A Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, October 20, 2013



A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, October 20, 2013 at the Cholla Community Center.  President Mike Dugan called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM with the following members present:  Helen Dahlstrom, Shirley McDonald, Tammy Hicks, Steve Lee, Jim Allison, Kathy Barnard, Tavane McComb, Jerry Caballero, Ken Goodin, Sue Kathe, and Don Schmidli. Absent:  Kelly Ross.

MINUTES: The board previously received the minutes of the June meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions.  There being none, a motion was made followed by a second and report approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCE: Treasurer, Helen Dahlstrom, handed out reports ending June 30, 2013 and September 30, 2013.  After reading the reports and answering a couple of questions, Mr. Dugan asked if there any changes or additions.  There being none, he asked for a motion to approve.  Motion was made, followed by a second and the reports were approved.

MEMBERSHIP: Ms. Dahlstrom reported the following:  552 paid in full, 298 not current, 4 Mexican Members who are not required to pay, for a total of 854 members.  There are 21 members whose status is unclear.  During
the summer, Ms. Koerner collected $2,650.00 delinquent monies.


1.        OSPRY NESTING PLATFORMS: The Ospry nests were discussed in June.  The vecinos offered $1,000 to see what could be done about it.   Mr. Dugan met the head of CFE and talked to him about what the Vecinos would like to do.  He sent the gentleman an email telling him what the Vecinos would like to do.  Mr. Caballero had been talking to someone about the same thing,  and they have some kind of design to handle what is being discussed.  Some are planned in Cholla and 3 somewhere else.  CFE is furnishing the material and handling everything. There is a list of where they would be placed and were shown to the board.  Several board members did not want them as near to their home as they would be placed.  Two of the planned locations are on Pelican Point right by homes and it sounded like one would be on the light tower on Pelican Point.  The concern of homeowners is the closeness of nests to houses and the possibility of them wanting to next on porches.

Mr. Dugan said there are poles in the mountain area behind his house that would be perfect for that project in lieu of being right by homes.  There are other similar areas that might be better served and hope that CFE will agree.

Ms. Barnard  made a motion to contact people who have poles near them that are planned for nests.  If they do not want them there, they will not be installed.  There was a second and the motion was approved.  It was also suggested that
homeowner approval needs to be made prior to any installations near homes.

Ms. Dahlstrom will put the above information on the website.

CLUBHOUSE: Ms. Dahlstrom renovated the interior of the Clubhouse during the summer.  The black beam is now white, beautiful paintings all over the clubhouse done by Carlos,  doors now open good, new closet doors,
bathrooms look better, exterior steps in front are safer now with new railings,  completely changed the kitchen steps by making it a step down without entering the street to get to the front patio, and  did a lot of necessary work
on a wall beam, and much more. In answer to a question about leaking in rains, she thinks the water is coming in either the door or windows.  It is not coming through the roof. She said the tile is taking a beating due to wine and beer being spilled at the parties.

Mrs. Anderson donated a table in memory of her husband.  It has been installed on the east patio.

Ms. Dahlstrom said the dance floor in front of the Clubhouse has  rebar sticking up, and broken/ missing concrete.  That needs to be replaced soon.

Ms. Barnard asked if easy-ups were no longer being discussed and told it was still being discussed but got involved on necessary repairs.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Nothing to report.

GARBAGE: Rocky Point has gone to a contractor to take care of all the garbage.  Mr. Arvizu and he went to meet the new people explain that the Vecinos were not happy at the pricing because we do all the
work.  We own the truck, have the people, pick up the garbage, and take it to the dump.  At that point it was set at $70 per ton.  After a week, went back and were given a proposal of $30 per ton.  They even email Mr. Dugan the bill which
makes it easy to pay.

Mr. Dugan again asked that homeowners separate garbage from landscape.  There is a trailer at the garbage area for each and the cost is more than twice for landscape garbage than it is for regular household garbage.  If they are
mixed, they will charge the higher rate.

