Delinquent Property Taxes

Delinquent Property Taxes

In a recent meeting with the city officials and the again in an article in the “JOINUS” newspaper (September 2008) in Puerto Penasco, it was pointed out that there are many lots in our community that have past deficiencies in their taxes. In an attempt to get the city to help our community with services, it becomes very difficult to argue effectively when a large amount of back taxes are owed.

Recently the State Fiscal Agency and the Municipal Treasurers office began taking a strong stand on tax collection. The state has resorted to seizure of property for back taxes. The head of the State agency stated they have taken these steps as there are other taxpayers who are timely with their payments and it is not fair that only some are working to fulfill their obligations. They went on to say that they have seized 675 properties and then planned to auction them off.

The Municipal Treasurer further stated that there will be no favoritism or preferential treatment given. He assured this to be a measure that will be applied generally and equally to all.

It is my understanding that some feel for various reasons because of agreements between buyer and seller or “I don’t have my deed of trust so I don’t owe it yet” or some other logic they would be safe from seizure, that is far from the fact!! The State and City do not care what agreements or logic the owner has, if they have a piece of property on the tax roles that needs to be paid they will look to remedies for collecting the tax.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest that anyone who has a property in our community and taxes are owed on it, consider paying them ASAP to avoid possible seizure.

Mike Dugan