Bad Addresses

Bad Addresses

Help, Please! Mail for the Vecinos listed below has been returned, and Membership would like to send their most recent newsletters to them. If you can help with their addresses and phone numbers, please contact Monica Koerner, Vecinos Membership, at, at 602-539-3674 from the U.S.A. or at 382-5251 in Cholla Bay.

Thank you

M7 – L22 – DeVries, S

M44 – L2 – Guavara, D / Rivera, G

M25 L26 Jaworski, J & Others

M17 L33 Middenderf / Knaub / Nelson

M35 L2 Mulligan, Linda (Deceased)

M7 L2 Steffen, Diane & Krista

M7 L25 Teadue, Linda