A regular meeting of the Board was held on March 15th, 2015

A regular meeting of the Board was held on March 15th, 2015


March 15th, 2015 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!,

A regular meeting of the Board was held on March 15th, 2015 at the Community Center. Those present were: Michael Dugan, Kelly Ross Helen Dahlstrom,. Kathy Barnard Shirley McDonald, Jim Allison, Jerry Caballero, Ken Goodin, Sue Kathe, Darrell Smith, Don Schmidli and Monica Koerner. Tammy Hicks was the only member not present.


President Michael Dugan called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM


Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes of the previous Board meeting. There being none, a motion was made followed by a second and the report was approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom presented the report as of February 28th, 2015. Mr. Dugan commented on the report stating that the HOA is right on schedule for the rest of the year that we are running at the same expense level that we normally do. After reading the report a motion to approve the report was made and seconded, the report was approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom submitted the following report: Members paid in full, 651; members not current, 197; Mexican members not required to pay but have done so, 5; total membership, 853. Status unknown, 12. $200.00 of delinquent monies was collected in February.



There was no news to report.


Based on conversations with the City last month, Mr. Dugan stated that the HOA is not inclined to change companies, but will monitor and see how the City does with the Mexican population in their community. We have a contract with Tex-med and Tex-med has a contract with the City for 15 years to pick up the garbage. Tex-med asked if the HOA would buy batteries for the garbage scale. Mr. Dugan asked Jessie to find out how much the batteries are and if we can help them, then Tex-med could take the amount off our bill. Mr. Dugan said he would follow up on the inquiry.


Mr. Dugan reported that the roads are in good shape. He also commented that because of the two back to back holidays, the roads might not be maintained as well due to the increase in traffic. Ms. Dalhstrom asked about signage, Mr. Ross said he would have the new signs up by April. Mr. Dugan volunteered his assistance with putting them up. If anyone has any issues regarding signs needed, to email Mr. Ross.


Mr. Smith reported that the Park is in good shape. Mr. Smith is looking into having some weeding done. He said that he would have more to report by the next meeting. Mr. Smith added that he was approached by a community member re: the possibility of building a “Pickle Ball” court which could be placed on the basketball court. The Board began a discussion of materials needed, court dimensions and costs and storage of equipment to be used. Mr. Dugan suggested that Mr. Smith get more information and report back at the next meeting.


Mr. Dugan reported that there have been some break-ins, but that none had occurred in the past 30 days. Mr. Dugan recommended that due to the holidays and the increased number of people coming and going, homeowners should be more judicious when using their alarm systems and  keeping an eye on their neighbors and surroundings.


Ms. Dahlstrom reported that the water leak had been fixed but that a protective coating was still needed. Ms. Dahlstorm also stated that watercooler and microwave were replaced and that the gas line to the stove was repaired. She expressed concern about a potential fire danger with the griddle on the stove because gas backs up in the line when lighting it. Mr. Dugan mentioned that the cooler behind the bar needs to be replaced.

Ms. Dahlstorm mentioned that there is interest in renting the clubhouse facilities and that people should contact her for information to book their events.

Mr. Dugan suggested that we start thinking about projects to be done over the summer.


Mr. Dugan reported that we’re still waiting to hear about money coming from Hermosillo to fund the water and sewer project to Cholla. He expects to hear from the Company sometime this month (March).  Mr. Dugan reported that he saved the HOA $250.00 by paying the bill in pesos.


Mr. Ross spoke with a Board member from Los Conches about the company they had hired to collect their trash. This is the same company that wanted to collect our community’s trash. The Los Conches Board member told Mr. Ross that they fired the company because they failed to pick up their trash and that they had made the mistake pre-paying for collection.

Ms. Dahlstrom brought up the issue of creating a list of Real Estate companies in Penacso and Cholla that the Board would recommend using when selling or purchasing a property in the community. She explained that a lot a Mr.Parmitter owned was in the arears with the HOA dues of about $1470 when he sold the property to the new buyer. The settlement statement reflected the amount; however, the real estate agent of record stated the amount would not be paid knowing that it was against the HOA requirements. Ms. Dahlstrom suggested that this particular company be excluded from a recommended list. Mr. Ross met the new buyer who is very concerned about being in good standing with the Board as the amount remains a liability on the property. The seller has refused to pay for the past dues because he states that he hasn’t used the property in a long time. Mr. Dugan stressed the need for a list of Real Estate companies that would follow/abide by our HOA requirements and that the Board needs to aggressively support Realtors who support our properties when involved in sales transactions. The bottom-line issue is to make sure Realtors disclose delinquent amounts that must be paid before the sale of a property can be concluded, and in particular HOA dues. This would also apply to Notarios as well.

There was more discussion and suggestions from the Board members as to how to resolve the situation with the buyer of the Parmeitter property as well as to circumvent similar issues from happening in future property sales transactions.

Mr. Felton reported that he should have the newsletter finished by the end of the week. Mr. Dugan said he will get a letter to Mr. Felton which will include HOA expectations and a list of Realtors and Notarios who will work with the HOA.

Mr. Dugan brought up the issue of the road down to the beach and the limited access to it, due to the building of an “Oyster Bar” encroaching on the road. He stated that the builder’s construction has been moving further into the Federal Zone which makes it more difficult to launch, retrieve and have access to the beach. Mr. Dugan received a letter from the owner of the building which stated that the HOA is blocking access to the beach because of the trash barrel and porta-john placed adjacent to his property. Mr. Dugan recommends that the Board along with the Cholla Bay Sportsman’s Club Board write a letter (each) requesting that the Federal Government to come in and 1; review the area property lines for accuracy and 2; the adequacy for the use of the people of the country to be able to access the beaches, playas etc. and finally, have the Federal Government (from Hermosillo) make a judgement to determine adequacy and legality of what is being done. A motion was made to write the letter and was seconded and approved.

Ms. Dahlstrom passed out the proposed operating budget for 2015-16. A motion to approve was made and seconded.

Mr. Dugan mentioned that we have a new dump truck and that the old one can be used versus selling it. He asked for suggestions from the community as to what to do and to email him with ideas.


Mr. Dugan called for a motion to adjourn. A motion was made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned.


Ms. Dahlstrom was asked about the coming elections and who is running. She said that Mr. Ross is re-running for Vice President, Ms. Barnard is running for Secretary, giving up her current seat as Board member and Liv is running for Board member as well as Pat Champion.

A community member suggested that we create a “black list” of Realtors who do not work with our HOA. The Board decided that although it was tempting, it would be better to take the “high road” and not do that.

Ms. Koerner mentioned that there could be issues with private sales.

Another community member suggested a “welcome packet” that Realtors would hand out to potential buyers which would have all the information they would need to complete their sale. More discussion was made and ideas exchanged regarding how to convey HOA sales requirements. Ms. Dahlstrom said she would ask Jonni Francis for a list of Notarios who would work with the HOA. Mr. Ross said he would start compiling information for the “welcome packet” and present it to the Board at the next meeting.

A question from a community member was asked, regarding drinking the water from the trucks. Mr. Dugan assured him that he’s been drinking the water for the last 25 years and that it has done him no harm. There was some disagreement from the Board, but all in fun.

The General Meeting will be April 25th

The Regular Meeting of the newly elected Board will be April 26th.