Improving Communication on our ChollaBayHOA web site (From Lowell McCulley)

Improving Communication on our ChollaBayHOA web site (From Lowell McCulley)


Mike has been wanting to improve the Vecinos communication on our web site. I’ve spent some time reviewing what can be done on this topic. The challenge is to have people visit on a regular basis. The best way would be email notification when important information (posts) are added to the web. I have added a “subscribe” feature to the web site where people can simply add their email address to the subscription list to receive emails when important things are added to the web. ChollaBayHOA has two departments: ChollaHOADocs & ChollaCommunity. ChollaHOADocs is where all HOA information is kept. In considering what is important information, I have excluded all information posted on ChollaCommunity and only included ChollaHOADocs categories “Minutes, News Letters & Comments for the President” as important posts. These items are official HOA items that come out on a regular basis and will create an email notification. This feature will greatly increase web usage and communication. I’ve subscribed board members for you to experience the process. Please comment on you experience if you would like.

The next question.. Should we subscribe all paid Vecinos automatically. As noted above, they will only receive important official HOA news that would only create 1 or 2 emails per meeting cycle.

I propose we subscribe all paid Vecinos. Other people can subscribe if they like and paid Vecinos can remove their email very easily.

Tracking web usage…. I’ve added enhanced (simpler) tracking to see how effective the email notification.

Having Vecinos visit the web site regularly will help get good visibility for general topics in the Community side of the web also and therefore accomplishing Mike’s desire for better communications for the HOA and community.

Please consider this in our next meeting which I will be attending to answer any questions…


BTW: The new entrance tile work looks great.

I’m also sending a typical notification using the Dec news letter…