Cholla Children Christmas Party

Cholla Children Christmas Party

Hi All,

This year we will not be giving food boxes and bags of toys to our Mexican neighbors who live in Cholla. As much as I loved doing it, it had become very difficult the last couple of years and also for Diane. So we decided to let some else take over that part, but no one volunteered so we won’t be giving the boxes. . However, we will have the party, The party is scheduled for Dec. 13th at the clubhouse. Santa will be there for photos with the kids. We will have Mom’s gifts for them to choose to give to their mothers. We will have hot dogs and chips and piñatas. I’m hoping to be able to get some small gifts for the little ones such as stuffed animals or coloring books and such.

I would like to give each of the families a small monetary gift. There are 30 families (not including the Browns) that I think would really appreciate a neighborly “good will” Christmas gift of cash. It never goes out of style. Many of you have always donated for the food and toys, and I really appreciated it. If you would like to donate to give some money to the families this year, I would really appreciate it. I have $436 left in the fund for the party and it will take most of that for the photo paper and ink and the gifts for the moms and the rest. Hopefully some will be donated in which case there might be $100 or so left over.

So if you would like to donate money for the families, that would be great!! You will need to make the check out to me, Nancy Schmidli, this year, as I had to close the account. I tried twice to “fix” it but didn’t get that done so I just closed it out. If you don’t wish to make it out to me you may make it out to the Cholla Charity Fund and write on it for Christmas Party. Mail it to me, Nancy Schmidli, 10645 W. Connecticut Ave., Sun City, Az. 85351. Every amount, no matter how small will be appreciated.

Hope you are having a wonderful fall! and hope to see you in “The Bay”

Nancy Schmildi

P.S. I couldn’t believe it! They are already putting the Christmas stuff out in the stores…so I figured I better get busy!