Mr. Dugan said we are having problems with the dump truck being used for the last 7 years.   It has been kept healthy but the alternators and pumps are starting to get old.  It is a foreign vehicle that the Mexicans will not let be brought
in.  We need to look at a new garbage truck.  Mr. Otanez, one of our members, has two trucks that are of the configuration that we can merely take that sliding unit off the existing truck and put it right on one of those trucks.  So our operation doesn’t change, it would take a week to have it done so between pickups they could do it. There are two different vehicles.  One is almost a mirror of what we have which is a 2004.  The other is a GMC with a body and gas engine and it is $4,500.00.  The first one cannot be licensed in Mexico but  the second vehicle can. Everyone likes the diesel differential because they are pretty bullet proof.  It uses gasoline which is a little bit cheaper.  They both get about the same miles per gallon.  Mr. Lee asked what is the better bang for the buck and was told the gas engine because they can get parts in Penasco.  Mr. Lee made a motion to buy the GMC, there was a second and approved.

Mr. Dugan thanked Mr.Otanez for all his help.

Someone asked what will happen to the old one.  If someone wants it, we will sell it to them.

ROADS Ms. Kathe reported SBR was really good about responding and getting right on the job.  The HOA pays for the maintenance only since SBR owns the roads.  She is saying that since one of the big problems is down by the Four Aces.  Some of the homeowners are asking for help.  She went down to look at it and it is a major job to fix that road.  We are not qualified to fix it because an engineer is looking at it due to electrical under some of it and it is just a liability if the Vecinos touch it.  SBR is responsible for it. They can do a quick fix for $500  but  To fix it the way it should be done would cost $20,000.  Mr. Dugan said a lot of fixes could be done for $20,000 to $25,000 and Ms. Kathe said they would continue doing the $500 fixes.

The other problem is the driveways which are the responsibility of homeowners and they have to get them repaired.  Mr. Ross was not at the meeting but will be available at the December meeting to work with people.

Mr. Dugan said there are a couple of areas that homeowners continually have problems and expect the Vecinos to repair the problems but they are driveways, not roads.

Juan Mesa got on the problem very quick.  Before anyone could get with him to see when the grader would be available, the grader was on the road to Cholla.  Mr. Dugan was told what they were planning to do and he thinks they have done the majority of the problems.

PARKS/ENVIRONMENT: Mr. Lee reported Ramon cleaned the park yesterday and we need to pay him.  The water boys kept the trees all watered through the summer.

SECURITY: There have been break-ins during the summer and sounds like it is the same people every time.  They are drilling out the door locks.  One person had rolling shutters and they went through the skylight, turned the air conditioner on and stayed a while.

Mr. Dugan asked the security people how many break-ins they have had and they said none.  They had two attempts but when the alarm went off, they left.

The policeman, who drives around all the time, came to his house and said he needed some new tired.  The tires are 15×33 off road and cost a lot of bucks.  A suggestion was made that he should use the quad.

WATER/SEWER: The Company has been working with OOMOPAS about finishing the line into Cholla, obviously to each house.  Of course OOMOPAS is quite eager to do it.  They have a budget they put together every year of all the projects they want to do and then they determine how much money the government is going to give them to do these projects.  Apparently, even with the stuff they are doing, they have appropriated to finish Cholla.    OOMOPAS has a system whereby they want to do this in two parts.  First is a proposal and the second step is the construction phase or the part where they actually run the lines to houses. The proposal was put together by the OOMOPAS office, and
then submitted to Hermosillo for approval and appropriations and whatever else they do.  He went and listened to the proposal portion which contains  the topos,  infrastructure , and then they propose it to  OOMOPOS people for the
construction portion to draw up the plans.  At that point they either bit it out or do it internally.   OOMOPAS said they would pay half of the bill because they have to go out of house to get this done.  The company doesn’t have money and it seemed they wanted the Vecinos to take on the other half.  We’ll pay the $30,000 dollars to get the job on the road.  All I will do is prepay the roads for 10 months just like we did a few years ago when the water needed a new part so everyone got water.  At that time we loaded $36,000 and got roads covered for a year.  We are basically doing the same thing.  We will pay their bill and they will do our roads for 10 months.

He asked them to draw a timeline.  OOMOPOS said they had to submit this before mid-December to get it into the system and get the process going for the study. From that $30,000 we put in, we will then stop paying the $3,000 per month for the road work.  It is not going to cost the Homeowner Association anything.

The gentleman from OOMOPAS said there would be a certain time when they get their act together and then they would start extending the line out.  Whatever map they finally draw, they would then extent it out .  Mr Dugan wasn’t
sure he believed them but they said it would take 6 to 9 months. A tank will be necessary

In the process.What he is trying to present to them is the concept used in the flats whereby it would be a non-metered affair with a flat fee. He made it abundantly clear that some people will sign up and some won’t.  It is nor a forced affair.

