Cholla Home Tour 2008

Cholla Home Tour 2008

March 15th turned out to be a beautiful day in Cholla Bay for the 2008 Cholla Home Tour. Under sunny skies and warm breezes seven homes were opened to the public giving a glimpse of the Cholla Bay life style. Each home has it’s unique space on the Cholla peninsula with great seas cape vistas of the bay and southern majestic granite shores. The owners had things looking great, offering refreshments and displayed interesting history behind their homes. This is a great event and if you missed it this year I would suggest you catch it next year.

The event was sponsored by the Old Boys Social Club which wants to thank all the home owners who opened their homes to raise money for community events and local charities. As a token of appreciation owners were given a special edition Cholla Home Tour tide calendar with photos of their homes and the Cholla area. The pictures that follow are in the calendar and give a glimpse of each home.


IMG 9519a
Carlton & Beth Applebee / Scott & Jennie / Don & Jennel M3 L48


IMG 6214
Alex & Laura Romero M55 L20


IMG 6203b
Paul & Grace Schoonover M42 L14


IMG 6224a
Pat Susong M56 L32


IMG 6230a
Steve & Brittany Franklin / David & Janeth Franklin M3 L52


IMG 9928a
Shane & Heather Orlando M55 L10


IMG 9963a
John & Patty Sweet M57 L11

Also we would like to thank Frankie McCulley and Gretchen Ellenger for their efforts to organize the event. They wish to express their thanks for the following tour volunteers:

Bill Hensler, Peggie & Jerry Lucas, Jane & Randy Jadlot, Heather Heffernan, Shirley and Pete Peterson, Kathy Barnard, Chris & Bob Sanders & many un-named family and friends of the home owners that helped open their homes.

The special edition (March 08 – February 09) Cholla Bay Home Tour Calendar created by Lowell McCulley will be available for $15 at Xochitl’s Cholla Cafe and Gretchen’s Bed & Breakfast office very soon. Here’s a preview of the images in the calendar.