Bucky Maud

Bucky Maud

December 03, 2009

Dear Cholla Friends,

Bucky passed away this evening, from a massive stroke and blood clot in lungs. I will miss him terribly. Estelle

From Nancy

Hi All,
I talked to Estelle this evening and she said that Bucky’s service will be in Florence on Wednesday at 11:00. His obituary will be in Sunday’s paper so you can get the information on just where the service will be then..

Also, Wayne Busfield had a triple bypass on Wednesday. He is doing very well. They had planned to come to Cholla after Christmas but now it will be a little later before he can travel that far. His address is 913 Crest Circle, Granite Shoals, Tx. 78654 so you all can send him a good wish.

I don’t have a recent report on how Betty Moore is doing, I assume she is still in the hospital recovering from surgery to repair a puncture to her lung. Her address is P.O Box 500, Lukeville, Az. 85341.

Jack Straughan is still in the hospital and not doing well. He may be moved to a care facility soon. Gayle appreciates emails and relates them to Jack daily. Their email address is jgcholla@gmail.com She is staying with the Lollings. The address is 605 E. Malibu Dr., Tempe, Az. 85282

All of these people would appreciate our prayers, encouragement and best wishes. Here’s your chance to really brighten someone’s day!

Nancy Schmidli