the rent by $ 100.00 per party paid quarterly. A motion was made and seconded.


Other new business: Mr. Dugan passed out a proposal submitted by one of our members Charlotte Keller to create a volunteer group known as the “Keep Cholla Beautiful”.  The purpose would be to enhance and maintain the beauty of Cholla.  The volunteer membership would be open to any property owner or renter in good standing with the HOA.  Recap proposal:  Tuesday trash treks to clean the streets and beaches.  A continuation of the bi-annual trash and treasure events with prizes and a bi-monthly neighbor improvement recognition.  Annual membership recognition parties with awards and certificates. Coordination with the local High Schools to bring awareness of the environmental impact and to report to the HOA Board Members at each Board Meeting.  Pat Champion has volunteered to coordinate with Charlotte Keller this committee.  The committee will be informally organized and will be recognized as a sub-committee.  They will recruit members and organize the recognition events and report back to the Board.  There has been a request for items to help in the efforts such as trash bags, trash grabbers, gloves and signage. Ms. Keller addressed the board and members with her plan and the intent of the sub-committee. Mr. Dugan requested that the HOA reimburse Ms. Keller for any expenses she has incurred from her efforts prior to this committee being formed to clean Tucson Beach.  A motion was made and seconded.  Mr. Dugan made a motion to accept the submitted plan from Ms. Keller and Pat Champion as the board representative of this committee. It was seconded and approved.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked Ms. Keller for a small write up that could be posted to our website.






Ms. Dahlstrom inquired into the Trashy Day sign that was taped to the wall at the police station that is normally used for banners for any up and coming events from the clubs.  It was suggested that signage for the Trashy Day be used on the water trucks for better exposure and advertising.  Mr. Felton mentioned a vendor in town that could get signage made at an affordable price.


Ms. Dahlstrom reported from previous discussions made during the summer regarding the change in garbage service pick up, that a banner is to be put up at the Police station to direct returning homeowners to the clubhouse for a flyer informing them of those changes.  Ms. Dahlstrom asked for the Boards approval to have the banner made and fabricate a PVC type of holder for the flyers.  A motion was made and seconded.


Mr. Felton asked about the communication efforts with the community. Ms. Dahlstrom mentioned that we are signed up with Fire Drum and is working on getting the email address entered.


The next meeting is December 13, 2015 at 9:00 AM


There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned.












A question was made in regards to a banner for when Board meetings are held.  We have a banner already made up and Mr. Felton said he would take care of posting the banners in the future for any meetings to be held.


A comment was made about having contractors clean up their debris when they are completed with their construction project.  Las Conchas charges a $1,000.00 bond and it is returned when the debris is removed.  The problem is that we don’t have any CC & R’s to enforce this in Cholla.  It was agreed it’s a good idea and Mr. Ross said we should make it aware to Contractor’s.


A question was asked why the road by the Reef was in good shape and then it wasn’t on the way to Cholla.  Mr. Ross mentioned that the Port is the reason they maintain the road better in that area.  Another question regarding the roads is that when they grade twice a week the road is becoming narrower.  Mr. Ross will get with SBR to get the issue resolved.  Mr. Dugan brought up the fact that the ripples in road are still an issue and they need to build the road back up.  He had previously mentioned an idea when trenching for the port area to use that material and compact it.  The problem was that it is too costly for them to do that.  Mr. Ross said that he would get with Juan at SBR to try and to get resolution for the problem with the road from the Stop sign to Cholla Bay.


A member wanted to know how much the trash truck was rented for? Mr. Dugan mentioned that it was more important to have the garbage removed versus what we charge for the truck.   Arturo mentioned that eventually he would be interested in purchasing the truck.  A discussion was made in regards to the construction debris and how homeowners can hire Arturo to remove large items.  A discussion was made in regards to having a common area with the trash cans.  We are not allowed to have a common area as instructed by the City of Penasco.  Mr. Ross elaborated on the issue regarding trash, the changes and the Cease and Desist letter to Mike Dugan and Gus Brown.  Mr. Ross stated we will work thru this and it’s all new to us and always do what’s best for this community.  Someone wanted to know if we need how many people signed up for trash service.  Mr. Ross mentioned that when he signed up in April he was number 96 and he thinks there is approximately 200.  Also Mr. Ross mentioned that homeowners need to have a sticker in order for Oosmslim to recognize you as a paid customer in order to pick up your trash.  There was a discussion if Oosmslim has enough stickers made and how they are charging for either a year’s worth of service or just until December 2015.  There is some confusion which will eventually work itself out.  Also someone wanted to know if Ramon and Dawn Marie would be interested in dispensing stickers for Oosmslim and to sell trash cans with lids. Ms. Keller said she would ask them. Mr. Ross asked Pat Champion to check within her committee if she could ask Oosmslim how they plan on handling renters versus homeowners.  What do we instruct them to do with their trash?  Ms. Champion said that everyone needs to have a trash can with a lid.  The problem is that people will not pay for service and use the trash cans of the people who do pay. It was asked if a person is allowed to go to the dump themselves.  The answer is yes. It was further discussed if Oosmslim would have a common area that people could use to pick up trash.  The consensus is that they would not do this due to the decline in revenue.


More discussion was made in regards to speed bumps, stop signs from JJ’s to Xchotils  Mr. Ross mentioned the process involved in getting a speed bump installed which is getting approval from 5 homeowners from both directions on both sides of the street to agree.  Mr. Dugan mentioned that you could also go the City of Penasco and ask them install one since the roads belong to them.


Since there were no further comments or questions the meeting concluded.



Respectfully submitted,



Helen M Dahlstrom, Treasurer

On behalf of Kathy Barnard