He asked for a motion to proceed with what he projected.  Motion was made, second, and approved.

NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Lee brought up the dumping of building debris and other things on Pelican Point.  His neighbors were asking him about it.  He talked to Mike and he got Mr. Arvizu to clean it up.  It cost Mike
$250 out of pocket and he would like the board to reimburse Mr. Dugan.  A motion was made, seconded and approved.

Ms. Dahlstrom  wanted to ask the board what they thought about replacing the old bus with a beach bar.  She presented a drawing of what she would like to build that could be used at parties outside when it is too hot inside.  It was nothing more than a shell that could be opened up to sell tickets, beer, pop, etc. Inside it would be 9×12.  She had it a little larger to use it for storage but it just got too expensive.  She said it could be decorated any way you wanted it and add signs for
whatever event is being held.  It has metal on the front with concrete underneath and concrete from the sidewalk to the building and on the south side  of the building. She is estimating the cost to be from $10, 000 to $15,000. It will
have electric to it.

Mr. Caballero was against the building and thought it was for the clubs.  He said we had planned things that needed to be repaired, etc. There had been a discussion about a building to the east of the clubhouse but nothing in the front.

Several members thought we should complete the things previously planned before anything else is planned.  Some wondered what happened to the idea of getting Palapas to shade the front area.

A suggestion was made that something be decided at the next meeting what is needed and put that as an agenda. Mr. Dugan suggested the board email him their thoughts as to
what their wish list would be.  He suggested sending five priorities and show which they think is most important to them by listing them 1 through 5.

Someone wanted to make sure when the next meeting was and she was told it is December, 15.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn.  Motion made, a second followed and meeting adjourned.


Ms. McCombs said something about the Separation has been stopped. Bancomer is requesting  it and Mr. Dugan said it had been done. One of the challenges they are having is the separation of the 700 lots.  When a lot of people bought
property, they payed a check directly to Bancover for the administration fee and the foreign permit so they are out about $2500.  When they separate the company and they are not in charge of the trust anymore, there is a chance that people will lose that $2500.  Mr. Dugan said that should be shown by the seller.    Ms. McCombs said that relationship is going to be cancelled.  Mr. Dugan said in the letters of instructions, those dollars will be annotated and retrieved from the bank.  That will be one of the steps because it has been talked about how that would come about.  Mr. Dugan said that was not for the board to bother with because we don’t know who has or has not done it.  That will come up when the seller issues their instructions.

Someone asked what Mr. Dugan had heard on the Homeport?   His understanding is that the program (proposals and the RFP) has to be put on the computer or some website.  It takes 45days from that date and companies have 45 days to bid on the project.  Once it is bid they have a certain time to get going.

Mr. Dugan asked Reyel how many trucks would be used because he was concerned about the traffic from Cholla to the city. They will be using about 20 trucks a day going to the mountain and coming back to dump garbage in the ocean.  They are not going on the paved highway.  They will be building roads and using roads that do not get heavy traffic and it sounds that the only use of the Cholla road would be crossing it going toward the reef.  Mr.Dugan said his only concern was the safety of Cholla people using the road to RP.

At one of the meetings, Mr. Dugan suggested to Juan that whatever caliche was dug out would be good dumped in Cholla. He suggested they do a test out by the church.  They have to take what they dig out over to the mountain.  He said it
would be cheaper to drop the stuff in Cholla over 3 years than to take it to the mountain.  He suggested using the old road. Everyone got a laugh when it was said.

Someone asked when the port might be completed and someone said, I believe the people who are the first one to take off from this port is not yet born.

On numerous occasions you go to the bar and hear that Gus is making a billion dollars from this.  Mr. Dugan   wants everyone to know that Gus did not sell the land to the Government.  He donated it.  The Company is not bidding on the
Homeport.  They don’t have the expertise. Someone brought up “What about our money” to complete things.  Someone wanted to see the map.  Mr. Dugan said   He did not have it with him.  He did feel they would like to do what is right and they want to resolve the water issue.  Maybe when they have filled the regularization process from back in the 90’s  they won’t have anything.

Barb Damman spoke about calling ambulances and what is needed when you call them. Everyone should know their property lot address such as Lot 33, Manzana 23,  give as much direction as possible, and  your telephone if they need to call on the way to Cholla.  It would be good to have any medicine being taken in case it is needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2013   9:00 AM