Fishing Derby 2008

Fishing Derby 2008

These are the rules as I know them at this time. I made corrections as needed from what I know. However, the actual rules are not printed as yet, so there may be some minor changes. Pat Goodin

We have now received the proper permits for the annual fishing derby, which will start March 14th. If you are a fisherman, start making your plans to be in Cholla for each weekend of the derby.

The derby dates for the 52nd Annual Derby are:
March 14-17
April 11-13
May 9-11
May 22-24
May 25 Fish Fry

There will be no fishing for the derby on May 25th, the day of the fish fry. The derby will end at 6:00 P.M. on the 24th this year.
The design for the new derby shirts has been chosen and we should have the shirts by or before the first weekend of the derby. Raffle tickets have been mailed out to members, so please return yours with $10.00 to be eligible for the prize drawings. We will also be selling tickets at ship’s store and at the fish fry.
We’ll be needing help to weigh in fish, help at the Ship’s Store, and other duties, so if you can help out, email or call Pat Goodin at 382-5056 in Cholla. We have a great time at the Radio Shack/Ship’s Store during the derby, watching boats go in and out, see what fish are caught, and just watching people, etc.. So even if you can’t help out, stop by down at the boat launch area and watch for a while, especially around the time the boats are returning from their fishing expeditions.
As the saying goes, “YOU”LL BE GLAD YOU DID!”

Each contestant participating in the derby must:
Have a valid Mexican fishing license
Mexican fishing license NOT required for SHORE FISHING
Be entered in the derby prior to fishing.
Catch entered fish on rod and reel using hook and line
Boat permits are no longer required for sport fishin.

This tournament is open to all anglers who register and abide by the rules. The entry fee will be $25 for adults and $10.00 for juniors (15 years and under). Entry tickets will be available every day of the derby at the Radio Room below JJs Cantina in Cholla Bay. There will be no refunds on derby entry tickets.
Boats may not leave prior to one hour before sunrise.
Any boats not launching from Cholla Bay must inform the radio operator of the time of their departure.
All boats must return to port each evening.
All fish must be brought by boat to Cholla Bay (except for shore fishing)
Only one winning fish per angler, per category.
Derby hours are one hour before sunrise until 6:00 P.M. each derby day. You must be in the Bay by 6:00 P.M.
All fish must be caught during open derby hours.
The scales will be open from 10:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. every day of the derby.
If the port is closed, the derby will be canceled that day (WIND).
Derby ticket must be presented at time of weigh-in, otherwise fish will not qualify.
Weight of fish will be recorded in official book and on the back of derby ticket.
We plan to be at Ship’s Store and Radio Shack office on Thursday, March 13th (the afternoon before the derby starts) so if you wish to register early you may do so at that time.

Michael S. Eagan, RLA, LEED-AP, CPM
Direct: 602.659.3285