About Cholla Bay Community Central

About Cholla Bay Community Central

Welcome to the home of the Cholla Bay Community Forum/Information Center. In today’s internet environment, we refer to this as the “Cholla Bay Blog”. The Cholla Bay Homeowners Association provides this opportunity as a community service.

We all know communication is vital with the tremendous growth that Cholla Bay is having. Positive change laced with a vehicle to post information, comments/announcements, etc. will make Cholla Bay an even more progressive community which we all take pride in.

Please be responsible users. Information and opinions expressed in ChollaCentral are not necessarily supported by the Cholla Bay Homeowners Association and reserves the right to suspend ChollaCentral at any time.

ChollaCentral created & maintained by Lowell McCulley

Please send any information you might have for ChollaCentral to contact-us@chollabayhoa.net

We’re also looking for regular contributors