Cholla News: Thursday, March 22, 2007 4:29 PM

Cholla News: Thursday, March 22, 2007 4:29 PM

Unfortunately I am in Sun City and not in Cholla. (I like Sun City, too, but Cholla is special)  I have heard that the weather there has been great, and not too many spring breakers.  However, Tucson Beach area has been noisy, but it is that time of year.  It hailed and rained here today so all looks “fresh washed”. 

Most of the news I have to tell you is of the sick bay variety.

John Wyatt was flown out of Cholla ( Rocky Point) on March 18th.  They thought he had a stroke. The good news is, he did not have a stroke, but was dehydrated and had low potassium and is doing okay.

Doris Davis has been in the hospital a couple of times lately with pneumonia. She is having a hard time getting rid of the infection.  Send prayers and cards to her at 6220 E. Broadway #140, Mesa, Az.  85206.  She also told me her eyesight has gotten very bad, so write large for her to read.

Bob Belk has also been in the hospital with pneumonia, but is probably home now.  He really needs our prayers and “we are thinking about you” cards.  Send cards to P.O. Box 3752, Show Low, Az.  85902. 

Some of you know Tom (Codfish) and Janette Pryor.  They lived in the house next door to us that Dell and Sandy Moore bought when Tom and Janette moved to California.  Tom emailed me that Janette passed away last year on March 24th. She had fought breast cancer for some time.  I don’t have a mailing address but Tom’s  email is  He would really like to hear from you and about some of the folks he knows that I don’t know how they are doing. 

  There will be a CBSC dinner meeting at the clubhouse in Cholla on April 7th, Easter Eve.  For this dinner, ham will be provided by the CBSC and you are asked to bring a side dish.  The charge for this will be $5, and will include dinner and drinks, including non alcoholic drinks.  Why not plan to join us for a fun evening.

Family of God church will have an Easter Sunrise Service at the beach in front of Playa Elegante.  Bring your family, friends and neighbors and beach chairs and celebrate the real meaning of Easter.  I will send out another notice about this to let you know what time. 

Well, I hope all of you in Cholla are having a good time and I know all of us not in Cholla hope to be there soon.  So……….. hope to see you all in “The Bay” soon!    

   Nancy S.