Cholla Beach & Community Clean Up nets 5 truck loads of Trash

Cholla Beach & Community Clean Up nets 5 truck loads of Trash


The La Cholla Beach & Community Clean Up

While doing field research on wetland birds this summer, UofA graduate student Alyssa Rosemartin couldn’t help noticing all the trash washed up in Estero La Cholla. At the same time, fellow grad student and Cholla resident Heather Green was out tidepooling on the rocky reefs of Cholla, noticing the same thing: tons of trash. We were finding fishing nets, plastic bags and bottles, construction trash – the kinds of things that end up harming marine life from sea lions to snails. .IMG 5533



The stars must have been in alignment, because at the same time University of Arizona student groups were looking for service projects. Word got out about the a clean up in Cholla Bay – and soon we had fifty students ready to participate.

Cholla Homeowners had also seen enough of the trash in the streets and on the coasts of Cholla Bay. After we asked the Homeowners Association for P1110244their help, Lowell and Frankie McCulley, Mike Duggan, and Pat Sledge got on board and really put everything in motion. They decided to pull the community together on Saturday, November 10th for the First Annual La Cholla Beach & Community Clean Up.

On the day of the event, the Soil Water and Environmental Science Club of the University of Arizona together with IMG 5535Heather Green cleaned up the rocky shore between Pinto Point and Sandy Beach. The group of 14 divided the long stretch of beach into three segments and worked in teams cleaning each section. The majority of the trash collected consisted of plastic bottles, abandoned shoes, Styrofoam, old lighters and fishing debris. There were also pieces of wood, a few tires, interior panels out of a boat, and some interesting large buoys collected. Students gathered about three to four bags of trash each.

The graduate Peace Corps Fellows Club and the undergrad Marine Awareness and Conservation Society worked on Estero La Cholla. They found both fishing and recreational trash -including crab traps,, netting, a Tupac CD and vodka bottles.

After the clean up, many enjoyed complimentary lunch at Xochitl’s and a free round of drinks that a friendly and supportive customerIMG 5534 provided. At 3:00 we attended the gathering at JJ’s and won quite a few prizes.

In the end, students and homeowners teamed up for a serious clean up – netting five truckloads – more than 200 bags – of trash. Looking at Cholla after the clean up, we could really see the difference!




.IMG 5540

Thanks everyone for all of your support and hard work! Hope you will join us again next year!

Story by – Alyssa Rosemartin & Heather Green


Comments from Cholla Bay HOA President Mike Dugan

IMG 5543I want to add to the kudos to everyone for the help and support of the wildlife around Cholla Bay (and I don’t mean when Pat Sledge starts having a few!!!! )

We can only hope that we can continue to protect the fragile ecosystem. Your organizations have helped make our community aware that there are others that have and interest in saving our coastlines.



IMG 5545
As I mentioned to some of you, if there is any of the ‘team” that is in a need to continue their research in Cholla and need a place, please contact Lowell, Pat, or I and we will help.

Lastly, I think that in the future we should “challenge” that “other school” in the state in a clean-up the environment contest!

We’ll have to think about it!!

Again, Thank you all from all of the Vecinos in Cholla!!

IMG 5547

Cholla Residents dedicating time to the clean up

Heather Green (Organizer) M26-5, Lowell & Frankie McCulley M26-7,
Steve & Sheila Boyd M44-5, Carol & Gene Court M68-4,
Jim McKinney & Mary-Ann Park M29 -13A, Dan Green and son Darwin M26-5,
Deb & Wendell Lolling M31-22, Ed & Marcia Brockmeyer M4-27,
Clive & Noel Jorden M1-4, Cathy & Michael Eagan M6-3c, Mike & Rhea Dugan Nancy Ryan 425, Bill Hensler M25-10, Bob Dammann M19-3,
Ann Kittelson & Monica Gorman M6-4, Wren & Steven Garcia M41-H1,
John & Linda Perrotta M35-7, Pat Goodin M20-1, Eric Parker M65-3

Many other Cholla residnets joined us but didn’t register… Thank You!

Please support our sponsors who gave gift certificates as prizes…

Mr. Fish Taco

Xochitl’s Cholla Café

Manzana 38 Café

Casa Monica Bed & Breakfast

JJ’s Cantina

Villa’s Boat Launch Service

Chunga’s Place Café

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers

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