Cholla News (Sept 22)

Cholla News (Sept 22)

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe the summer is over and fall is here??? Well, it is still very hot here and in Cholla, so fall is not “here” yet. People are starting to get back from their summer retreats and will be heading down to Cholla.
First of all, I am very sad to report two passings that were real “shockers” this summer. Most of you probably know about these, but I’m sure some do not. I didn’t report these sooner, because I couldn’t use this address list in Colorado.

Eric Parker, President of the OBSC, had a stroke and passed away at Barrows Neurological Institute on Aug. 27th. He and his girlfriend, Annett, had just finished building a new home in Cholla. I have been told there will be a memorial service for him sometime later in the fall when the weather cools down. Cards may be sent to Annett Maynard, 5219 W. Topeka Dr., Glendale, Az. 85308.

Bob Eger, sport’s reporter for the Az. Republic, pasted away at his home of a heart attack on June 24th. The Egers have a lovely home in Cholla, and Bob enjoyed sail surfing. You may have seen Linda riding around Cholla on her golf cart with her dog. even though I am rather late on reporting this, I know Linda would enjoy cards of sympathy and encouragement. Send cards to Linda Eger, 4107 E. Palm Ln., Phoenix, Az. 85008

Please note, I no longer have prodigy so my stuffie address at prodigy no longer works. Please use nschmidli@cox .net or

We were in Cholla for a few days last week. The weather was hot but the water was delightful and the evenings are beginning to cool a little. Also, you do not want to take the old road into Cholla. Instead of turning right onto the dirt road, after you go around the glorietta circle, or whatever that is, you will stay on the paved road and go up by the resorts and stay straight on that road and come out at Gus’s equipment yard. The other way has not been maintained and is very rough.
Also, for now anyway, Xochitl’s restaurant is open Friday thru Monday, closed on Thursdays.
Don’t forget, the OBSC October Fest is on Oct. 11th. and there is a Vecinos’ meeting on Oct. 12th.
Hope you are all having a great summer and hope to see you all in “The Bay”

Nancy S.