Board of Directors Presentation 5-10-09 Trash and Port a Jon Assessment

Board of Directors Presentation 5-10-09 Trash and Port a Jon Assessment

Cholla Bay Mexico

Prepared by: Jerry Ketelhut jr

As a new member to the board of directors and responsible for trash collection for our community, I thought it was important to get a good understanding of what takes place and to find out where our trash goes. Below you will find some interesting data that I collected during the three days of observation. I will be working with the board and the community (you) in the months to come to enhance our image in the community and overall the service provided to you as our customers.


Observation Dates: May 1, 2009
May 4, 2009
May 9, 2009

Trash collection: currently occurs on Friday, Saturday (beaches) and Monday
Annual cost* – $30,000 – Labor and Fuel only – does not cover repairs, dump fees or additional expenses
Lots on record*: – 1277 ( Mike Dugan’s report)
Lots marked out on map as not being HOA members – 214
Lots who have not paid HOA dues and or delinquent on taxes: 533
Port a- Jons : 9 Total – 2 at Tucson Beach, 2 at entrance to beach, 2 across from Ramon’s store, 1 at Estuary, 2 at park.
Trash household collection totals: 66 on May 1st and 69 on May 9th
Percentage of homes with visible HOA decal: 32%
Percentage of homes without visible HOA decal: 68%
Round trip miles to the regular trash dump: 20
Mileage for Trash route with one trip to the dump: 31
Time spent colleting trash May 1st: 1 hour 25 minutes (1.28 minutes per bin)
Time spent collecting trash May 4: 2 hours 15 minutes (included 10 beach trash collection -1.89 minutes per bin)
Total time to collect trash for one week: 8 hours (including 5-9-09)
Total man hours per week: 16
Total FTE (full time equivalents) .40 FTE’s
Number of bags collected without a trash can: 15
Trips to the dump in the month of April: 21
Numbers of days of trips to the dump for April: 12
Total kilos of trash for April: 16700