Cholla Clean Up has International Club Involvement

Cholla Clean Up has International Club Involvement

This year we had international club participation in the clean up. Eleven of the “Biologuitos” – Young Biologists Ecology Club members participated, accompanied by CEDO’s Education and Outreach Coordinator Paloma Valdivia. The Biologuitos Ecology Club are a group of local Peñasco sixth graders interested in learning more about the environment and conserving it. Their club is facilitated through CEDO and they meet twice a month for a variety of activities including: talks and activities on environmental themes; trips to the field to gather biological data; participating in Beach Clean Ups and Eco-celebrations; and other leadership activities. Their current members are:


Erick Ernesto Beyles Montoya
Mauricio Chaul Garduño
Dania Helenes Cabrer
Juan Carlos Suárez Murillo
Yelthsin Carrillo
Cinthya Carolina López Contreras
Lizbeth Durán Soto
Rusell León Magalowski
Guadalupe Mariel Martínez Gamboa
Karen Enriquez Loacute
Alex David Melendez Sánchez
José Angel Melendez
Juan Francisco Quiroa Flores

We also were joined once again by the SWES and Ecolition clubs of the University of Arizona, organized by Britni Krebs. The SWES (Soil Water and Environmental Science) is a club that is involved in picking up trash, recycling, and harvesting water. Their mission is to spread the word on how to be more sustainable. Ecoalition is something that students came up with as a way to get all the environmental groups to work together and participate in each other’s events. This year’s SWES & Ecolition participants include:

Britni KrebsDOWNLOADED 17 NOV 2008 016
Joey Byl
Richard Rushforth
Lauren John
Jon Parr
Travis Borrillo
Said Rameriz
Jennifer Koehmstadt
Racheal Mazwell
Prabjit Virdee
Christopher Ferlin

The U of A club members stayed with Gretchen Ellinger in Casa Mónica and in the house of Steve & Patti Barker. Gretchen cooked club members breakfast the morning of the clean up, contributing to the sustainability of the clean uppers during their Cholla mission! Thank you Gretchen and thank you SWES, Ecolition and Biologuitos club members!!! You’re an inspiration to all and it means a lot to have your continued support!!

Thank you also to all of the Cholla community members and friends who participated and helped out with the clean up, we had a good turn out this year!!

(more names coming)
Lowell & Frankie McCulley
Mike and Rhea Dugan
Heather, Char & Darwin Green
Katherine & Alex Thomé
Bruce & Cynthia Tegge
Dave & Kelly
Demion Clinco
Ted Parks

Saludos! Heather Green

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