Cholla Charity Raffle

Cholla Charity Raffle

Here are the winners drawn from the Cholla Charities’ raffle on Monday morning.

The Shell mirror was won by the girls that work at Xochitl’s. I don’t know how they will decide which one wins or how they will share it???

The buy one night get two nights free at Casa Monica B & B was won by Elizabeth Field.

The free launch by Villa was won by Grace and Paul Schoonover

The buy one night get one night free for LaVoies’ deluxe condo on Pelican Point was won by Elaine? I don’t know her last name, but Sally knows her

The pizzas from Xochitl’s were won by Erin Culton

The picture and painted plate by Jo Barnes was won by Grace and Paul Schoonover

The Salon Basket and dinner certificate from Manzanza 38 was won by Joel Johnson.

The $100 Sonoran Spa certificate was won by Wendell and Debbie Lolling.

The basket with salad bowl and accessories was won Jennifer Hayes and who redonated it and it then was won by Amy Flynn.

A late entry was a framed drawing of a beautiful graceful heron by Jeni O’Callaghan and was won by Bob Amanda

We extend a great big “THANKS” to all of you who bought tickets and to the people who donated prizes. This raffles earned over $600. Our congratulations to the winners and our condolences to the losers. (You don’t see my name on the list. I thought about keeping the Spa Treatment but I figured someone would rat out on me to Debbie )

Another raffle is planned for the fall, perhaps during the Thanksgiving Day weekend. We already have some articles of art promised, so if you have something you would like to donate for this raffle please email me, Nancy Schmidli at or

I wish you all to have a great summer!! Nancy Schmidli