General meeting held on Saturday, April 28, 2007

General meeting held on Saturday, April 28, 2007


A general meeting was held on Saturday, April 28, 2007 at the Cholla Community Center in Cholla Bay. Michael Dugan explained that in the absence of President Oliver Maud due to some health problems, it fell to him to preside over the meeting which was then called to order at 9:00 AM. There not being a quorum present, motion was made, seconded and approved by the membership to adjourn. The meeting was then reconvened.

All board member were recognized and commended on the work of committees they chaired the previous year.

Mr. Dugan said he wanted to commend Mr. Maud for his hard work as President for the past 3 years and gave recognition to Clive Jordan who has worked many hours to help with membership but resigned due to health reasons.

Bob Belk, former board member and resident of Cholla passed away on April 26, 2007.


Mr. Dugan asked if the membership wanted the minutes of the 2006 meeting read. A motion was made, seconded and approved that minutes not be read.


The proposed budget for 2007-2008 was published in the Newsletter so it was not read. A question was asked why the police budget was so low and the answer was that Rocky Point is responsible for police salaries now and the only monies from the Vecinos covers maintenance of the police station and a few minor items.


There were 39 new memberships since the last meeting. The names were read and Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and all new members accepted.

There are 713 paid members, 78 delinquent for 1 or more years, 240 properties that are not paid and are being researched due to unclear status of the properties and there are four paid Mexican members. If all the problems were solved and every one paid, there would be over l,000 members. At present paid members are paying for services for all the unpaid members and Mr. Dugan urged anyone who knew someone not paying to urge them to take care of business.


There were three executive board positions on the ballot including President (Michael Dugan), Vice President (Patrick Sledge) and Treasurer (Helen Dahlstrom) There were 3 – 3 year terms for Board of Directors sought by Tom Clark, Michael Eagan, Jim Niblack and Pete Pisciotta. The Delegate of Vigilance terms was 2 years (Gerry Nelson) and a 3 year term for the Mexican Representative (Valente Cornejo)

Mr. Dugan asked if there were any nominations from the floor and there being none, Steve Lee moved that the nominations be closed. The motion was seconded and approved. Mr. Dugan then introduced everyone on the ballot and gave them a chance to speak.

Also to be voted on was the 2007 – 2008 Budget. Since it was printed in the Newsletter prior to the meeting, motion was made, seconded and approved to not read the budget.

Mr. Dugan then opened the forum for questions from the floor.

First question pertained to the availability of water and the new pipeline. Mr. Dugan reported the Company has brought water to the entrance of Cholla and is hoping that pipe will be the beginning of water and sewer to each property. He explained about them wanting the Vecinos entertaining the administration and expenses of the pipe. Mr. Dugan said he had a meeting with the Company the following Monday (April 30, 2007) to discuss that and other issues such as sewer and trusts. Several people raised their hands when asked who was waiting on trusts, some for more than 2 years.

Mr. Peterson explained some of the problems that were holding up the trusts and a lot of them are involved in surveys made necessary by the State of Sonora not accepting the previous ones. It is called a rectification process where lot lines were moved to accommodate part of a home having been built on the adjoining property. The person who gave up the land is to be paid by the person who got the land. The Company has been working very hard to rectify the problems that have occurred and it has been a monumental problem.

There were questions and statements from homeowners with regard to fireworks at all hours of the night, garbage left by renters, all night noise from renters and not too much help by the police. Mr. Dugan said someone called the local station in Cholla to get the police who did not answer and she was informed to call the Rocky Point Police number and if they were out of the local building doing something else, the Penasco office could radio them.

There was a very long discussion regarding people renting their homes and condos in Cholla either through rental companies or handling their own rentals and the problems that are arising from that. The board will be discussing rental of homes in the regular meeting on Sunday and hopefully come up with some ideas as how to handle the problem. Mr. Dugan did explain that Cholla has no policing power as far as problems with traffic, noise, fireworks, etc. That is handled by the police who are under supervision of Rocky Point.

Mr. Dugan told the audience there were rules and regulations for Cholla Bay that had been approved by Rocky Point. It was also discussed as to how to approach the problems and possibly look into some sort of fine that might not be collectable until the possible sale of the property Other options were discussed such as notifying the owners and the rental companies of Cholla rules and regulations.

Homeowner Nub Moore brought up the building materials and debris on Pelican Point that has been there for close to two years. He was told that problem would be brought up in the Monday meeting with the Company.

Connie Norsworthy asked about monies the Vecinos spend on road maintenance and Mr. Dugan told her we contribute money toward the main road as well as doing work on the smaller roads.

She also asked about the CC&R’s and was told the change in administration initially held them up. In the meantime the new city attorney totally changed everything making it into a very long and expensive process if we go ahead and do what this attorney has indicated he wants done. Alan Peterson is still working with the city and the main reason is that the Vecinos are concerned about people coming in and tearing down a small home and then building 4 condos in place of it.

Gene Court, Chairman of Parks explained there is a new park plan (it was shown to the attendees) and different stages of the park will be noticeable within the next 6 months. It was also announced that the Mayor of Rocky Point, who indicated he is in favor of the park, has been given a copy of the plan and at one point he suggested they might participate in some of the costs of the development.

There were questions regarding the beaches and Mr. Dugan explained about the concrete blocks that had been placed a few years ago to keep people from driving on the beach. That caused a problem with trash collection so a couple of them were moved which allowed people to drive on the beach again. Homeowners near the beach were complaining about the music so loud they had to keep their doors closed. The blocks were partially replaced and some more work is to be done.
Mr. Dugan and Pat Sledge are working toward fixing up the palapas and add one new one and move the garbage cans for easier pick up.

Pat Sledge told everyone about the Vecinos’ Website set up by Lowell McCulley. The site is It has information about the board with minutes posted and then there is a community side giving information about CBSC and OBSC and happenings in Cholla. Mr. Sledge wanted to acknowledge this homeowner who got involved and helped the board and the community by setting up this website.

Mr. Sledge also brought up the problems we have in Cholla and felt strongly that we should maintain a good relationship with Rocky Point and their Government.
The changes that take place in their government affect us. Mr. Sledge recognized Alan Peterson for working many years with the city government and feels that connection should be maintained.

Barbara Damman, Cholla Bay Librarian, announced the Vecinos do provide for the library which is located at the Clubhouse. There is a list on the door where you can get a key and use the library. Mrs. Damman set up and maintains the library.

There being no further business to discuss. Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at l0:38 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


President Michael Dugan

Vice President Patrick Sledge

Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom

Delegate of Vigilance Gerry Nelson

Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo

Board of Directors: 3 year Terms

Tom Clark
Jim Niblack
Pete Pisciotta

2007-2008 Budget

Yes – 83 No – 8