Deed of Trust issues

Deed of Trust issues

As we all are aware many homeownershave not received there deeds od trust. Some say 3 to 5 years! A group of your board met with a representative of the developer and attempted to pinpoint what the issue is that is causing the delays.

It was found that there is not just one problem but each deed of trust has it’s own issues. These could be as simple as the developer does not have your current U.S. address, thus they cannnot get in touch with you, to lacking documents tht are needed to complete the process.

The bank also has had some “administrative” issues that, it is our understanding, have been worked out.

The bottom line is that each homeowner that has not received their deed needs to contact the Company and determine what issue(s) are causing the delay. Please remember that they, just like us, have business hours. They are there Monday through Friday. I think saturday morning also.

I hope this helps all of you that have been waiting!