Aquiring Power on new lots in Cholla

Aquiring Power on new lots in Cholla

There has been much confusion for new homeowners as to how they acquire power to their lots. The company has had complaints that they go to CFE, don’t speak Spanish, and then nothing happens. Others get a letter from the company, CFE goes out and there is no meter pole on the lot. Others go to the company, get the letter, and never go to CFE, then come back months later and expect to see power!

Acquiring power to your lot is your responsibility.

The company has put together the following statement of what is expected of the homeowner before CFE can energize your meter.

Hopefully, this will help save everyone time and frustration in hooking up.

Also please note the changes that Benji points out about service to split lots and various areas in Cholla that CFE has imposed.

Welcome to the Bay!!!

Click here to veiw the company’s comments and procedures.

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