A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, October 21, 2012

A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, October 21, 2012


A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at the Cholla Community
Center.  The meeting was called to order
at 9:00 AM by President Mike Dugan with the following members present:  Jerry Caballero, Ken Gooden, Jim Allison, Sue
Kathe, Kelly Ross, Shirley McDonald, Helen Dahlstrom, Bello Howard, Steve Lee
and Kathy Barnard.  Absent:  Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.

Board had previously received the minutes of the June 17, 2012 meeting.  Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections
or additions.  There being none, motion
was made to approve, followed by a second and report approved.

Helen Dahlstrom handed out reports ending June 30, 2012 and September 30,
2012.  There were no changes or additions
to either report.  Mr. Dugan asked for a
motion to approve both reports.  Motion
made, there was a second and both reports approved.

Dahlstrom reported the following:  560
members  paid in full, 289 not current,
16 Mexican members not required to pay, but did, for a total of 865.  There are 19 members whose status is unclear.
Ms. Dahlstrom and Monica worked on collecting back dues during the summer and
$7,935.00 was collected.


1.        ROADS
Ms. Howard reported  the following:  (1)Original speed bump signs redone, and
properly marked.  (2) New stops signs
added, old ones  repainted and
replaced.  (3) Added and replaced speed
limit signs and signs listing rules of the beaches.   (4)  new speed bump was put in near Drew Gibson’s
house  along with proper signage, one of
which is a stop sign. (5) 4 new speed bumps were put in at the Police Station, (2
in each direction) including proper signage.
(6) Replaced the red and white sign that lets people know their car is
subject to search.

The next
project was to replace, straighten and repainting street signs but the rains
hit and all efforts turned to road repairs.
SBR worked on roads before the rain stopped.  They trenched along roads to stop pooling
water from damaging homes and roads.
They have done numerous repairs and continue working on them.

presented two road repairs that were either not under SBR’s Contract or their
equipment could not get to the area.
Both bills were paid by homeowners, and facturas presented to the
Executive Board for possible reimbursement.
A third repair is pending.  The
cost for all repairs amounted to about $1,250.
The board approved reimbursement to all three repairs and asked for suggestions
on how to handle future road damage that falls out of the scope of the HOA’s
contract with SBR.

Due to a lot
of rain the last two years, Ms. Howard would like to see the Vecinos have some
kind of plan if it happens again.  She
asked if the homeowners should set aside monies every year to handle such
problems.  Maybe some repairs could be
done every year with a small section of the budget.  She also asked if it was fair  to use dues from all homeowners when only a
small number need repairs?

Mr. Ross
suggested the Vecinos fix a private driveway/road once and if it happens again,
the homeowner has to pay the bill.

SBR was working
on roads before the rain stop.  At times,
they trenched along roads so water wouldn’t pool and damage homes and
roads.  They have done numerous repairs
and continuing to work on them.

Cholla had a
lot of rain the last two years and Ms. Howard thinks the Vecinos should have
some kind of plan if it happens again.
She asked if the homeowners should set aside monies every year to handle
the problems.  She asked if some repairs be
done every year with a small section of the budget.  Is it fair to use dues from all homeowners
when only a small number need repairs?

Mr. Ross
suggested the Vecinos fix a private driveway/road once and if it happens                                                                         (2)

again, the
homeowner has to pay the bill.  Ms.
Howard suggested renegotiating the contract with SBR to take a certain amount
out of their contract for work to be done where SBR is unable to get to that
area.  She suggested working on some of
the areas prior to rains to eliminate problems before they happen.

The Four
Aces was discussed and that it isn’t the HOA’s fault even though the money to
fix it has come from the Vecinos.  Ms.
McComb reminded everyone those homeowners paid dues and the road should be
repaired.  Mr. Ross reminded everyone
that monies paid for roads are to get them to their homes.  There were several people giving their
opinions at the same time so their thoughts did not get into the minutes but
Mr. Dugan suggested people think about how to handle driveways and private
roads that are prone to wash out every rain.
In regard to the Four Aces, Ms. Dahlstrom wanted the board to know there
are 4 homeowners who use that road but only 2 are members.

Mr. Dugan
commended Ms. Howard for the job she did in handling all the problems caused by
the summer rains.

There was a
discussion about using a drag or the grader.
Mr. Dugan said he had seen a grader in Tucson for sale and he felt it
would be perfect for Cholla but getting it across the border could be a
problem.  If the Vecinos pursue the
grader, Ms. Howard would want SBR to know the Vecinos are not trying to
interfere with what they do.

2.        MEMBERSHIP: Members
who opt out of the HOA.
Mr. Dugan
reported 8 properties have opted out and resigned from the HOA.   At the last meeting it was discussed
whatever is provided by the HOA would not be available to them.  One of the major services is water from the
concession we have with the City.  The
board voted at the last meeting to withhold that service from the 8 properties.  Mr. Dugan held off over the summer waiting
for everyone to get back and hoping those people would realize $200 is very low
considering what is provided for  $.50
per day.  Mr. Dugan is going to ask the
water carriers not to take water to those homes and if they do, their privilege
to deliver water will be


from using the standpipe.  Their garbage
would also not be picked up. Mr. Dugan would like everyone to think about the
water situation. Mr. Ross talked to some of the members and they opted out
because they could and they didn’t want to pay.
Ms. McComb asked if there would be any legal problems because they
couldn’t get water and was told they can get water, but not from the HOA stand
pipe.  Mr. Lee said it was the same as
going to Cosco, get a membership, purchase merchandise and get a discount.  If you don’t have a Cosco card, you can’t
shop there but can go to other places to shop.  We have a membership, or dues, and if you are
a member you can use our store and if you aren’t a member, you can’t buy our
merchandise and have to get it from Penasco.

to report.

