Friday, October 20, 2006 5:03 PM

Friday, October 20, 2006 5:03 PM

Hi there,
It is another beautiful day in Cholla Bay!  Wish you were all here to enjoy it.    I still have more news, or whatever you want to call it..

Regarding the dinner at the Clubhouse on Thanksgiving Day, will you please email Pat Goodin if you are planning on attending this dinner, so she can get some sort of an idea on how many turkeys, and maybe ham, to get…It will be a great way to spend Thanksgiving Day so we hope many on you will join in the good time!!!!

Also, Sally has a great service that she is offering at the restaurant, free of charge.  If you want to check on the wait time at the border on computer@xochitl’s ,  the computer is right there in the restaurant for you to use.  Also, customers can use her computer telephone, which is wireless.  There is a 5 min. limit.   Check it out!!!

Also, we have another family that we are helping with the Cholla Charity Fund.  Roberto Gutierrez’s youngest son, Urial, needs to have a knee replacement.  He was born with somewhat of a defect and now the knee needs to be replaced… They are going to Hermosillo to have the operation and it will cost $6000 (American).  Many of you know Robero.  He has been a contractor in Cholla for many years.  He is a good family man and patriarch of the entire extended family.  He works all the time, but it is going to be difficult for him to come up with this much money, so we would like to help with the expenses.    If you would like to send a contribution for this fund, make checks out to Cholla Charity Fund and mail to Kathy Barnard, 1547 E. Royal Palm Rd.  Phoenix, Az.  85020.  Thanks so much for helping.

Guess that is all for now…  Have a great week end….   Nancy S.