Casa Linda Security in Cholla Bay

Casa Linda Security in Cholla Bay

Hi All,

I know this is sort of a commercial, but with the need for better security in Cholla, I thought I would pass this along. I have not seen or tested it, know nothing about it, but thought maybe some of you out there would like to know about it.

Hello to all HOA Representatives and Board Member,

My husband and I, Brad & Kim Johns M29 L12a, built a house about 4 years ago in Cholla. We had visited the area for several years before that. We love this community and out of necessity of our own we created Casa Linda Security specifically for Cholla Bay. We weren’t confident with security companies in Rocky Point and set out for a solution of our own. We have become a dealer for We use all wireless equipment internally and wireless connection via the cell phone towers. If an alarm occurs, a call is made immediately to the owner (whatever state they may be in) simultaneously a call is made to Margaret and Jippy, they contact the police in Cholla and meet them at the home which sounded the alarm. (Margaret & Jippy live in Cholla, they own the water trucks and Patty’s store) We have tested this system for over a year and are confident in it’s abilites. If an alarm sounds the call gets to Margaret usually within 30 seconds. We have talked with Cesar, the police chief, and he was more than willing to help facilitate this solution of stopping so many break-ins. We are providing the police with maps of Cholla, which include street names, Manzanas, Lots and a few known markers to help the frequent “new” police navigate our town. We have tested this for a year and realize now is the time to do this for Cholla.

We live in Phoenix and have a commercial fire alarm company as well as a commercial Directv company. Brad used to install Security systems for our company several years ago but branched off to just the fire alarms. So, long story short. This is not something new to us. Only the technology has gotten better.

This week, Patty at Mexico Bonito is mailing her monthly statements to customers she pays bills for and is including our flyer to be sent to about 500 Cholla residents. We also will be placing flyers at Sally’s, Cholla Mini Market….etc. We talked with Sally Dalton a few weeks ago and she couldn’t wait for us to get started.

We are tremendously excited about doing this for the community and hope you feel the same way.

Kim Johns
Casa Linda Security
“Protecting Paradise in Cholla Bay”
(602)989-6946 Phoenix, AZ
(638)382-5002 or 382-5291 Cholla Bay, Mexico