Cholla Whale Visit (June 8th)

Cholla Whale Visit (June 8th)

This was a rescue mission for this whale……read on! :)  Amazingly a happy ending for this big guy!

The story behind this whale is that it was in the bay most of the day and finally Cedo was called to help rescue it out of the bay as the tide was going out.  Tevane (who is in the kayak) was successful getting it out to open waters past pelican point earlier but then it turned around and came back in by jjs cantina.  The fire department launched their jet ski as well as Arturo Arviso and they tried to prevent it from coming into the bay any closer.  When we thought they needed assistance my neighbor Laurie and I launched her jet ski to assist and after about 2 hours we were able to get it past pelican point again to open waters.  Many people assisted to save this great whale.  After much searching on the internet I really think it is a grey whale.  We live in a wonderful place!  That’s it for now, take care, jer

Whale 1

whale 2

Whale 4

Whale 5