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3D Santa

Hi All,

The Christmas party for our Mexican neighbors is just one week away, Dec. 8th at the clubhouse. Thanks to all of you who have done so much to help, I should be able to get it ready to go this next week. The party starts at 11a.m. and if you are in Cholla, why not come to the party. I think I have lots of help, but you never know, I may need more.

That night we will be having a pot luck for everyone. The ham and drinks will be provided, we just ask that you bring a side dish. We will start about 6:00p.m. It is just a good way to start the Christmas season…Remember, everyone is invited!

The Thanksgiving dinner was a great success. About 110 people enjoyed a very nice dinner and evening. The food was outstanding. A 110 people make for a lot of side dishes! The Huffs and Goodins did a great job of preparing the turkey and other main dishes. What a great dinner. And thanks to all the folks that stepped up and helped.

And of course there’s the New Year’s Eve Party. Mike and Cathy are really planning a great time, so be sure to get your tickets early. An earlier email told you about that.

Hope to see you all in “the Bay” Nancy S. 3D Rudolph