Happy New Year from www.ChollaBayHOA.net

Happy New Year from www.ChollaBayHOA.net


Happy New Year from www.ChollaBayHOA.net. We wish you the best for the New Year

ChollaBayHOA.net has a New Years resolution to improve communication with Cholla Vecinos in 2009. We will begin sending you emails when important news is being posted from the Cholla Bay Homeowner Association. ChollaBayHOA.net publishes all HOA commuications (minutes, news letters, information to be shared….). Checkout the ChollaHOA page to keep up with the latest developments and HOA news.

ChollaBayHOA also believes it’s very important to support Community and Social activities by providing a community information center were news and general information can be shared. Checkout the Community and ChollaCentral Pages for local news. We encourage you to share news, stories, photos, comments, whatever… by contributing to ChollaCentral. Contact Lowell McCulley to provide information and consider becoming a regular contributor.

Start with our home page at www.ChollaBayHOA.net to see what’s going on in Cholla Bay and quick links to emergency numbers, border wait times, tide charts and Penasco weather.

If you would prefer to not receive emails or wish to add additional email addresses go to the Subscribe link.