Coastal Highway Open

Coastal Highway Open

Hi Everyone!

On Tuesday, December 16th, my husband Brian, myself, and our friend Bill Hensler were able to drive from Puerto Penasco to El Golfo via the new coastal highway. It took approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes cruising nicely at 70 mph. It was a beautiful drive on a nice wide road with a large shoulder area all the way. There are two rest stops along the way that are educational interests, showcasing the the local flora and fauna. The vistas were exceptional the farther north we got with large canyons, estuary’s, and long stretches of unpopulated beach. Once we arrived in El Golfo, we took a quick tour of the fishing village, not so exceptional, but we were able to find a beach bar, sipped a margarita, snapped a quick photo, and hit the road before the next rain squall was to arrive.

It was a fun trip and we were all very excited to know that this driving option is now available. From El Golfo it is about another hour and 15 minutes to San Luis (may take a little longer as they are upgrading the road and in some places it is stop and go.) Many folks cross at Algondones, which is not nearly as crowded and tends to be an easier border crossing than San Luis. Then, only 2 hours to San Diego. All in all, about 4.5 hours to San Diego from Puerto Penasco….not bad!

Attached are several pictures that we snapped along the way. Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Heather Heffernan

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