Dahlstrom reported they had done major cleaning in the Vecinos Storage Room,
completed the roof project, replaced 2 water tanks and evaporative cooler.  There is an issue with the air tank. The
inside bladder ruptured and it will be replaced in two weeks.  The two kegerators stopped working and the
upright refrigerator in the bar area also quit working.  All units will be repaired in two weeks.  She is also getting a price for chain links to
go around the motors on the roof to stop them from disappearing.

She had
Miguel Sauza work on the parking lot and areas where everyone parks.  The rains washed sand away from the walks
making it impossible to park and also dangerous.

to report.

Arvizu asked Mr. Dugan to make the members aware that tree trimmings, etc.
should be put in the trailer in the compound near the Police Station and
household garbage will be picked up or it can be put in the containers at JJ’s
or the Police Station.  The cost of
household garbage is significantly higher than trimmings which go to another
garbage dump.  We don’t want to pay the
same for leaves as we do for household garbage.  Ms. Dahlstrom suggested signs to direct people
to the right container.


Mr. Dugan
talked to someone in Penasco about the Vecinos picking up beach garbage and the
fact that ZOFOMAT should be doing that work.
He also talked to him about the estuary which is always a disaster.  He is will be meeting the Director of OOMAPAS
and try to negotiate some help for  the
Vecinos in the form of a discount or the possibility of them picking up the
garbage or something.  Mr. Arvizu said
there are other communities paying less than the Vecinos and he will  negotiate what we are paying.

He reported
some repairs to the roll on/off truck as well as tires that were damaged at the
dump driving over sharp fish garbage.
The tires cost $400 along with some other expenses.  The main extra cost was due to the scale finally
being fixed and they are now weighing the garbage instead of guessing the
weight.  He is going to negotiate with OOMOPAS
for a lower cost at the scale.

old Business and New Business.

Steve Lee reported the Park was cleaned the day before.  They need some tiles for the palapas.  The plants are being watered every other week

Dugan said the government made some changes and the Commandant of a few years ago
is back. He thinks we are a little worse off because he doesn’t know
anyone.  He wants to meet the Commandant
and discuss who will be working in Cholla.

WATER/SEWER: Discussed

Howard brought up the drag that is being made and asked who is making it. Mr.
Dugan said he would get that information.
Mr. Gooden suggested using old railroad tracks to build a drag.

Ms. Howard received
a request from 7 homeowners asking for a speed bump on their street.  It will be looked at by the Executive Board
and will let her know what they found.


Mr. Ross
said a homeowner proposed putting awnings over the front of the building.  One is a standard roof and the other is an A
frame roof with a rough estimate of $30,000 to build it.  The board decided to think about it a month
and come back for a decision to either purchase

There was a
discussion about using palapas such as the beer company lets us use  when available. There was a question regarding
high winds if you left it up.  Mr. Ross
was concerned about putting awnings up and down whereas the stationary palapa
would be permanent.  After the discussion,
Mr. Dugan suggested the board think about this and come back with a decision to
either purchase tents or get 3 bids.

Ms. McComb suggested putting board
meeting dates down by the entry.  She
also wanted to put a billboard to hold maps showing the streets in Cholla.  Mr. Dugan asked her to get some pricing on
what she suggested and he would check to see if he has enough material left
from the signage in front of the Clubhouse to make another one to place near
the entrance to Cholla.

Ms. McComb
inquired if the Rocky Point area had plans of what to do in case of a catastrophe
and was told some meetings were held in the past and the city does  have one.

Mr. Caballero asked the Board for a motion to
establish a permanent committee to deal with the trust issues and with
SBR.  He volunteered to co-ordinate with
members that want to be part of this committee and the members that need help
with their paperwork and trust issues.
The board approved the establishment of this committee.  Ms. Dahlstrom mentioned putting an article in
the Newsletter to find volunteers and inform the members of the new committee.  It was suggested that a sign-up sheet be put
in Ramon’s store.

There being
no further business to discuss, motion was made, a second and meeting adjourned
at 10:30 AM.




A gentleman
in the audience asked when dues not paid become delinquent and was told they
should be paid by October 1.                                                                  Ray Flinn talked about a road at his house
that is shared by his neighbor that he fixed and wanted the Vecinos to
reimburse him.  He was told the Vecinos
should have been approached prior to proceeding with what he did. Ms. Howard
asked the name of the road and if it doesn’t have one, it is a private road and
is not maintained by the Vecinos.

A member reported
a trailer has been used as a dwelling for several years and would like to get
it moved out of Cholla.  She thought the
Vecinos could get it moved since the CC&Rs stated a trailer’s tenure is one
year.  Mr. Dugan informed her the Vecinos
had no say since someone caused the City to not approve the CC&Rs.  Mr. Dugan informed her the Vecinos had no say
since someone caused the City to not approve The CC&Rs.  He suggested contacting SBR and the City.

Someone said
the horseshoe pits need repairs.

Mr. Flinn
again brought up getting rid of the old power poles.

wanted to know why they were charged two dues when they only had one
house.  They did, however, have a garage
with a meter. Ms. Dahlstrom explained the only way to stop people from making
their garage or boathouse into a living area with power, was to go by the
number of electric hookups.



McDonald, Secretary


25, 2012  9:00 A.M.