A regular meeting of the new 2015 – 2016 Board was held Sunday April 26th

A regular meeting of the new 2015 – 2016 Board was held Sunday April 26th


Regular Meeting – Community Center

 Sunday, April 26th 2015



A regular meeting of the new 2015 – 2016 Board was held Sunday April 26th at the Cholla Community Center. President Michael Dugan called the meeting to order at 9:01 AM. Mr. Dugan welcomed the new members of the Board.


Those members in attendance were; Michael Dugan, Kelly Ross, Kathy Barnard, Helen Dahlstrom, Pat Champion, Lew Felton, Ken Goodin, Darrell Smith, and Don Schmidli. Tammy Hicks was the only member not present.




Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections to the meeting from last month. There being none, a motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded and approved.




Ms. Dahlstrom presented the report as of March 31st, 2015, which is inclusive of the past nine months. After reading the report, Mr. Dugan asked if there were any questions or additions to the report. There being none, Mr. Dugan continued by stating that we are 75% into the current year with monthly average expenses of $11,000 leaving an average balance of $13,000. We are on track with our annual estimate of cash flow. Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to approve the report, a motion was made, seconded and approved. The motion passed.




Ms. Dahlsrom reported that membership paid in full is 660, members not current 187, Mexican membership 7 paid, but were not required to do so. The HOA has a Total membership of 854 with membership status unclear, 12. A total of $800.00 was collected in delinquent monies in March.




Mr. Dugan stated that yesterday we had our 25th annual meeting. He thanked and said goodbye to the out-going members and welcomed the new members. He introduced Ms. Barnard and the new Secretary of the HOA, Mr. Ross re-elected Vice President, Mr. Goodin re-elected Board member and new members Pat Champion and Lew Felton.




Ms. Dahlstorm reported that the OBSC Bash was held yesterday and the turnout was very good. Also, the off-road Poker Run will be held next Saturday, May 2nd,  so the clubhouse is getting used.


Ms. Dahlstorm recounted the report she gave at yesterday’s general meeting, stating that the crack in the front wall of the building will be repaired this summer. She also stated that when organizations and/or people want to rent the clubhouse for functions, they must contact her. She stated that there are specific protocols that must be followed in order to use the facilities. Should anyone have any questions regarding the building’s usage, they are to contact her.


Mr. Dugan added that people from the OBSC and the CBSC to please put items back in their respective closet and not the HOA closet. Ms. Dahlstrom strongly suggested that if it doesn’t belong to ‘you’ don’t take it.


Ms. Dahlstrom stated that the HOA will be purchasing a new cooler chest for behind the bar. The current one is making too much noise and appears to be failing.




Mr. Dugan stated that issues that come up are usually discussed by the Executive Committee and the presented to the rest of the Board.




Mr. Dugan re-capped yesterday’s discussion about our current issue with the garbage collection.

He explained that for the past 25 year the HOA has been taking care of the collection service. Recently, two women in the community have been trying to change the HOA’s collection process in order to have the City of Penasco take over. Recently, when Jessie took garbage to the dump, he was refused and told that the city won’t accept Cholla’s garbage.


Mr. Dugan has been trying to arrange a meeting with our Mexican Representative, Gabby, Jessie Arvisu, Ramon Perez and the Mayor of Penasco to explain our current process of garbage collection and the desire of the community to maintain the status quo. He is in hopes an equitable solution to the problem can be worked out. Also, he is in hopes that now and up until the issue is resolved we can continue with our current collection service.


This Monday the Arvisus will be holding a “political rally” at their home and Mr. Dugan will try to meet with the candidate to explain our situation and ask for his/her support. Mr. Dugan stated that he must return to the States next week, and if the meeting with the Mayor or with the candidate does not take place this Monday, he would like Gabby, Jessie and Ramon to try and meet with the Mayor while he is gone. Mr. Dugan has composed a letter to the Mayor explaining our situation and what we have been doing as a community without the involvement of the city. It is our hope that the meeting will end with a favorable solution to this issue.


Mr. Dugan explained to the Board and community members that the Executive Committee had discussed several options and what the City is responsible for i.e. the roads, the park, police station, etc. and that our HOA takes care of all these responsibilities. He posed a rhetorical question as to why the City would want to take on these responsivities when they are not familiar with the community of Cholla.


Mr. Ross explained the garbage collection situation in Los Conches and how the City tried to do the same thing in their community. The City demanded prepayment for the service and provided sub-quality service, at times failing to collect the garbage all together. Mr. Ross reiterated what Mr. Dugan had said at yesterday’s meeting, that we as a community need to ban together to fight to maintain our current service. There was further discussion of possible options to the garbage collection and service, but no solution was determined and probably won’t be, until a meeting with the Mayor of Penasco can be arranged.


It is not known why the two community women, Chunga’s wife, Margarite and Margaret Leon want to change the way the HOA collects our garbage. . . other than that it’s an election year.

The thought is that they promised the City money and that they want to break up the HOA. Ms. Champion mentioned that she had spoken with Margarite who told her that HOA was over.




Mr. Dugan reported that our roads are being grated and Mr. Ross is working on new signage.




Mr. Smith reported that the Park is in good condition. He suggested that we start using natural insecticides on the weeds.




Mr. Dugan explained that every three years there is an election and change in the Mexican Administration and that the colors of their logos change as well. Therefore, after the election the HOA would do some maintenance of the police station that might help with our negotiations regarding the garbage.




Mr. Dugan explained the process of collecting money for water and water trucks. Ramon, one of the water truck men, helps with the collection of the money from the other water truck men and Mr. Dugan collects the money from him. Mr. Dugan then goes into the City and pays the monthly water bill. It can be very frustrating when some of the water truck men are late in paying. Mr. Dugan explained how the City handles the water distribution. The City sells tickets to water clients, they pay up front and when they want water the give the employee of Omapas their ticket worth 8 meters, which fills up an 8 meter truck. Mr. Dugan suggested this as a possible option to the way that money for water is currently collected. Mr. Dugan and Representative Gabby will write a letter asking the City to have someone come out and explore this option. If approved, this would relieve the Board of its obligation of collecting money and paying the monthly water bill.


Ms. Champion asked about the possibility of using a credit card for paying the water bill. It was determined that it wasn’t feasible for our purpose.




There was no new business to discuss.




A motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned.




Ms. McDonald stated the only reason the City wants the garbage contract is for money promised by the two women in the community who are trying to change our current process.

There was further conversation regarding the garbage and its collection and the ladies causing the issue just to share information with the members of the community in attendance today.



The next meeting of the Board will be June 21st at 8:00 AM  – time change due to the summer heat.