Coffee Talk from Sally Dalton – December 2008

Coffee Talk from Sally Dalton – December 2008

HOLIDAYS IN CHOLLA BAY: aren’t what they used to be without JJ’s Christmas party for the children. JJ’s still does a commendable job of collecting and distributing presents to the neighborhoods of Penasco. The JJ’s celebration in Cholla Bay in previous years was so popular, families came from all over the state of Sonora and even as far as Baja The party became unwieldy to say the least. Nancy Schmidli continues to take the lead in coordinating Cholla residents in a party for the local families which has gone on for at least one generation. It includes a very precious musical presentation, the children make gifts for their mothers, have their pictures taken with Santa, then holiday food boxes and money for each Cholla family are distributed. It is a great tradition, and much thanks go especially to Nancy and other residents for their continued generosity and kindness. It is truly the spirit of Christmas. Mexico is a gratifying place to spend Christmas, as it is a place to share our abundance of material goods with the Mexicans who always share their abundance of generously kind spirits.

ACTIVITIES: There is a class in the fine art of cooking Chile Rellenos scheduled at Xochitl’s Cholla Café on Saturday, January 24, at 2 p.m. the cost of the class is $10.00. It will not only be fun, it will be a feast of chiles.

SMILE, YOU’RE ON CANDID CAMERA: There is a rumor that there is camera surveillance along the new Cholla Road which runs past the condominiums. This is good news if you are in an accident and need assistance. Bad news if you are speeding.

SAFETY ISSUES: There is a lot of bad press in the U. S. about the drug wars in Mexico. It is difficult to imagine that is going on when you live in our peaceful enclave and travel both north and south and encounter no evidence of it. The extra checkpoints on the highway people have encountered over the holidays apparently are part of this very serious effort on the part of the Mexican government to make Mexico a more safe and less corrupt place for all to enjoy. The negative press has succeeded in scaring many tourists away. Most of us who live here express feeling a greater sense of safety here than in any large city in the states. I also imagine if crime statistics were compared, Mexico would fare well. The same common sense rules apply for safety here as well as in the states… walking around the city streets late at night, dealing drugs or participating in crime are going to put a person at higher risk of harm.

PROGRESS: Despite the economy suffering here, as it is in the U.S., Mexico has continued to spend money on improving the infrastructure. They are about to complete the road up the coast to El Gulfo and San Luis. This will make traveling to California much easier. It is a beautiful highway and a beautiful drive through the desert. There are highways being built down the coast from Disemboque, and on Baja, down the Sea of Cortez coast, south of Puertocitas. Lots of new adventures to be had.

GROUND BREAKING: Xochitl’s Cholla Café is going to be moving to a new location only a block away from its current location. We just broke ground, and (optimistically) expect to be in the new location by summer. It will be so nice to be in a brand new building. Everyone says “don’t lose the charm”… no, problem, I can’t afford to lose the charm. The charm, I believe, comes from the humble abode. We will still have a humble abode, but shiny and new. We will keep you posted on our progress. You won’t be able to miss us.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season as we all enter the new year with optimism and hope. Life is indeed good.